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"Sage Certification course is planned to test your skills using Sage Software. Sage Training is available for all level of Sage software."

Sage Certification Course is planned to test your skills using Software. This Certification is available for Sage. It is an ideal next step in your training development. It is only accredited performance-based certification program approved by Software. It's an ideal next step in your training and development as an experienced software user.

It is a valuable but straightforward way to show that you're good at using accounting software. And it's the only certification programmer approved by software.

Sage certification

Sage Certification Course

A candidate can get a certification by merely passing a short exam. This examines the candidate on their skills in the use of this software. You can get a certificate for Sage 50 payroll, Sage 50 accounts. Our course is a perfect way to expand your training and be able to prove that you are a qualified and highly capable user of this software. We prefer that all candidates complete level one first, and then move on to more advanced levels of certification.


Our courses improve your knowledge of the software, and by taking a short exam intended to check your knowledge and skills, you can gain a certificate which proves your competency.


You can get different levels of Certificate, In Sage 50 Accounts, Sage Instant Accounts and Sage 50 Payroll. These verify your qualification and skills with varying versions of the software.


The exams subsequent the this courses are online and can be made at a place and time that is suitable for you. You will be able to attempt each exam in about one hour. The exam consists of drop and drag exercises, simulations using software and multiple-choice questions. You can get ready for this using a self-study text and have the option to practice the paper after the courses in classroom held at centers.

It advertises your understanding and skills using this market-leading software which has earned its reputation in the field of accounts with outstanding features of inventory management and vigorous software to manage any of the company's accounting infrastructure.


The job market is very spirited, so it is significant to qualify for certificates which market your skills and authenticate your capability. In the accounting industry, This Certification is often measured a heart requirement and is among the most desirable accounting credentials.

Key Benefits of Sage

  • Market leader:

This is the market leader in integrated accounting, payroll and payment systems and is the most admired accountancy system in the UK. Professionals with Sage knowledge and key skills can wait for to be highly sought-after by many employers, creating opportunities for much job prediction.

  • Perfect qualification for persons pursuing a career in accounting:

A Sage accounting certification course is the ideal qualification for absolute for individuals looking to follow a career in accounting, bookkeeping and payroll. There is a wide range of courses accessible for professionals with different accounting knowledge and different levels of skills in the industry.

  • Flexible learning:

These courses are delivered quickly so that you can learn at your own pace. If you have a timeline of study achievement in mind, you will be able to say when you discover and attain your goals. On the other hand, these courses are ideal for individuals that work superior in a relaxed environment as it allows you to have full control over the speed in which you learn.

  • Support through your studies:

As a beginner, you can wait for support throughout your learning to help you manage and track your succession.

To get the certificate, you will have to complete computer-based assessments. To achieve the qualification, the candidate must pass the Mandatory element of evaluation. In this course the unit is graded as pass or fail, and the minimum level of achievement set.

Sage Certification

  • Plan a stock system
  • Create product records
  • Set up a product assembly
  • Enter opening balances for stock levels
  • Perform stock take and make adjustments
  • Perform stock period end and year end
  • Set up and maintain pricing and discount structures
  • Create and process sales and purchase orders
Sage Accounting Course
  • Create multiple delivery addresses
  • Create quotes, pro-forms, invoices and credit notes
  • Setup recurring invoices and orders
  • Deal with company settings and access rights
  • Backup, restore and check your data
  • Configure the chart of accounts
  • Create and maintain nominal records and budgets
  • Prepare, plan and post opening balances
  • Set up customer details, defaults, terms and status
  • Set up supplier details, defaults and terms
  • Work with bank, cash, credit card payments and receipts
  • Post invoices and credit notes
  • Record customer receipts and disputed items
  • Post payments match credit notes and mortgages on account
  • Post journals
  • Check and correct transactions
  • Review and ageing frequency on outstanding invoices
  • Produce ageing reports
  • Understand the different types of customer correspondence
  • Flat invoices in dispute, write off customer or supplier transactions and adjust VAT accordingly
  • Review the cash flow forecast

By the end of this bundle you will be able to

  • Calculate gross pay
  • Process automatic pension enrolment
  • Produce reports to enable reconciliation of payments and deductions to external agencies including HMRC and pension providers
  • Process period and year-end information and produce all required reports
  • Create reports for HMRC
  • Calculate gross pay and process real-time information payments, as well as statutory sick, maternity and holiday pay
  • Enter voluntary and statutory additions and deductions
  • Set up the company details and enter employee records
Practical Sage Course

  • Set up the company details and open employee records
  • Set up the company details and open employee records
  • Process the payroll for different periods including the correction of errors

Career Path

This course allows you to pursue a career in any of the following job roles:

  • Auditor
  • Benefits Administration Specialist
  • Bookkeepers
  • Finance Officer
  • Payroll Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Payroll Officers