Accounting Courses Manchester

"Boost your career to the next level with our accounting courses in the Manchester, designed for accounting professionals. Our courses have gained a range of authorisations and endorsements, which shows they fulfil high professional standards. Learning accounting skills will help you know key targets and goals within the business organization across Manchester. A skillset not only for those working in this field, want to work in this role but also for those who need to understand business administration."

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Whatever your motive for starting an accounting course, you can be sure that these courses approved by CPD, will offer you with work-ready skills for better employment opportunities. Working in the area of accounting will provide a satisfying career, which underpins businesses in all regions and of all sizes. From knowing business accounts to looking at accountancy principles, standards or costing and pricing, Future connect training provides online accounting courses in the UK that will help you to shape your career.

Online Accounting Courses Manchester

Online accounting courses in Manchester are best if you have a way with numbers are intent in a career in accounts, or you are currently in a bookkeeping role and are looking to push on up the career ladder. There’s much more to the job opportunities than just being good with statistics, though, and there are numerous important skills that anyone in an accounting role needs to be effective, including customer services and data. Accountants hold key responsibilities in every industry, and they’re accountable for much more than a company’s cash flow. An online accountancy course is the best way to achieve your career goals and learn everything you want to know along the way. As a bookkeeper or accountant, you’ll need to know all about cash flow, tax, debt, payroll and auditing. Some free online accounting courses Manchester are also available if you need this level of qualification. It covers all of these topics and will help you develop the essential skills for success in your own time. So, whatever area of bookkeeping you’re looking to undertaking into, our accounting courses Manchester are a great dimension to start your journey or advance your current skills.

Management Accounting

This course will equip you with the significant skills to pursue management accounting job within a sector of your choice. This course lets you top up existing training to a full management accounting. This course is directly mapped against the teaching of their basic qualification, introduction to Investment, with the option to take the exam. It also discovers the complex and challenging nature of the organisation accounting and business environment. Following topics are covered in this level of course:

Financial Strategy: It forms an important part of an organisation’s strategic plan, which shows acceptable sources of raising funds and invested to maximise the wealth of its shareholders and gratify other stakeholders.

Risk Management: All-new day companies are legally, financially and morally need to manage their risky activities in the interest of their investors. Although the risk is a crucial part of everyday life, managers must have the ability to handle these circumstances that could lead to a negative outcome.

Strategic Management: The module of strategic management is a process of continuous planning, analysing and monitoring an administration’s strategy to ensure it meets all its aims and objectives. It typically needs an in-depth analysis of the outside and inside environment, which will enable the organisation to attain its set objectives and to implement changes where this does not occur.

This course may be beneficial to those already in middle-management-level roles but would like to develop to more senior roles. It can provide you with the abilities to help you apply for roles such as:

  • Business analyst
  • Management consultant
  • Investment banker
  • Financial controller

Accounting and Finance

It’s a popular course for busy professionals or those back to work who want to get benefits a full degree brings but need a very relax study pattern. We accept a range of training for entry onto the course. Following modules are covered in this free online accounting courses Manchester.

Management Accounting: 

This module increases knowledge and understanding you have gained on earlier management accounting modules. Management accountants need a good understanding of management bookkeeping concepts and methods to provide managers with valuable information.

Financial Reporting: This provides financial info for external users and the wider stakeholders of financial statements. It allows them to measure the risks and investment opportunities so that they can make valuable economic decisions.

Financial Statement Analysis: Through analysis of financial statements can tell us a great deal about the status of a company and its capabilities to deal with future challenges.

Investing and Financial Market Behavior: The module covers economics, finance and psychology of business. It also covers business and social sciences disciplines to develop a thorough understanding of personal investment behaviour. The module also grows critical practice skills through the learning process.


A career in accounting can be much rewarding and a very safe choice, like every professional, needs to keep and keep financial records. You can be an Accountant, Payroll Clerk, Accounts Assistant, or simply need to start your own business. You can also go for BookkeepingSageXeroAccountingMicrosoft Excel certifications to be specialized other than free accounting courses UK. Updating your skills is essential to boost your career path. Good Luck for your career. Manchester accounting is just waiting for you!