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It plays a vital role to keep an up to date, an accurate and correct record of all the transactions of the company. Without bookkeepers, the organization would not be aware of their current financial position, as well as the transactions that occur within the organization. The Bookkeeping Course will develop your understanding of the role of the bookkeeper; while the Accounting Software qualification will introduce you to the use of accounting software.

Impact of incorrect bookkeeping on business

Poor accounting is likely to harm your marketing in several ways despite whether the activity is gainful or not. Also, the missed opportunities, your business can bring upon yourself more running operating cost or push you into the right condition. Awareness of corrupt accounting practices can help you make the correct conclusion in a proposal to avoid inappropriate financial record keeping. There are several factors which can be impacted due to unproductive bookkeeping.

Credit Issues

Poor record keeping can have unconstructive effects on how one conducts their business. For example, you may discover yourself paying your debts late, most important to higher interest rates, fewer payment terms, loss of credit, and interfering with your credit score or reports. To avoid all these, your bookkeeper should track all your cash flow as a way of organizing your transactions more comfortable for you. Efficient reporting and cash management are all part of effective bookkeeping. Speak to your bookkeeper or review your record keeping services to ascertain what value the process is adding to the growth of your business.

Poor record keeping affects Sales and Profits

Inadequate management of your business can make you go down access to ethical suppliers and vendors. As a result, you can start losing sales as well. On top of that, a slowdown to your business may twist away from your clients and customers who strength end up looking somewhere else to meet their necessities. Other than advice, customer association, and efficient customer management, your financial numbers are a massive needle of your business presentation. Increased mix rate, condensed payments, or an increase in a high number of low-value customers can tell you a lot about your business and its concert. Decide at the very beginning if all your company wants is a bookkeeper or a cross accountant who can help take care of your data storage, accounting, and recommended services, as all three are highly mutually dependent.

Lawful Situations

Inappropriate data protection is a formula for official problems, particularly where not paid or late filing of your tax returns and imprecise deductions are concerned. Lack of funds to pay your creditors can conclude into your business being pursued lawfully, with a legal declare in opposition to your company or debt collectors set loose on your business. Should you hire a bookkeeper without sufficient knowledge about tax policies, look for a specialist in matters to do with tax to let somebody use a hand in planning your yearly accounting events, ensure your bookkeeper communicated daily with the tax accountant. By doing this, you will be able to have full organized of your income, payroll taxes, and sales, as well as deduct expenses correctly. We are currently offering record storing courses that deals with all the aspects of basic bookkeeping, finance and accounting skills. This course will enable students to be thoroughly equipped for a Bookkeeper, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Credit Controller and Accounts Assistant.

Why is Software knowledge important?

Software Knowledge

Nowadays, Companies use different accounting software like Sage line 50, QuickBooks, Xero, Sage Payroll, Sage Production and excel spreadsheets to record all the transactions. Getting comfortable and adapted to accounting software is an essential step towards gaining a working performer as a bookkeeper.

How are we different in our path?

Bookkeeping course serves you with an excellent working knowledge of the different data protection technique and practices that are important to record and store financial data on a daily basis. This course is designed in a way to give you a thorough knowledge and work experience of bookkeeping and accounting principles. Our unique approach to combine the essential theoretical concepts and practical skills give you an enormous competitive advantage in your job quest.

The primary points covered in our bookkeeping courses are:

  • Basic Bookkeeping Courses: Our basic bookkeeping course explains the language and terms of bookkeeping. This will enable students to know the language and use of bookkeeping and account statements.
  • Accounting process: Bookkeeping courses enable you to do double entry bookkeeping and make you understand how the transactions are recorded and how it affects the company.
  • Debits and Credits: It is vital to know how each transaction has debit and credit entries in bookkeeping and this will help you to understand the health of the business and financial statement.
  • Data recording: This is another essential aspect of bookkeeping, which facilitates managing, analyzing and summarising this information.
  • Ledgers: we help you to make entry of all the transactions by using the accounting software like Sage , Xero, and QuickBooks, VT, IRIS. All the debt and credits details recorded under ledger.
  • Financial Statement: This is the final part of bookkeeping to know the condition of the business. Our bookkeeping courses explain how to prepare the balance sheet, profit and loss and trial balance.

By the above explaining steps of bookkeeping, Students who are interested in taking the bookkeeping course can be a member of Future Connect Training. To assist the candidate throughout the sessions, we provide you with hands-on practical bookkeeping training, which will help to strengthen your skills and expertise in the field work of bookkeeping.


Furthermore, we prepare, modify and reinvent your CV all over again to include the new capabilities. Set you up for the interviews with our partner firms through our in-house recruitment team. Provide you with references to vouch for the skills you have gained with us.

Accounting Process

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