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Cyber Security Course

(Pathway to Attaining CCNA Cyber Security Junior Analyst Certification)

Our 'Cybersecurity Program' provides a strong foundation for understanding and safeguarding against online threats. You will acquire hands-on skills to secure networks, systems, and data, ranging from fundamental networking to advanced threat mitigation. Discover techniques to thwart attacks and safeguard digital assets.


Explore IP addressing, subnetting, and essential networking principles for dependable network setups. Employ antivirus solutions for device protection and delve into the intricacies of mobile security. Establish secure networks, excel in intrusion detection, and effectively manage security incidents. Gain insights into ethical hacking and incident response to proactively prevent breaches.

For comprehensive security, navigate the realms of risk assessment and compliance. Join us in uncovering the complexities of the digital realm, becoming its protector, and ensuring the resilience of cybersecurity.

Suitable For

No matter your previous technical expertise, individuals aiming to establish a strong foundation in cybersecurity should consider enrolling in this course. It's ideal for:

Novices : Those who are newcomers to the realm of cybersecurity and aim to grasp essential concepts and acquire practical skills.

IT Professionals : IT Professionals already working in the industry seeking to specialize in cybersecurity.

Network Administrators : Professionals responsible for maintaining networks who wish to enhance their network security capabilities.

System Administrators : Individuals overseeing computer systems and working to safeguard them from online threats.

Cybersecurity Enthusiasts : Individuals passionate about cybersecurity and eager to expand their knowledge for personal or professional purposes.

Students : Students aspiring to pursue a career in cybersecurity, including recent graduates and college students.

Regardless of your background, if you are interested in cybersecurity and aspire to bolster your ability to defend against online threats, this course is tailored to provide you with the required knowledge and skills.


Valuable Practical Training

Training That Ensures Relevance in the Future

Exposure to Both Business-to-Customer and Business-to-Business Client Scenarios

Gain Insights and Techniques from Industry Veterans with Extensive Experience

Post-Training Employment Assistance

A Variety of Tools to Acquire Proficiency In

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Cyber World
  • Attacks, Concepts, Techniques & Preventions
  • Protecting Personal Data, Privacy, and Information
  • Organizational approach to protect data
  • Cyber Laws & Ethics
  • Common forms of Cyber Crimes
  • Communication in Connected World
  • Network Component, Types and Connections
  • Wireless and Mobile Network
  • Communication Principles
  • Network Media
  • The Access Layer
  • IP protocol (ipv4 & ipv6)
  • Routing Between Networks
  • TCP & UDP
  • Network Testing Utilities
  • Network Design
  • Cloud and Virtualization
  • Number System
  • Ethernet Switching and Network Layer
  • Address Resolution, IP Addressing Services, Transport Layer
  • The Cisco Command Line
  • ICMP
  • Cyber Security Threats, Vulnerabilities and Attacks
  • Securing Networks
  • Attacking the Foundation
  • Attacking What We Do
  • Wireless Network Communication
  • Network Security Infrastructure
  • Network Security
  • The Window Operating System
  • System and Endpoint Protection
  • Cyber Security Principles, Practices and Processes
  • Understanding Defence
  • System and Network Defence
  • Access Control
  • ACL's
  • Firewall Technology
  • Cloud Security
  • Network Security Data
  • Evaluating Results
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Network Security Testing
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Endpoint Vulnerability Assessment
  • Risk Management and Security Controls
  • Digital Forensics and Incident Analysis and Response


Cisco Packet Tracer


Kali Linux on WorkStation

John the Ripper









Skills Acquired

This course equips you with a diverse set of valuable skills, including

Threat Recognition : Identifying online threats and attack methodologies.

Networking Proficiency : Grasping the fundamentals of IP and networking.

Endpoint Security : Safeguarding endpoints, switches, and routers.

Defensive Strategies : Implementing network defense tactics as part of a strategic approach.

Incident Handling : Effectively responding to cybersecurity incidents.

Ethical Hacking : Identifying system vulnerabilities through ethical hacking.

Risk Evaluation : Identifying and mitigating security risks through risk assessment.

Compliance Awareness : Understanding legal and regulatory requirements.

Threat Intelligence Analysis : Analyzing and utilizing cyber threat data.

SIEM Management : Handling security issues and events using Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

Mobile Device Security : Adhering to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) guidelines and securing mobile devices.

Cloud and IoT Security : Grasping security aspects in cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) environments.

Potential Job Opportunities

Upon course completion, you will be well-prepared to actively protect networks, systems, and data, contributing to overall cybersecurity efforts.

Cybersecurity Analyst

Penetration Tester

Security Consultant

Cloud Security Engineer

Threat Intelligence Analyst

Incident Responder

Security Architect

Data Privacy Officer

Cybersecurity Manager


Simulate networks using Packet tracer

Understand Phishing Attacks and Defenses

Work with Kali

Perform SQL Injection Attacks

Learn About Web exploitation and Defenses

System Hacking Using Metasploit

Performing DOS Attacks and down the service

Analyzing http,UDP,TCP and different network traffic using wireshark

Password Cracking & Password Recovery using John the Ripper

Password Cracking with Hashcat

Firewall Configuration using Cisco Packet tracer

Payload Deployment using metasploit

Decrypting Encrypted Files with OpenSSL

Steganography Analysis with Steghide


Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive certification as formal recognition of your achievement along with recruitment support from Future Connect Training, also you will be eligible to qualify for CCNA Cyber Security Junior Analyst Certification.

Cyber Security Course

This course includes:
  • Introduction to Cyber Security
  • Protecting Data and Privacy
  • Networking Basics
  • Network Design and Configuration
  • Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Security Infrastructure
  • Defense and Governance
  • Threat Management and Response
  • Hand-On labs with industry standard tools
  • Multiple Projects to test your skills upon
  • Join the leading Industry with over 20 billion Pounds of investment
  • Online Practical Training
  • Flexible Payment Structure
  • CV Support

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