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The Association of Accounting Technicians - AAT is a qualified body for accountants that offer a well sought-after qualification. Students can get practical skills and practical accounting knowledge. Future Connect Training is approved AAT Training provider and provides AAT classroom based qualifications in North London in Finchley Central, Brent, Golder’s’ Green and areas near postcode N3

Association Of Accounting

The AAT qualification contains accounting courses that can teach individuals to accomplish financial accounts, a skill which is valuable for any business. Read this to find out how you can increase your accounting skills by choosing to study AAT training courses.

AAT is the world’s prominent professional body for bookkeeping technicians. We work crossways the globe with around 130,000 associates in more than 100 countries. Association members are signified at every level of the finance and bookkeeping world, including:

Affiliates: those who have finished the AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting and have yet to become AAT professional members

Students: those who are learning our accounting qualifications

FMAATs: those who have added fellow member states, following a minimum of five years of MAAT status

MAATs: those who have completed the AAT Accounting Qualification and have been certified as AAT full members

AAT Licensed Accountants: these are MAATs & FMAATs who hold an AAT license letting them provide self-employed accountancy services. The AAT Salary Survey 2019 provides a good indication of how our members pay not only to the accountancy profession but to the whole economy, as well as revealing other vital features that matter to members. AAT accounting members and AAT Licensed Accountants are not included within this survey. The last study was conducted in 2019.

What Is An AAT Course?

AAT is a qualification undertaken by those wanting to start a career in accounting. It is a complete course that is internationally recognised by companies across the globe. An AAT qualification consists of four key levels:

AAT Level 1 delivered in Finchley Central – This level comprises of modules that provide you with an introduction to bookkeeping and finance skills. The course will start to prepare you with the skills needed to become a member of the AAT. Also mentioned as the AAT Access qualification, candidates (aged 16 years and over) can enrol to a variety of bookkeeping jobs after completing this level.

AAT Level 2 delivered in Finchley Central – This level is well-known as the AAT Foundation Certificate qualification. These course emphases on essential accounting skills and moralities such as the double-entry system, credit control and trial balances. It should be noted that achievement of AAT Level 1 is not prior for this course.

AAT Level 3 delivered in Finchley Central – It is an intermediate level of the AAT qualification. Upon accomplishment, the student will attain the AAT Diploma in accounting certification. This level emphasis on the preparation of formal accounts and particular accounting tasks.

AAT Level 4 delivered in Finchley Central – The top-level includes teaching students essential bookkeeping skills such as budget preparation, drafting the financial statement and financial performance monitoring. Finishing this level can help you determine advanced skills in accountancy and gain AAT membership.

Why Choose AAT Accounting?

  • High quality of education;
  • Q&A sessions (online) to support with your studies;
  • A computer-based model of task assessments;
  • Complete study materials available for download on PC, tablets & smartphones;
  • Chance to interact with a community of students and tutors;
  • Devoted and personalised support provided by course tutors via email or phone;
  • A comprehensive study plan, including access to industry-related assignments and related articles.
AAT Countries

Reasons To Study AAT Accounting

Recognition – Students who have attained all four levels of AAT are measured to have qualified from the programme. It not only aids them to gain related job roles in the field of accounting but also gives them the chance to choose from a range of job positions. Students who are efficiently AAT qualified to have the ability to pay essential business skills and add to the success of a company.

Flexibility – Courses in AAT allow students to achieve their period of study while working full-time. It gives students the chance to become skilled even if they are unable to study full-time due to work or other commitments. Online learning options are often selected by students who need to fit their study timetable around other activities. Methods of knowledge include viewing online modules as well as using hard copy study resources. This mean of expertise can be done at any time and anywhere.

Learning support –This programme is accessible in a clear, understandable and brief manner. The computer-based modules can be stopped and replayed to ensure you recognise the content before you move on to another section.

No previous qualifications required – Although AAT does not need students to hold any prior skills, candidates are estimated to possess necessary numerical abilities. This course is planned for entry-level accountants who have a desire for the subject & the ability to work their way to a higher qualified level.

Get a higher qualification – With an AAT qualification, students can not only land satisfying careers but use this as the basics for making their method onto further training. Students can go on to study CA’s after obtaining a certification in AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting. The AAT accounting qualification can support students to gain exemptions when applying to any UK chartered or specialised accounting body.

AAT Membership

Becoming an AAT student member is essential to:

  • study AAT qualifications
  • Sit AAT valuations
  • Access AAT resources that upkeep successful study and career progress.

AAT student membership fees are charged yearly, and a one-off admittance fee applies. Registering early will escape delays in the assessment.

AAT Professionals Salaries:

Accountancy is a growing field. Recent survey related to AAT qualified professionals are:

Accountancy Career Role / AAT Course / Average Salary

  • Junior Administrator- AAT Introductory Award in Accountancy- £15,000
  • Junior Accounts Assistant- AAT Introductory Award in Accountancy- £19,000
  • Accountancy Clerk- L2 AAT Accountancy Course- £20,500
  • Accounts Officer- L2 AAT Accountancy Course- £21,000
  • Payroll Administrator-L2 AAT Accountancy Course- £23,000
  • Finance Officer - L3 AAT Accountancy Course- £23,000
  • Assistant Accountant- L3 AAT Accountancy - £25,000
  • Bookkeeper- L3 AAT Accountancy Course- 25,000
  • Accounts Manager- L4 AAT Accountancy - £32,500
  • Commercial Analyst- L4 AAT Accountancy Course- £37,500
  • Financial Accountant- L4 AAT Accountancy Course- £42,500

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