Online Accounting Courses in Manchester

"Accounting is a significant part of businesses of Manchester city, either it is big or small. Becoming a certified public accountant starts by studying the basics. It includes the codes of accounting, finance, and taxation. Studying to be an auditor in Manchester can be done partly or even completely online. This career pathway has made becoming an accountant much relaxed."

Table of Contents
  1. Free Accounting Courses
  2. Course: Overview
  3. Course Content
  4. Accounting Courses from Home
  5. Advanced Accounting
  6. Certificate in Bookkeeping
  7. Financial Accounting

Accounting courses from home, as well as credited online accounting courses, make up online learning in bookkeeping. These accounting courses from home can help you understand accounting principles and earn a certification from home all over Manchester. It can prime to entry-level positions in this field. It was done to make a shortlist of common accounting courses that are often essential to obtain experience in accounting. Following are core aspects to be studied in these courses:

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • Accounting Ethics
  • Introduction to Taxation
  • Introduction to Auditing

Free Accounting Courses

Accounting certification from business institutes worldwide teaches students how to record financial transactions, classify, sort, audit, and review financial information while presenting it as economic reports and analyses. Accounting studies are carefully linked to Finance certification programs, and both offer business knowledge used by organisations to control financial stability and profitability. Interested in being a successful accountant, but not relatively ready to commit to a do on-site. Some free online accounting courses contain the same high-quality study resources as other paid courses. This online accounting course for beginners covers the aims, functions and limitations of practical accountancy. Course content discovers the responsibilities of the accountant, the numerous branches of accounting and the role accountancy plays in a broader organisational context.

Course: Overview

Complete online accounting courses in Manchester and move on to a more advanced program. Otherwise, put your acquired skills and understanding to use in the practical setting of your choosing. From start to end, you’ll be free to study in your own pace that fits you, with no time restrictions imposed.

Course Content

This online accounting course for beginners covers the following topics:

  1. Terminologies of accountancy
  2. Definition of Accountancy
  3. Objectives of Accountancy
  4. Scope of Accountancy
  5. Functions of Accountancy
  6. Limitations of Accountancy
  7. Advantages of Accountancy
  8. Evolution of Modern Accountancy
  9. Financial Accountancy
  10. Stewardship Accountancy
  11. Cost Accountancy
  12. Management Accountancy
  13. Social Responsibility Accountancy
  14. Human Resource Accountancy
  15. Inflation Accountancy
  16. Main Branches of Accountancy
  17. Financial Accountancy -FA
  18. Management Accountancy -MA
  19. Cost Accountancy -CA
  20. Information Flow Chart
  21. Users of Accountancy
  22. Modern View of Accountancy
  23. Accounting Information
  24. Accounting Cycle

Accounting Courses from Home

Because of the increasing working demand for accountants, some accountancy students can get accountancy jobs either they are still students and get on job training and experience. An online accounting certification from Future connect in Manchester can open up career opportunities like public, tax, corporate, government, managerial and cost as well as auditing and internal auditing.

Advanced Accounting

Advanced Accounting has been evaluated through most challenging accounting topics simple, and an excellent resource for your degree.

Unit 1- Business Ownership Types

Unit 2- Key Accounting Concepts

Unit 3- Accounting Equations & Formulas

Unit 4- Journals & Ledgers in Accounting

Unit 5- Financial Statements, Balance Sheets & Income Statements

Unit 6- Financial Statement Ratios

Unit 7- Analyzing Financial Statements

Unit 8- Accounting for Inventory

Unit 9- Accounting for Depreciation

Unit 10- Adjustments & Closing Entries

Unit 11- Accounting for Compensation, Taxes & Liabilities

Unit 12- Corporate Accounting

Unit 13- Taxation for Corporations

Unit 14- Departmentalized Accounting

Unit 15- Business & Financial Forecasting

Certificate in Bookkeeping

This certification is planned for those students who want to learn bookkeeping and at the same time gaining an industry-recognised qualification. The course comprises both manual and computerised methods through Sage One Accounting Software. Course content includes the following topics

Unit 1- Underpinning Knowledge

Unit 2- Business Documents

Unit 3- Books of Prime Entry

Unit 4- Ledger Accounts & the Division of the Ledger

Unit 5- Accounting for VAT

Unit 6- Trial Balance

Unit 7- Making & Receiving Payments

Unit 8- Use a computerised accounts package

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting course in Manchester offers expert instruction on financial accounting basics. Take the course to learn the following units.

Unit 1- Introduction to Accounting

Unit 2- Mechanics of the Accounting Cycle

Unit 3- Financial Statements in Accountancy

Unit 4- Adjusting Accounts and Preparing Financial Statements

Unit 5- Receivables in Accountancy

Unit 6- Internal Controls in Accountancy

Unit 7- Long-Term Assets in Accountancy

Unit 8- Merchandising Operations and Inventory in Accountancy

Unit 9- Completing the Operating Cycle in Accountancy

Unit 10- Current and Long-Term Liabilities in Accountancy

Unit 11- Reporting & Analyzing Equity in Accountancy

Unit 12- Statement of Cash Flows in Accountancy

Unit 13- Financial Statement Analysis in Accountancy