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"If you want to start an accounting career, then accounting work experience in Manchester is very important to boost your career. Future connect Q2022 training gives you that opportunity to complete accounting work experience in Manchester that is tailor-made for fresh graduates and beginners. This experience can help you get to an accounting job in Manchester, such as a trainee accountant, accounts receivable, accounts assistant and accounts payable job with these accounting work experience placements. What type of placement positions are available to get practical work experience? this article is planned to understand how we can get free accounting work experience in Manchester".

Key Takeaways


Acquiring work experience is vital for establishing a thriving career in accounting. It provides the opportunity to gain practical skills and knowledge, increase employability and marketability, and expand one's professional network. This article will examine how individuals can utilize work experience opportunities in London and Manchester to fortify their future in accounting.

Importance of Work Experience in Accounting:

  • Gain practical skills and knowledge
  • Enhance your employability and marketability
  • Expand your professional network
  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem

Work Experience Opportunities in London:

  • Top accounting firms and financial institutions
  • Diverse industries and sectors
  • Cultural diversity and exposure
  • High demand for skilled professionals

Work Experience Opportunities in Manchester:

  • Thriving business and finance hub
  • Strong focus on entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Emerging industries and startups
  • Affordable cost of living and diverse lifestyle

How to Secure Work Experience in Accounting:

  • Build a strong CV and cover letter
  • Research and apply to relevant opportunities
  • Network and attend career fairs and events
  • Prepare for interviews and assessments
  • Seek mentorship and guidance


Work experience in accounting can open doors to exciting career opportunities and help you achieve your professional goals. By exploring work experience opportunities in London and Manchester, you can gain valuable skills, expand your network, and strengthen your future in accounting. Start your journey today!

Accounting Work Experience in Manchester

This accounting work experience in Manchester covers the duties of an accounting professional using a different software package. Accounting work experience in Manchester is based on your commitment and passion for learning. The main benefit of this work experience course Q2022 is to give you practical knowledge of software packages, and the job role recruiters look for in jobs. Once you finish a test, you will receive a certification to be a professional accountant. You will be doing practical accounts assistant exercises at the workshop. It will certify that you understand the models behind an accountancy role. The work experience is 100% practical and collaborative. You can choose bookkeeping software such as Xero, Sage 50, QuickBooks and Excel to be specialised.

Our Q2022 training provides you with the essential practical skills to complement your learning Q2022 courses or qualifications and enhance your work skills. We have carefully planned each accounting training program for each professional to get the best abilities needed to complement their current knowledge and experience and get into an accountancy job in the current employment market. We provide accountancy Q2022 training and an opportunity for development.

These practical skills have been considered to enhance the candidate's knowledge and learn from the accounting work environment. These Q2022 training courses are relevant for:

  • Those with no hands-on experience
  • Those new to computerised accounting
  • Those who have practical knowledge but are not in the UK
  • Those with only basic bookkeeping knowledge
  • Those new to the accountancy profession
  • Those who have not been only involved in preparing accounts from source documents


From this experience, you will get the following benefits:

  • Get quality work experience, placements and mentorship in different areas of accounting
  • Work experience with a bookkeeping firm
  • Mentorship from proficient accountants

Task Which Will Get You Experience

Our team of qualified accountants will train you one-to-one in the following bookkeeping and accounting responsibilities:

  • QuickBooks, Sage 50 accounts and Xero training – fundamentals
  • Setting up opening balances
  • Processing credit notes, supplier and customer invoices
  • Assisting with credit control
  • Managing cash
  • Processing payroll and general journals
  • Preparing VAT returns
  • Doing bank reconciliations
  • Fixing errors in the general ledger
  • Working with spreadsheet or Excel
  • Making balance sheet and cash flow projections
  • Filing of the corporation tax return
  • Preparing accounts
  • Planning and Variance analysis
  • Preparing a set of administration accounts
  • CV preparation and guiding on securing an accounting job

Accounting Work Experience Placements

Future Connect’s Practical accounting training Q2022 with a guaranteed work placement is a job-oriented Q2022 training program appropriate for all individuals seeking a career in accounting. Professionals will be trained under the supervision of qualified professionals.

Following are some placement job roles to start accounting:

Finance Assistant

It is a good opportunity for a finance assistant to work for a payroll company in London. The role may be temporary or permanent. Finance assistant will be working in an office and organizing out the routine work.

Tax & Compliance Officer

Compliance officers are accountable for certifying that their organization follows government regulations locally and globally, if applicable and avoid mistakes that could result in heavy fines, Legal ramifications, and reputational damage.

Accounts Payable Clerk

Addressing queries from suppliers and business divisions and ensuring that all complaints are dealt with in a professional and positive manner. The Accounts Payable team needs to ensure that all invoices or documents received for payment are properly managed.

  • Processing accounts and incoming payments under financial policies and procedures
  • Performing day-to-day financial transactions, including verifying, classifying and recording accounts payable
  • Preparation of bills, receipts and bank deposits

Accounts Assistant

Accounts Assistant is a must-have job position for every company. This role is responsible for the following: double entry; Chart of Accounts; nominal accounts; Creating supplier accounts and customer accounts; receipts of purchases and expenses; Value Added Tax - VAT; personnel expenses; processing customer invoices, supplier payments and bank payments; Creating and exporting reports.

If you are interested in an accounting work experience placement in Manchester, please email with your CV and information about yourself and your aspirations. You can visit our website for more details.


Future Connect Q2022 Training is the best accounting work experience provider in the UK. FutureConnect organizes accounting work experience for students and by learning accountancy and gaining practical accounting work experience, you can qualify for accountancy jobs; trainee accountant jobs account assistant job, entry-level accounting jobs and much more


Q1. How do I get Accounting work experience?

One of the most beneficial and practical ways to gain accounting experience is through an internship while you’re in college. Getting a bachelor’s degree and a CPA license will give you more opportunities to gain experience. Also, you can volunteer or work in accounting-related jobs.

Q2. How do I get accounting experience without experience?

Internships and volunteer opportunities can be a way to build your resume as you begin your accounting career. Consider pursuing these types of opportunities after or during your counting education. Sometimes, unpaid positions may convert to paid jobs upon completion of the program.

Q3. What is considered accounting experience?

Any position related to accounting and bookkeeping functions such as preparing financial statements, cash collection and recording, distribution, purchasing, and internal audits qualify as experience.

Q.4. Why is work experience important for a career in accounting?

Acquiring work experience allows individuals to gain practical skills and knowledge, increase their employability and marketability, expand their professional network, and boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Q.5. What are the work experience opportunities in London for accounting?

London offers opportunities to work with top accounting firms and financial institutions across diverse industries and sectors. The city also provides cultural diversity, exposure, and high demand for skilled professionals.

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