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"Learn Sage courses with Future Connect Training as Sage is one of the most popular accounting & payroll software, not just in London, but all around the world."

Sage is a highly popular software system that uses around the world. Sage course will provide you with a comprehensive learning tool to fully understand and operate your Sage 50 Accounts Professional software. Here, you will know about all the systems like Sage payroll, Sage Control Accounts, Sage Final Accounts, Sage Management Accounts, and at the end, how to submit to HMRC.

Learn Sage

What is a sage?

A Sage accounting system is a computerized package that has a lot of facilities to process your financial information. The system gathers your information, classifies it and then summarises the data in an approachable way to allow the users to view their financial information in a very logical and straightforward term.

Sage in Bookkeeping & VAT

  • Arrange your software which fits your company's needs
  • Set up and enhance
  • Users and connect rights
  • Customer and supplier records
  • Bank, cash and credit card accounts
  • Know the role of the chart of accounts and how to strengthen it
  • Access opening balances for nominal, customer and supplier accounts
  • Access supplier invoices, post supplier payments and credit notes
  • Set up and print service invoices, credit notes for customers and quotes
  • Update customer receipts
  • Update cash and bank transactions
Update Transactions
  • Make cash sales and goods invoices
  • Investigate your data using searches to make more accurate reporting
  • Understand how to correct errors
  • Check and safeguard data using backups
  • Manage your credit control, adding the overdue letters and statements
  • give up bad debt and perform a VAT reclaim
  • Perform bank reconciliation
  • Make financial reports which including the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss report
  • Produce, finalize and submit your VAT Return to HMRC through online
  • Prepare for, and run the Yearend schedule

Sage in Payroll

  • Setting up the company
  • Check the legislation settings in your software.
  • Organize pay elements for payments, and net payments and understand the pay element reports.
  • Creating, editing and customizing employee records.
  • Create basic pension schemes
  • Automate PAYE, NIC and Student Loan Calculations
  • Automate Statutory Payments, e.g. Sick & Maternity
  • Pay Weekly, 2 Weekly, 4 Weekly or Monthly
  • Print or Email Payslips
  • Advanced-Data Importing from Excel
  • Online P60s and Online Payslips
  • P11D
  • Producing and analyzing the P32.
  • Full Auto Enrolment Solution via Pensions Module
  • Make changes using the rollback function.
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Allocate and process attachments of earnings
  • Submit RTI Returns to HMRC
  • Creating holiday schemes and record holidays.
  • How and When to submit the Employer Payment Summary (EPS).
  • Automatic Enrolment
  • Post Salary Journals
  • Password protection and how to restrict user connection.
Sage Management Accounts

Sage in Control Accounts

  • Accounts opening Balance Adjustments
  • Month & Yearend Adjustments
  • Aged debtor & Creditor analysis
  • Depreciation, Wages Journals
  • Control Accounts
  • Clearing Suspense Account
  • Adjusted Trial balance
  • Accrual, prepayments
  • Loan interest
  • Closing the yearend
  • Profit & loss account
  • Balance sheet
  • Reversal entries
  • Trial balance analysis & corrections

Sage in Final Accounts

  • Setting up the company
  • Recording different Nominal codes
  • posting Journal entries
  • Corporation tax (CT 600)
  • Self-Assessment (SA 100)
  • Generating the reports
  • Preparation of accounts
  • Submitting SA 100 to HMRC
  • Submitting CT 600 TO HMRC

Sage in Management Accounts

  • Costing
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Ratio Analysis
  • KPI'S
  • Comparison
  • Profit & Loss account Comparison

Future Connect

Future Connect is a Practical Accountancy Training firm which serves you with high quality hands-on practical training. We provide, Sage Training XERO Training QuickBooks Training Payroll Training IRIS Training Bookkeeping Training.

Key Benefits

  • High-quality video and study material
  • Install Free Sage Line 50 software
  • Help you to prepare your CV
  • Assist you in preparing for the interview
  • Guaranteed Work Placement
  • Provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate
  • Happy to provide a reference if needed

Job Roles

After finishing the training, you will be able to apply for below-listed jobs

Until the end of the1980s, when technology and computer software development initially took place in every aspect of human's life, but accounting was still a tough and challenging task because it required all financial and notations data to be analyzed, recorded and stored by hand. But after the revolution in the industry, accounting software introduced a smart and reliable method of tracking accounts.This course makes for anyone who has the desire to review the building blocks and basics of this course also, be useful for professionals who work in finance and want to consider the concepts required for financial modelling and other accounting disciplines of the course later.

There are benefits to learning this course?

Data will be at your fingertips

As soon as possible look at the top-level sales, profitability, purchases, and bank balances. The more detailed data understanding of your invoices, reconciled position, bank details and profit and loss balances will allow only a screen tap away.

Contacts and directions will be on hand

You can find the supplier contact details and client, together with a handy map view. You can also call or email them very quickly. Keep an eye on cash flow.

You can also view the supplier invoice and client lists, overdue days filter by outstanding value and days to help you target where you need to chase or make the payments or the cash flow.

Understand the profits term.You can also check Profit and Loss balances for the month and yearend to date.Handle your VAT You can also automatically and accurately calculate your

VAT returns, verify and submit them to HMRC online in the UK or also the Revenue in Ireland. You can also save your time by submitting your returns in just three clicks and can also keep records of your returns and submission receipts collectively. So this will provide you with the confidence that you are entering and processing transactions correctly for your VAT Scheme. Although, the 'VAT verifier' ensures you that your VAT return contains all the deals.