How to Learn AAT Online Courses

Accountancy is the measurement, handling and communication of business activities, and the recording of economic transactions. It’s used by organisations to observe their economic performance and certify that they are financially stable and healthy. If you have strong numerical competence skills and possess an analytical mind, a career in accounting may be the perfect profession path for you. Irrespective of level, a career in accountancy can be extremely rewarding with great career projections.

Table of Contents
  1. List of AAT Online Courses
    • AAT Access Award in Accounting Software
    • Access to Accounting with AAT
    • AAT Access Award in Business Skills
    • Level 2 AAT Foundation Award in Accounting Software - Sage 50
    • Level 3 and 4 AAT Advanced & Professional in Accounting
    • Level 4 AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting
  2. AAT online Courses Availability Option
    • Online
    • On-Campus
  3. Three Reasons to Study AAT
    • Flexibility
    • Recognition
    • Employability

How to Learn AAT Online Courses

Improve your existing knowledge to work to a promotion, or board on a career change, through our range of certified, professional qualifications and achieve your goals. Unlike basic bookkeeping classes in colleges or universities, learning free AAT courses online with Future connect training means you can study according to your pace, in your home and still earn globally recognised accounting certifications and diplomas. Become a trained accounting technician with the association of accounting technicians program – Know about accounting fundamentals with a credited certificate in accounting, before moving on to know more advanced accounting principles with a level 4 professional diploma in accounting. Become a certified accountant with our accredited AAT courses online!

List of AAT Online Courses

AAT Access Award in Accounting Software

It is an entry-level qualification from AAT, dedicated on the practice of computerised accounting. It is a great opening point if you’re looking to carry out basic economic tasks using accounting software. Through this access award, you’ll study basic finance and managerial duties using sage 50 accounts professional software. It is helping you to build a solid base for future progression within bookkeeping or accounting careers. Sage 50 accounts professional software is the most commonly used accounting software by companies in the UK, giving you outstanding employability. This course uses sage official course outline, and you’ll learn basic setting up accounts, accountancy skills, producing reports and more.

Access to Accounting with AAT

This course gives a comprehensive training solution for anyone considering improving their accounting knowledge, advance or changing their career.

This bookkeeping package is made up of 3 courses:

  • Access Awards in Business Skills
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting Software

Each module will support you to gain knowledge and understanding within accounting practices, executive duties, techniques and terms.

AAT Access Award in Business Skills

This award in business skills qualification has been intended to support individuals who are just beginning out in the workplace or want to improve their overall accounting knowledge. It will also help new business owners, looking to start their accounting in-house, and provide essential materials to help you study and prepare for, business leadership and administration careers. This free AAT courses online has a total of nine modules; you’ll be introduced to terms and strategies required in accounting, containing expenses, liabilities, assets, profit and loss accounts.

Level 2 AAT Foundation Award in Accounting Software - Sage 50

This course provides the necessary applied skills and knowledge of using sage 50 Software and Microsoft excel. Sage 50 accounts software is the most reliable used accountancy software by companies in the UK. If you’re looking for an accounting job, this is the software to give you the extreme chance of success.

Module covered:

  • Accounting software like Sage and Microsoft excel
  • Adding accounting transactions
  • Producing weekly, monthly or yearly financial reports

Level 3 and 4 AAT Advanced & Professional in Accounting

By integrating both the level 3 and level 4 you’ll gain the vital skills and knowledge required, to be able to function within a senior accounting job role assuredly. By completing this course you’ll be awarded AATQB status, and by accomplishing the professional diploma in accounting, you’ll be granted MAAT status, and gain the initials after your name.

Level 4 AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting

This qualification builds the understanding you’ve gained through the level 2 certificate & level 3 diplomas in accounting. Through this qualification, you will learn about handling budgets and drafting financial statements, evaluating financial performance, and have the option to study dedicated units like a business and personal tax. Once you have complete and fulfilled the work experience requirements, you will be capable of applying for full membership and achieving professional status.

AAT online Courses Availability Option

Online and On-Campus options of learning are available according to learner suitability. Enjoy the best flexible online study, supported by an experienced tutor.


  • Get access to your lessons at any time, from any device
  • High-quality video lectures and interactive case studies bring concepts to life
  • Study around your life commitments.


  • Get the benefits of online learning with classroom-based lessons
  • Qualified tutors will guide you anytime
  • Group tasks help to learn to workplace scenarios

Three Reasons to Study AAT


Our Online and On-Campus education format deals with a flexible way to balance your commitments.


AAT qualifications are globally recognised and trusted by companies who like the emphasis they place on practical accounting skills.


Accounting is important for every business, making it the best career choice.