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Bookkeeping and Accounts Courses

Bookkeeping is an essential part for all organisations, whatever their size. Accurate records are necessary to complete the reports required by law and calculate the correct amount of tax to pay and to enable managers to make adequate plans.
What you will learn from the Bookkeeping and Accounts Courses: The bookkeeping and accounts course is for those who have little or no prior knowledge in the area of accountancy and onto more complex concepts, principles, and practices.

There are practical examples, and full explanations, students who complete this course, will be equipped with greater knowledge and will be capable of understanding the basics of accountancy in their own or other businesses. It will enable them to attend to their accounts or use the course as specific areas. The course includes the accounting rules, principles, concepts, and presumptions that govern the application of accounting procedures. Understanding these are of very important, as you will abide by these concepts and laws every time you analyse, record, summarise, report and interpret financial transactions of a business. Many training providers offer bookkeeping and account courses, which explain the principles of accounting and how these apply in practical bookkeeping. Attending one of the bookkeeping and accounts sessions enable a learner to develop the necessary skills to work effectively, ensuring that the bookkeeping procedures completed accurately and promptly.
Future Connect Training offer a range of bookkeeping and accounts courses which cover

  • Regular bookkeeping tasks recording all financial transactions - sales, purchases, payments, explaining the difference between direct and indirect expenses, VAT calculation and reconciling the organisation’s accounts with their bank statement.
  • It is essential to keep the accounts up to date so that the organisation can see any outstanding payments - who owes the organisation money, and who the organisation has to pay, and the total owed by debtors and owed to creditors.
  • The managers of every organisation need to see their cash flow to make important strategic decisions. Our bookkeeping and accounts courses show how to produce the standard accounting reports used for this from the widely used Accounting software (Sage, Quickbooks, IRIS, TAS & VT), and how each type of transaction impacts the figures in these reports.
  • Proper bookkeeping with organised accounts and comprehensive records of all financial transactions enable the managers to run an organisation effectively.
  • Audits can be both internally within an organisation, and externally by the government. While having your work checked in detail can be stressful when you have kept your accounts accurately and up to date using the standard bookkeeping procedures learned on one of the bookkeeping courses, you can be sure that there are very few errors to be found by the auditors.
  • Adequate auditing is essential for any business, so learn how with one of our accounting and accounts courses.