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"Online AAT accountancy courses via live distance learning is best way to gain qualification flexibly. That is why Online accountancy courses suits many learners."

AAT courses can be delivered via Future Connect Training’s online accountancy courses facility and state of the art eportal facilities. Many learners prefer online courses as it gives them the flexibility in doing the work and it suits the individual routine.

The Association of Accounting Technicians –AAT is the UK’s leading professional accountancy body for entry-level accountants. If you want to progress real-life skills that will aid you to build a career in accounting, learning for your AAT courses online will help you reach your future goals. AAT is the world’s top professional body for bookkeeping technicians. The AAT financial records for around 80% of all professional accountancy qualifications, with establishments like Sainsbury’s, P&G, Morgan Stanley, and many more continue to hire AAT trained members. And, with international acknowledgement, and recognition from supporting bodies such as CIPFA, and ICAEW, It is widely accepted as the established industry standard for technical bookkeeping ability.

Our online AAT study packages offer everything you need: expert tutor support, comprehensive revision kits, a suite of precious multimedia course materials, exam-booking service, detailed mock valuations and exceptional technical support. Also, you will increase access to our streaming HD videos at any time, making study flexible and suitable.

Gain on-the-job knowledge as you progress through your learning & fast-track your way to becoming a chartered accountant - CA. A distance learning AAT qualification with Future Connect Training is the specialised route to a career in accounting that you can be proud of.

AAT Course Online

As an AAT Credited Training Provider, we offer training for the following AAT qualifications:

  1. Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping (find out more)
  2. Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting (find out more)
  3. Level 2 Foundation Award in Accounting Software (find out more)
  4. Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping ( find out more)
  5. Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting ( find out more)
  6. Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting ( find out more)

Online AAT Courses Structure

This course contains four levels of study, each made of modules which need to be passed to get your certification. The AAT -Association of Accounting Technicians are the UK’s leading professional body for accountants. AAT members are signified at every level of the finance and bookkeeping world, including students, people already working in accounting and self-employed corporate owners.

AAT bookkeeping qualifications are universally appreciated and internationally recognised. In short, an AAT course online is a route to some of the most demanded skills in the world and offers you with a professional status you can be honoured of.

Level 2- Certificate in Accounting

This qualification will make you for any accountancy roles. It is a great entry-level course for a job in the finance industry. It provides a solid base for all students as it covers such areas as double-entry accounting, costing codes and the usage of bookkeeping software. Additionally, students also study about business & communication skills.

Level 3- Diploma in Accounting

In this qualification, you will learn more complex bookkeeping disciplines including financial processes, final accounts, advanced bookkeeping and ethical practices for bookkeepers.

Level 4- Diploma in Accounting

This qualification will cover advanced accounting tasks including drafting financial statements, evaluating financial performance and managing budgets, as well as elective specialist units including business tax, external auditing, personal tax, credit management & treasury management.

Exams can be taken at any period of the year. Students will complete an AAT practice assessment before making any exam. Once AAT practice assessments are accomplished, students have one month in which to complete the level.

Programme Structure

AAT Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping: Bookkeeping transactions- BTRN, Bookkeeping Controls-BKCL, Using Accounting Software –UACS, Elements of Costing-ELCO, Work Efficiently Finance -WEFN, assessed in a SYNOPTIC ASSESSMENT - FSYA

AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accountancy –Level 3: Indirect tax –IDRX, Advanced Bookkeeping – AVBK, Management Accounting: Costing-MMAC, Final Accounts Preparation-FAPR, Ethics for Accountants-ETFA, assessed in a SYNOPTIC ASSESSMENT -AVSY

AAT Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting: FPFM - Financial performance, FSTM - Financial statements, BDGT – Budgeting, ISYS - Internal controls and accounting systems

OPTIONAL – ANY TWO: Business Tax-BSTX, External Auditing-ETAU, Credit Management –CDMT, Cash and Treasury Management- CTRM. Most learners will start at Level 2. However, if you have appropriate academic or work experience, you could be qualified to start at Level 3.

Online– Flexible Accountancy Courses

Enjoy the best of worlds with flexible online study. Supported by regular classes with a professional trainer.

  • Can access lessons at any time, from any device
  • Study about your work and life promises.
  • High-quality video tutorials and interactive case studies carry concepts to life

3 Reasons to Study


Our Online and On-Site learning format deals a flexible way to balance your work.


AAT courses are globally recognised and trusted by employers who like the importance they place on real-life bookkeeping skills.


Accounting is necessary for every business, making it a great profession choice. Start with a Level 2 diploma, or grow with a Level 3 diploma.

AAT Online Learning

AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting - Level 3 -Online Learning, AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting - Level 4- Online Learning, AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting - Level 4 Part-Time, AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting - Level 4 - Part-Time

Entry Requirement:

There are no entry requirements to start studying AAT courses online. AAT is the best choice for current students, recent alumni, or career changers with no work experience. If you like employed with numbers and like to analyse data, AAT is a great way to progress your skills and pave your way to a fruitful career in accountancy.

Once you’ve ended one course, you can move onto the next level. If you have previous work, you may be eligible to start at Level 3 or Level 4. Use AAT Skill Check to discover out which level is correct for you.

Career Opportunities

Accounting Experts work in accounting and finance along with chartered accountants, in a wide range of occupations from accounts clerks to credit control officers to financial managers. Bookkeeping Technicians work in all areas of the economy; they work in the industry, accounting practices and the public and voluntary sectors.