The Best AAT Books Ever!

AAT books offer high-quality study material, practice activities, tutorial and expert instruction to students who want to stay fast of the competition and build an effective career. We use books from the UK’s top publications for all of our AAT accounting and bookkeeping qualifications.

The Best AAT Books

Books are provided as a study text where students can read and know easily the topics required for AAT assessments and exams. Where Workbooks are given to students, they can practice several task on various topics to prepare themselves professionally for the AAT exams. There are two types of study material provided to students in the form of AAT books.


Tutorials offer comprehensive guidance for every unit. Clear, easy-to-read descriptive chapters are accompanied by plenty of tasks and answers, helping students to grow and consolidate their learning. Tasks are written in the style of computer-based assessments and are perfect for exam preparation.


Workbooks cover practice chapter-based tasks, practice assessments and their solutions, giving your students extra chance to revise. Workbooks are also held by extra material for the professional learner.

AAT Level Accounting Books

AAT accounting qualification is an internationally recognised bookkeeping qualification. With more than 140,000 memberships worldwide it is the number one choice for many students who want to build a job career in accounting and bookkeeping.

AAT Level 2 Books pdf

This level is most general and suitable for the majority of the students who wish to start a career in accounting. Some publications provide AAT level 2 books pdf free because it is an initial level to learn. After ending five exams, you get a certification on AAT level 2 foundation certificate in accounting.

Bookkeeping Transactions Tutorial

This book for the foundation certificate in accounting fully covers the needs requirements of the AQ2016 Unit "Bookkeeping transactions". Also appropriate to study for the AAT certificate in bookkeeping.

Table of contents:

  • The accounting system
  • Financial booklets for sales
  • Accounting for returns, sales, and discounts
  • Double-entry and the bookkeeping equation
  • Manage payments from suppliers
  • Manage payments from customers
  • Prepare and manage payments to suppliers
  • Petty cash books
  • Cash books
  • The initial trial balance

Elements of Costing Tutorial

This book shows all the basic knowledge of costing elements.

Table of contents:

  • The costing system
  • Costing behaviour
  • Cost overhead absorption
  • Inventory evaluation and business account
  • Labour and infrastructure costs
  • Providing information - budgets and variances

Foundation Certificate Synoptic Workbook

This book contains many practice synoptic assessments based on example material provided by AAT. These assessments will aid your students to integrate and apply the information and skills they have learned in the four foundation certification units:

  • Bookkeeping Transactions
  • Elements of Costing
  • Bookkeeping Controls
  • Work Effectively in Finance

AAT Level 3 Books pdf

It is an advanced level of qualification. After completing six exams, you get a certification on level 3 advanced certificate.

Management Accounting: Costing

This AAT level 3 books forms and formats include:

  • Inventory record
  • Distribution and apportionment table
  • Employee’s weekly timesheet
  • Method of costing accounts
  • Work-in-progress control
  • Report format
  • Budget statement

Final Accounts Preparation

This book includes:

  • Ledger accounts page
  • Statement of profit and loss
  • Statement of financial position

Spreadsheets for Accounting Tutorial

When you have completed this chapter and carried out the practise exercises which follow, you should be capable of formatting and also creating a spreadsheet. The concepts and methods covered are formatting – style.

  • Formatting, fonts and size
  • Cell configurations
  • Number formats
  • Date setups
  • Printing and page setup

AAT Level 4 Books pdf

Professional level of this qualification requires extra effort to learn. After completing six exams, you attain a certificate on level 4 professional certificates in accounting. In the end, after completing level 4, you can use the designation MAAT after your name subject to meeting all requirements of CPD and experience current at the time.

Financial Statements of Limited Companies

These AAT level 4 books include the following chapters:

  • Statement of other comprehensive income pages
  • Statement of financial position page
  • Statement of modifications in equity page
  • Statement of cash flows statements
  • Combined statement of profit or loss page
  • Combined statement of financial position

AAT Premier Training

If you want flexible education to get accounting certification, then AAT premier training is for you. We assure all our students and prospective professionals wishing to enrol that this training is continuing to support you as usual with our AAT courses.

Our tutors are working for you and accessible for you anytime with email and telephone access. Any disruption to your studies will be negligible as all our resources are also available online to study. It is an ideal chance for your studies, so you are equipped and ready to go when limitations are relaxed.

AAT Jobs Prospect

AAT is a very popular accountancy qualification and highly required after skills. It is highly recognised by firms globally. Having an AAT qualification can increase your career prospects and help you stand at the top of the crowd. Studies with Future connect to ensure you get the best for your studies and guarantee you pass for the first time. There is a huge list of jobs after this qualification:

  • Assistant accountant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accountant
  • Finance Manager
  • Senior Bookkeeper
  • Audit Manager