Fast-Track Your AAT Course London

WHY should we choose AAT?

If you are enrolled in the AAT course, you are in the right hands. Whether you desire to move up the hierarchy or launch a whole new career in accountancy, our training will prepare you with the expertise and confidence to succeed. Our AAT course London campus offers modern information technology lab with flexible timing and professional tutors. At Future connect training Mile End, East London campus, we offer many AAT courses to reach your dream profession in accounting.

Table of Contents
  1. WHY should we choose AAT?
  2. Globally Recognised Qualifications
  3. AAT Courses We Offer
  4. AAT Course London Levels and Structure
  5. AAT Courses in London
    • Level 2 Courses in London
    • Level 3 Courses in London
    • Level 4 Courses in London
  6. Attain Professional AAT Membership And Bookkeeper Status
  7. AAT Career Opportunities

GFast-Track Your AAT Course London

Globally Recognised Qualifications

AAT qualifications are globally recognised and based on practical, real-world bookkeeping knowledge that you can put to use from day one.

Our AAT courses in London are a professional, highly appreciated sign of commitment and excellence in the industry. Our range of accountancy and AAT qualifications works for employees and employers alike to bring key business skills.

AAT Courses We Offer

This fast-track course covers a range of elementary accounting practices and techniques, from cost estimation and double-entry bookkeeping to software accounting. It is best if you are new to employed in finance or are looking to develop your present knowledge and skills.

AAT Course London Levels and Structure

The global recognition of educations from the Association of Accounting Technicians -AAT confirms that, no matter what level you are beginning your academic career at, you will be on the path to securing a significant title. You can be sure that all experience you get through this training will help you in your practical work.

AAT Courses in London

Level 2 Courses in London

You can line up through evening, weekend or weekdays time for AAT courses in London. We provide all provision and study materials to confirm you are ready for AAT level 2 exams.

Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping

Course Details: This qualification brings the skills and essential understanding to manage books effectively. It comprises manual double-entry accounting and associated processes up to trial balance standard. Most learners will start at this basic level. This qualification is a fast track route to the advanced diploma in accountancy.

Course Length: 12 Weeks

Course Level: Level 2 Certification

Foundation Certificate in Accounting

Course Details: This qualification will make you ready for junior and entry-level accountancy job roles. It brings a solid foundation in finance management – covering areas such as double-entry accounting to basic costing codes and using accounting software. Most students will start with this education.

Course Length: 6-12 months

Course Level: Level 2 Certification

Level 3 Courses in London

This level is also available in all sessions according to your suitability. Study material is available from our experts. We will make you ready to set into the exam.

Advanced Diploma In Accounting

Course Details: In this diploma, you will study more complex accounting subjects, including financial processes, final accounts, advanced bookkeeping and moral practices for accountants. This qualification is considered as going on to study at university.

Course Length: 6 to12 months

Course Level: Level 3 Certification

Level 4 Courses in London

You may join weekend and evening sessions for advance level 4 courses in London. We provide you with all books and study materials for level 4 to ensure you are ready for level 4 exams and pass the first time. We also offer AAT Level 4 project support for students.

Professional Diploma in Accounting

Course Details: AAT Level 4 is the uppermost level of the accounting qualification. This qualification provides the expertise necessary for a “finance officer” role comprising the complex management bookkeeping tasks, general administration skills, drafting financial statements and expert learning areas. Students who want to get a senior position in the company or want to get a new opportunity with benefits and fringes.

Course Length: 8 to12 months

Course Level: Level 4 Certification

Attain Professional AAT Membership And Bookkeeper Status

Successful accomplishment of your studies with the AAT allows you to the status of full AAT membership, making you qualified to use the suffix MAAT after your name. These carry a level of gratitude as an accounting professional and carry a status that employer’s value, creating you a highly sought-after applicant for employment. If you efficiently complete this qualification, you can apply for AAT associate membership and achieve certified AATQB status.

AAT Career Opportunities

Availing qualified status with the association of accounting technicians equips you with the expertise you need to enjoy a prosperous career in a range of financial roles. The financial industry is continuously evolving and looking for nominees with suitable skills and expertise. Job opportunities available both in the UK and foreign. This qualification opens up new openings across the globe. Thanks to AAT as one of the most recognised accountancy qualifications in the world, the chances it presents are far-reaching and exciting.

  • Finance team leader
  • Finance officer
  • Accountant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accounts assistant
  • Finance assistant
  • Payroll manager
  • Tax manager
  • Finance analyst
  • Audit assistant
  • Financial or accounting technician
  • Financial accounts manager