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Basic Payroll Courses London

"Payroll Courses are delivered in different parts of London.Payroll Services of calculating Gross and Net pay Processing PAYE & NIC,HMRC reporting, SSP & more."

A payroll course brings you the skills you want to use this popular payroll program to definitely process any businesses payroll. Being able to use Sage 50 Payroll should chief to greater efficiency.

Payroll Courses London

Payroll plays a significant role within an organization, which means specializing in a slot area with excellent progression opportunities. Similarly broken down into practical modules, this course is a prevalent and well-received initiation to transfer from manual Payroll to computerized Payroll. Furthermore, it incorporates all the new government requirements for Real Time Information (RTI) reporting.

Payroll course London covers core aspects of Payroll but also provides a foundational knowledge of functional and irregular conditions of Payroll like court orders, student loans, and processing starters and leavers. Important skills in interacting with non-payroll internal and external bodies are also covered.

Payroll Key points consist of:

  • Topic 1: Payroll Administration
  • Topic 2: Introduction / Employment Law
  • Topic 3: Starters and Leavers
  • Topic 4: Tax
  • Topic 5: National Insurance Contribution
  • Topic 6: Minimum Wage
  • Topic 7: Holiday Leave
  • Topic 8: Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)
  • Topic 9: Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP)
  • Topic 10: Student Loan
  • Topic 11: Child Care
  • Topic 12: Automatic Enrolment

Set-up and amend:

  • Employee Records
  • Payments and Deduction
  • Essential Pension Schemes
  • Users and connection Rights
  • Learn reports in the system that aid in the completion of tasks such as Pay Elements Reports and Company Detail reports
  • Run a basic weekly or monthly payroll
  • Email convenient payslips to employees

Perform and submit RTI routines, including:

  • Full Payment Submission (FPS)
  • National Insurance Number Verification (NVR)
  • Employer Payment Summary (EPS)
  • Correct flaws during processing using the Rollback and bring back activity
  • Set up new starters and course leavers
  • Complete Period End Routines including generating the P32
  • The procedure of electronic payments to employees and HMRC directly from Sage Payroll

Who is this course for?

Excellent for those who are new to Payroll and need training on the fundamental aspects of payroll processing .Applicable for Payroll Admin Teams, HR Teams and Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) teams using Sage. There are no official entry requirements for payroll courses. Everyone who wants to learnt about accountancy. Beginner and accounting professional can enhance your skill set.

Key Tasks For This Payroll:

The key tasks for this payroll position:

  • Monthly payroll and compensating employees
  • Working on Sage 50 Accounts software
  • Payments PAYE
  • Allocating with new starters
  • Educations to staff
  • Handling with employee absences and holidays
HR Vital Part

Payroll Qualifications And Certificates

Future Connect offers qualified certificates and qualifications to support you at all phases of your payroll, pensions or reward career. Studying with the Future connect means that you will be linking a growing accounting career professionals trained to the industry standard in London.

Payroll Technician Certificate

A precise payroll service needs you to understand complicated legislation. This online certification allows those with little payroll know-how to begin to develop and formalize their payroll knowledge.

  • Time: Flexible
  • Payroll administrators
  • Level 3

Certificate in Pensions Administration

Today’s London, UK pension law is complex, and this diploma sets out to ensure that your teams have a wide appreciative of the London, UK’s pension schemes, including automatic enrolment.

  • Time: Flexible
  • Pension’s administrators or assistants
  • Level 3

Payroll Management: Foundation course

This qualification sets out to confirm an in-depth consideration of payroll, and the problematic payroll legislature involved, and also offers management skills including enactment, time, project and operational management.

  • Time: Flexible
  • A new team leader or existing manager or assistant payroll manager
  • Level four – five

Foundation Degree in Pensions Administration & Management

This qualification sets out to certify an in-depth understanding of the Native Government Pension Scheme while provided that management skills, including time project and operational management.

  • Time: Three-year duration
  • New team leader / existing manager / manager
  • Level four – five

How Payroll Certifications Can Help?

Payroll certifications may help your team regarding work efficiently. You can add them to achieve their payroll certifications.

Supportive your payroll staff is a smart move for your association. Here are four ways payroll qualification and certifications can lead to yield on your investment:

1. Improved Quality In The Work

Payroll is a fast-paced environment with a tremendously low tolerance for error. Even a minor misinterpretation of procedures can have huge consequences. Employees who have experienced certification training have a demonstrated level of knowledge concerning payroll processes.

2. A Standardized Approach

Your payroll squad includes people from different backgrounds. They may range from junior clerks to senior managers, including those who've worked in other businesses, larger or minor companies, and multiple states.

3. Loyalty & Staff Retention

Top performers want companies to invest in their professional development. Industry qualifications are major landmarks in that development, providing a noticeable reward after a long period of hard work.

4. Greater Assurance To Payroll

With their responsiveness to detail and passivity knowledge, good payroll professionals are often robbed by other finance teams within the organization. But if your team fellows work toward and achieve their certifications, they are, in spirit, asserting their purpose to make payroll a lifetime career.

Future Connect commits to you with

  • Flexible qualifications with flexible time and date
  • CV and Interview Preparation
  • 24/7 support
  • IAB Approved Exam centre
  • IAB Approved Training Provider
  • High-Quality Study Material
  • Guaranteed Work Placement

Career path

  • Payroll Administrator
  • HR Manager
  • Payroll Manager
  • Payroll Assistant
  • Payroll officer
  • Payroll specialist
  • Payroll accounts assistant
  • Senior payroll assistant
  • Payroll and finance assistant
  • Payroll coordinator
  • Payroll administrator
  • International Payroll Manager
  • Assistant Management Accountant with Payroll
  • Itrent Payroll Officer
  • HR Manager
  • CIS specialist


There is no precondition or entry needed, as long as you want to build more skill in the area of Payroll; this is the actual place for you.

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