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"Why AAT qualification is important for your career? Find more about the courses, assessments, exams and benefits of AAT qualification.AAT Level 2, Level 3 and 4."

AAT and Qualifications

Why AAT Qualifications are a great way to start your accounting career?

Future Connect training can help you in gaining the AAT qualifications. Why aat is important and what are the benefits of studying the qualification. In this article we will explore the benefits of AAT. The assessment, course material and job opportunities you have after AAT. The AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) was established in 1980 and is presently the world's driving proficient body for bookkeeping specialists with over 150,000+ individuals across the globe – striking wouldn't you agree? In case you are envisioning transforming into an accountant, this could, without a doubt, be a reasonable option for you. AAT is build of bookkeeping, accounting and fundamental capabilities which are effectively available, offering understudies incredibly adaptable learning alternatives. You can enlist either on low maintenance or full-time premise and study through different techniques including study hall, online separation learning or blended learning. The advantages of finishing this qualification are huge. In the first place, if you started this course soon bookkeeping information, you presently have the most significant thing of all Knowledge.

What is AAT?

AAT is a leading accounting Association for accounting professionals. With more than 130,000 dynamic members AAT boasts itself to be a conspicuous body for accounting experts. AAT capabilities are universally recognized and cover on practical, real-world accounting skills simply can put to utilize from day one. AAT Accounting Qualifications are a proficient, highly regarded sign of commitment and greatness within the industry. Whereas our range of bookkeeping qualifications and small business courses work for representatives and employers alike, conveying key business skills.

Financial administration is at the heart of each business, so the demand for accounting and finance abilities is reliably high over all sectors. Our practical, industry-focused qualifications empower you to oversee finances, budgets and cash flow viably and play a key part in business development. With AAT on your CV, you illustrate a level of excellence and work-readiness looked for after by employers.

In case you already have a degree, why not boost your employability capacity by topping up your course with an AAT accounting or finance qualification?

Which AAT Qualification is Ideal for You?

AAT courses and qualifications are classified into different levels. There are several methods to study AAT, it might be from Online, Traditional classroom Basis or self-distance study methods. In every method the qualification will be same. So, there is option to choose that which AAT course and method is Ideal for you. Here are some AAT qualification in Accounting and Bookkeeping, Have a look and capture an basic idea about the course and its subjects.



  • Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping (Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping)
  • Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping (Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping & Ethics)

AAT Accounting Fast Track

Gain advantage of bundled AAT Accounts qualification courses in one package which is more Economical with our AAT Fast Track option which combines AAT Level 2 and 3 courses together.

This Accounting Fast Track Course option. You are able to complete the accounting qualifications much quicker than normal time period of course

Quick Overview of AAT Courses

AAT Foundation Award in Accounting Software

This course covers one unit from the comprehensive Foundation Certificate in Accounting and instructs you to perform essential finance and admin duties utilizing accounting software packages. If you’re fair looking to urge to holds with accounting software and don’t require any other accounting training, at that point this can be the idealize course for you.

AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting

This is often a Level 2 qualification which gives you a intensive introduction to accounting practices including fundamental information such as double-entry bookkeeping and costing. It’s perfect in case you have got no previous accounting or finance experience and are looking to urge you to begin with part within the industry. You’ll study five units and have five exams which you’ll sit at an affirmed AAT exam center.

AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting

This is often a Level 3 qualification and is best suited to those who have completed the Foundation Certificate or have critical practical experience in accountancy and a solid understanding of double-entry bookkeeping. Upon completion of this course, you will be a completely qualified bookkeeper and can apply for AAT associate bookkeeping membership.

AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting

This can be a Level 4 qualification and is the most elevated level of AAT you'll be able study. Exceptionally few people start their AAT studies with this course as you would like to be comfortable with everything that's covered in both the Foundation Certificate and the Advanced Diploma. Once you finish your course, you’ll automatically become an associate member of AAT and can apply to become a full AAT member (MAAT) or AAT Individual (FMAAT) once you build up the specified work experience.

AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping and Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping

AAT also offer two bookkeeping qualifications in case you’re fair looking to create that particular skill. If you’re still unsure which AAT course is right for you, try taking the AAT Skill check test. It’s a fast-online multiple-choice test that only takes approximately 30 minutes to total and will give you your results right away.

What are AAT qualifications equivalent to?

Every AAT qualification has an identical on the Qualifications and Credit Framework.

  • AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting – (Level 2) This qualification is equivalent to GCSE study level
  • AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting – (Level 3) This qualification equivalent to an A Level.
  • AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting – (Level 4) This qualification is equivalent to the 1st year of a university degree or an HNC level of qualification

So, which qualification is suitable for you?

AAT and Qualifications

Why you choose AAT?

As we mentioned above, there are several reasons to everyone to choose AAT as a career option. AAT is a Globally recognized qualification. This is the main reasons to choose AAT as a career option for many peoples around the world. Even though there are other numerous reasons for everyone who already choose AAT is their career option. Here are some more key benefits of AAT which leads to the answer of why you have to choose AAT as career option.

  • Exciting Career

People think accountancy as dry, but it is anything, but Accounting role are uniquely diverse and provide quality career opportunities. Read approximately ten amazing employments you'll be able to get with an accounting capability. Financial management is at the heart of each business, so the demand for accounting and finance skills is reliably high over all segments.

  • Great employment prospects

AAT is a title that employers believe. Employers love AAT qualifications as they illustrate you have got the commonsense real-world aptitudes they require. Our qualifications are developed in discussion with employers and will prepare you with the vital finance abilities businesses are seeking out for.

  • Real value for money

Studying for any qualification could be a commitment in terms of time and financing, so you need to be ensured that your qualification offers you esteem for money. AAT qualifications are an investment for your career: they are highly regarded and valued by employers, universally recognized, and provide the proper type of skills for quick employment.

  • Combine study with full-time work or a family

With AAT you do not need to put your life on hold whereas you study. Our flexible qualifications mean it’s simple to fit learning around your work, family, companions and relaxation time. You'll be able to study full-time or part-time, from home, work or on the move. We work with the finest training suppliers who will direct you through your training and forward into a effective career.

  • Achieve study success

The effective study requires discipline, focus and inspiration, so we’re here to assist you each step of the way. Once you enroll as a student with AAT, we offer you exclusive access to award-winning revision materials, study assets and support, which incorporates webinars, Green Light tests, practice evaluations, e-learning modules, real-life scenarios, essential calculations and more.

  • You could earn up to £50,000

The number one reason you ought to be considering an AAT qualification right presently comes down to your earnings. Even entry-level AAT certified professionals, such as Junior Administrators, can command salaries of nearly £20,000. In any case, once you’re completely qualified, your potential salary might rise to an impressive £47,500 – well above the industry average (Average salary source Reeds Average salary checker)

And if you’re wondering what your colleagues are gaining, inquire about from Hays Accountancy and Finance found that accomplishing the complete AAT Accounting Qualification can boost earnings by 51% more than inadequate colleagues, proving that careers in accounting truly can pay off.