Sage Payroll Courses

Sage Payroll Courses

Sage payroll courses provided by Future Connect offer you with practically using the Sage software, which is currently on-going in the UK. When you get Training from us, will make sure that you get an idea about manual payroll systems and how to make the RTI submissions to HMRC.

The Accounting sector is an exciting and broader sector to get involved. In the present world, people are showing a lot of interest and willingness to learn more and more about the accounting sector. People who are studying or working in the accounting sector would surely find Sage training very important to increase their professional profile as well as to gain more knowledge and improve their skills.

In Future Connect, we provide you with Payroll training in a practical manner by using the SAGE software. When you get a train with us, you will surely get an idea about manual payroll systems and how to make the RTI submissions to HMRC. This coaching would be best for the once who are interested in working in the account payroll office or an HR department.

Our Sage Payroll courses content are as follows:

  • Setting up company details
  • Pension and holiday schemes
  • Pay elements
  • Backing up data & restoring data
  • Entering employee details
  • Enter payments set the processing date, update payroll, calculate the cost of wages and understand the payroll cycle
  • Change an employee's NI category, enter adjusted amounts, extract specific data and pay reimbursement
  • Processing SSP, attachment of earnings order
  • Processing a starter, adding a photo, recording annual leave
  • Processing SMP, SPP, correcting errors, processing a leaver
  • Preparing a new employee with or without P45, using quick SSP
  • Process weekly paid employees, changing the tax code, editing company settings, making a new starter
  • Calculating timesheet information for weekly paid workers and completing a gross pay summary, using advanced pay option
  • Processing end of SMP, dealing with pay for an employee who has dismissed for misconduct, produce an annual cost of wages
  • RTI Submission
  • Pension Scheme

After completing the Sage payroll courses with us, you will be eligible to apply for the following jobs:

Payroll Administrator-

Payroll Administrators handles the procedure and maintains a record of regular deductions from employee's payment. That also includes overseeing tax filings under local and federal law.

Payroll Clerk-

Payroll clerk Maintains payroll processing system and record by gathering, inputting data and calculating. Answers questions related to wages, deductions, attendance, and time records.

Payroll Manager-

Payroll manager Maintains payroll information by designing systems, calculating, entering data, directing the collection and Updating payroll records by approving changes in exemptions, insurance coverage, savings deductions and job titles and department/ division transfers.

Payroll Advisor-

Payroll advisor advises matter related to all aspects of the payroll function, ensuring compliance with the latest relevant legislation, statutory filing deadlines, and internal management reporting requirements and Finance and HR services. Deal with payroll, pension and benefits queries.

HR Manager-

Human resource managers are responsible for ensuring that the overall administration, coordination and evaluation of human resources plans and programs. Therefore, their essential job responsibilities include Planning, organizing, and controlling the activities and actions of the HR department.


Accountants Provides financial information about management by researching and analysing accounting data and preparing reports. He also prepares liability, assets, and capital account entries by assembling and analysing accounting information. Documents all the financial transactions by entering account information.

Finance Manager-

Finance manager Records and Maintains day-to-day financial operations within the company, such as payroll, invoicing, and other transactions. Oversee commercial department of employees, including financial assistants and accountants and also Reviews business data and prepares monthly and annual reports.

Joining Future Connect will surely help you to improve your skills and find the job you deserve. We will also help you in building your CV and finding Jobs for you. Our sage payroll courses tutors are trained to their commitment towards students and would always be there to assist you when required. Future Connect also helps you to take your time and go at your own pace to complete the selected course. We also have flexible payment modes.

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