An Introduction to AAT Bookkeeping Course: AAT Level 2 Qualification

"AAT Level 2 is the starting point of AAT Qualification. Future Connect Training helps you pass exams and get AATQB status also.We are AAT Approved Exam center."

The AAT bookkeeping course at Future Connect Training gives you the best start to an accounting career; our integration of theory and practical training makes us the best choice for AAT learning.

In the following article, we will be giving you an introduction to the AAT level 2 qualification, its details and progression.

What is the AAT Level 2 Qualification?

Bookkeeping is an integral part of the business processes, and it is at the heart of all businesses, which makes bookkeeping a skill that is in high demand all businesses. The bookkeepers can work as an employee of the company or even as self-employed. The self-employed bookkeepers attract a large and diverse portfolio of clients. Self-employment allows you to work on your timings and attain the work-life balance. Our aim to provide you best quality training that helps you to achieve your goals and help you to get your dream job.

Our AAT Bookkeeping Certificate at level 2 is a great option to kick start your dream accounting career; you could be employed full time or even part-time

This AAT bookkeeping course has two variants

  1. Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping - 2 exams
  2. Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping - 5 exams;

What is AATQB (AAT Qualified Bookkeeper)

After passing all your exams - 5 in total you will gain the AATQB status

The qualification will enable you to the following :

  • Understanding the cost recording systems based on income and expenditures, including an understanding of variances actual verses, expected figures based onset of.
  • Understand the working of spreadsheets / advanced excel.
  • Learning how to use accounting software. with secure login and passwords integration and backup routines.
  • A vital part of the AAT bookkeeping course focuses on ethical issues and sustainability.
  • The essential element is the understanding of the double-entry bookkeeping system and associated processes.
  • Understand the banking recipts and payable system.
  • A basic level of complexity, including the journal and control accounts and reconciliations, is also added in the course.

What are the subjects included in AAT level 2

The subjects are :

  1. Bookkeeping Transactions
  2. Bookkeeping Controls
  3. Elements of Costing
  4. Using Accounting Software
  5. Work Effectively in Finance
AAT Level 2 Subjects

Details of the Course content of AAT level 2

A student completing this qualification will develop :

  1. Skills in double-entry bookkeeping
  2. Will understand how to use journals, control accounts and a trial balance.
  3. Students will also learn how to use an accounting software package.
  4. How to process financial information per company procedures and schedules.
  5. How to provide information to colleagues, suppliers and/or customers as required.

Assessment of AAT Level 2 Exams

To qualify the Students must successfully complete:

  1. Four-unit assessments
  2. One complete synoptic assessment

The qualification is 100% externally assessed.

All assessments in AAT Level 2 :

  • are set and marked by AAT
  • are computer-based
  • are time-limited
  • are scheduled by training providers or assessment venues
  • take place at approved centres and venues under controlled conditions. To achieve the qualification and to be awarded a grade, a student must pass all the mandatory assessments and the synoptic assessment.

Unit and synoptic assessments are not awarded grades individually, but the marks achieved in all assessments contribute to the student’s overall grade for the qualification.

Bookkeeping training and AAT Level 2

Future connect training has a unique way of delivering AAT Level 2 qualification; we will be adding the practical aspects of aat. The bookkeeping training varies between 40 to 80 hours and gives you the best combination to understand all the things you study in books. We will provide you with real clients and bridge the gap between theory and practice. You will get hands-on practical experience in learning software like Sage, Xero, Quickbooks and Advanced Excel Skills.

Progression from AAT level 2

After AAT level 2, you can work as a self-employed bookkeeper or get into employment or continue with your Level 3.

These bookkeeping courses can be completed in a few months so that you can get the life-changing benefits of a bookkeeping course straight away. A weekend bookkeeping course can be fitted around work commitments and child care.

Job after AAT Level 2

Jobs available for Bookkeeper

  • Self-employed Bookkeeper
  • Employed Bookkeeper in a company
  • Credit Controller as in AP / AR role
  • Sales/Purchase Ledger Clerk and VAT administrator
AAT Level 2 Jobs

These roles have a potential earning of up to,£25,000 per year. (Source: National Career Service)

Why AAT Level 2 at Future Connect Training

Course Tutors

Our AAT bookkeeping course tutors are our pride; they are highly qualified and motivated. They like to go the extra mile and help you to achieve your qualification. They will guide you every step of your training programme and help you to achieve your training gaols.

Classroom Based

AAT level 2 can be done on weekends, evening or weekdays sessions in our Finchley, Harrow, Mile-end and Birmingham office.

Blended Live and Classroom

We broadcast our lectures, so if you are not in the class, you are still with us, we can help you learn where you are and help you achieve your learning targets. Our online AAT courses will help you to achieve your AAT qualification anywhere at your own pace.

Contact us

If you have any query or want to book one of our AAT Bookkeeping Qualifications, feel free to contact us. Our dedicated advisors will gladly help you to select which level is best for you based on your previous experience and educational background. Our advisors are 24/7 available for your service.