Accounting Courses

Accounting Courses

"Accountants need Practical Skills. Our Practical Accounting Courses like AAT courses, Bookkeeping and Accounting training and other Accountancy training courses give you a better chance for a successful career. Let us help you to beat the competition."

Our Accounting Courses vary from basic to Final and Management Accounts. We have developed for trainees best suited to their career and position they want to apply for in the accounting sector. Our training Course with best training practice has won us prestigious awards for 2019/20. 

Our Accounting Courses are simple and depend upon the student. We will take a suitable approach so the trainee can easily understand the basics and move into the Accounting field.

Our Accounting course is rewarded for its content and appreciated the market. That’s why our students getting a job ratio is 98% — showing the confidence of recruiters and employers in our services.

Our Training Courses are:

Bookkeeping and VAT

Our Bookkeeping and Accounting Course focuses on the Bookkeeping and VAT calculation for the companies. This course is for entry-level accountancy training. Even if trainees have no accounting background, our course will help them a basic idea about Accountancy Practices. Induction presentations to an accountancy career and course plan will be devised in the beginning so trainees can set their goals. 

This course is equally effective with an accountancy background or for trainees who want to kick start their career in accountancy. At the end of this course, trainees will be able to apply for Sales ledger, Purchase ledger, and bookkeeper roles.

Bookkeeping and Payroll

These accounting courses are developed, keeping in mind the growth of Companies and the chances of getting a bookkeeping and payroll job more comprehensively. As small companies, they prefer to keep their bookkeeping and payroll processes together.

So, this course will focus on VAT and Bookkeeping and Payroll as well. With Payroll Training, the trainee will focus on rules and regulations related to the payroll department. Sage Payroll software will be used that is used mainly in SMEs. After this course, the trainee will be able to apply for Payroll manager and supervisor jobs and jobs related to bookkeeping and VAT. AAT courses like level 2,3 and 4 can also be included.

Assistant Accountant

Progression in Accountancy training is necessary. After completing the Basic Course of Bookkeeping and Accounting, our focus will be to train our students in accountancy training to prepare and progress in their accounting careers. Our Assistant account Course will help you to progress in the Accounts Department. This course will help you better understand the accounting concept; adjustments required in accounting like Payroll, Fixed Assets, Accruals and Prepayments will be done.

Moreover, the trainee will make Intrastat Returns and EC Sales so that they can file for those. Also, the trainee will prepare accounts from Trial Balance to Final Statements. Job opportunities will be Accounts Assistant, finance controller and Senior bookkeeper Payroll manager at the end of this course..

Final Accounts

A senior-level accounts preparation after all the adjustments. Advance level of software for accounts production. The trainee will do corporation tax and self-assessment at this stage. The accountant will be overseeing junior accounts work and guiding them about accounts production, submitting self-assessments and corporation tax. Sage accounts Production software will be used that will help to account for final accounts and follow all regulatory and standard requirements. Job Scope will be Senior Accountant, Finance Controller, Accounts manager, Payroll and Payable manager.

Management Accounts

Management accounts preparation will focus on the production of Management reports. This course will help the manager and supervisor take control of their department and prepare reports, budgets, and managerial accounts. If you are a supervisor or manager, you have to Prepare reports, check your department's performance, and manage employees, inventory, and performance. Management Accounts will help you to achieve all of these tasks quite easily. Job scope after this course is assisting management accountant, management accountant.

Customise Training Course

Customise your Training according to your career and job focus. It will help you to focus on essential aspects of your career that you want to focus on. Your course will be focusing on particular areas like payroll if you're going to pursue payroll or Focus on Xero or QuickBooks Software if their job uses this software. After discussion with the trainee, we will prepare accounting courses to plan that will be more suitable along with AAT courses.

Post Training Support

Post Training Support is our important feature as we will be providing support to our trainees after training. We understand that every company and industry has different rules and new regulations. 

Sometimes it can be difficult for the new employee to understand the system. In that case, we will help our trainees and provide support to adjust in the company. The trainee can email /call us and even meet with a senior trainer to solve these queries.