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"Sage Accounting courses will provide you the full understanding and help you learn how to manage your financial details accurately."

In this Sage Training course you can boost your accounting job anticipation with an official Sage 50 qualification. The tremendous popularity of this software has transformed it into the acknowledged business standard. So taking this Sage accounting course is an incredible qualification for any individual's CV and can enable you to get a new line of work.


Practical Sage Accounting Course

This accounting structure is a computerized package that has many amenities to process your business information. The system gathers your material classifies it and then encapsulates the data in an accessible way to permit the user to view their financial information in simplistic terms. Just some of the many capabilities of a this system include:

  • Ability to print out invoices
  • Updating customer and supplier records
  • Making payments
  • Automatic update of the general ledger
  • Automatic altering of stock levels
  • Automatic calculation of payroll
  • Summarizes customer accounts with overdue balances
  • Valuation of stock
  • Analyze sales
  • VAT returns

This Accounting Course Contain

  • You will be familiar with the Sage 50 Accounts user alliance
  • Setting up the company
  • Learn how to create, enhance and erase nominal accounts
  • Understand how to create bank, cash and credit card accounts
  • Capable of entering opening balances for nominal, customer and supplier account
  • Be able to enter supplier invoice and credit note.
  • Capable to post customer receipts and understand how to manage the Sales Ledger, including disputing invoices
  • Capable to post supplier payments and learn how to manage the Purchase Ledger
  • Be familiar with posting cash and bank transactions
  • Understand how to check and protect data by the use of backups
  • Know how to correct flaws
  • Learn how to post and correct Journal Entries
  • Learn how to implement bank reconciliation
  • Know how to manage credit control, including overdue letters and statements
  • Capable of writing off bad debts and perform a VAT reclaim
  • Know how to entre accruals and prepayments
  • Capable of producing financial reports, including the Profit & Loss report and Balance Sheet
  • Learn to build, check and submit a VAT Return
  • Capable of creating multiple company accounts for associated companies or branches.
Accounting Sage Course

Sage Business Cloud Accounting's features

Sage Business Cloud Accounting offers many features small business users will appreciate, such as tools for:

  • Tracking Sales
  • Expenses
  • Contacts
  • Banking
  • Reporting

Sage 50 Pros and Cons

  1. This may be a complete accounting software package.
    • You will be able to create facts of security for people during a corporation.
    • You will be able to recover prior year files inside the software.
    • This closes out the income and expenses at the highest of the year.
    • You cannot make changes to a previous accounting period within the present accounting period.
  2. Sage 50 incorporates a powerful reporting function.
    • You will be able to produce monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports, just like the record, the statement, and also the financial statement can create custom reports from Sage 50 information using Excel and Crystal Reports.
  3. Sage 50 allows an organization to customize the knowledge that it collects from its customers, vendors, and employees.
    • You can create an assets invoice or an Accounts Payable invoice to use 90% of the Time.
    • You can also alter the A/R and A/P invoice for a specific customer or vendor when it's required. The worker information is going to be customized in an exceedingly similar way.
    • You can keep track of employee's birthdays.
  4. Sage 50 integrates a powerful inventory reporting system. The record may be a vital area for business. Once the registration is set up correctly, one can get several useful record reports.

Cons of Sage 50 Software / Accounting

  • When data files are significant wait times undoubtedly functions
  • Sometimes the screens are busy which may make it easy to urge lost
  • While the reports are high, you wish to grasp where to appear
  • Want to possess a web Sage 50
  • It doesn't have accounting cost
  • No multiple warehouses
  • Not enough inventory sales price levels by item
  • Added customization on stages of access to data

Sage Cloud Accounting Software Benefits:

  • Better Insight into Your Finances: Our accounting system offers real-time insight and helps you gain accurate visibility for your finances.
  • No Human Errors: This accounting clarification rules out human errors and avoids the unnecessary costs that result from flaws.
  • Mobile & Sage Accounting: Mobile apps are extra Time for our services to clients. What do us cruel? Using your mobile device, you can work, chat with your team, clients, and contact your tax, accounting documents anytime, from any position crossways the globe.
  • Take full advantage of Time wide-range time-saving financial administration solutions software.
  • Security Backup: business data leftovers secure and up to date Holdup
  • User-Friendly Software: These accounting systems are speedy to set up and informal to use even when trades grow, and data involved is more complicated.
  • Cost-Effective: Sage bookkeeping systems provide a higher output at lower costs.

Future Connect is delighted to give you learning experience of sage accounts and enjoy helping at every walk of the way from beginning to end. Once you complete your course, our expert will help you to build your CV to improve your chances of finding a job. This is a free service given to the entire successful trainee.

Why enroll with Future connect?

  • Free study material and video to understand more clearly
  • Free software installment to practice at home as well.
  • Anytime available for full support from the tutor
  • Date and time will be fixed according to your flexibility.
  • The payment system is flexible
  • Provide you with CPD Certification after the completion of the course.
Sage Training Tutor Support

Future connect is not limited to Sage accounting training. The followings are the training that we provide:

  • Xero Training
  • QuickBooks Training
  • Audit Training
  • Advance Excel Training
  • Payroll Training
  • CIS Training
  • VAT Training
  • Management Accounts Training

Training duration

We will give you approximately 80 hours to finish this course.

In order to get a accounting course, all you need to do is book an appointment for a free consultation with our experts. You do not require any certificate or qualification to take this course. Our Office is based on Finchley, Harrow and Birmingham. Give us a call on 02037908674 or 01212959988 and email on