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"Future Connect training offers AAT Premier Training courses for numerous classes such as Accounting, Finance, Payroll, CPD, AAT courses and many more, and over 30,000 + students population."

AAT Premier Training

Premier Training Courses

Future Connect Training is proud to provide different premier training courses with choices to match students' desires, such as in-centre, online classes, distance learning, and home learning.

Accounting & Finance courses:

To become an accountant, enter our selection of certified accounting courses. AAT certification is the most common job requirement for joining the accounting field. Aspiring Chartered Accountants were ideally suited for ACCA.

The AAT is a globally recognised accounting certification, and more than 100,000 individuals are receiving an AAT credential and exclusive membership in the AAT. Acquiring the certification would help you sustain your whole accounting career.

AAT offers a variety of credentials for accounting and bookkeeping. If you choose to follow your profession as an accountant, you can apply for AAT Accounting. Nonetheless, if you want to develop your career as a bookkeeper, you can choose AAT Bookkeeping.

Future Connect Training is an accredited AAT Premier Training Company with Finchley Main, Mile End, Harrow and Birmingham centres. Through taking training for our Institute for the Association of Accounting Technicians, you will make one of the best choices of your life.

Next, the AAT certification consists of four inclusive credential rates (1, 2, 3 & 4) that should include the main fields of Financial Accounting, Professional Accounting, Taxation, Inspection, and Document Publishing. However, if you have simple math and numeracy skills, you may start from level 1; you can start from level 2.

  • AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting
  • AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting
  • Finally AAT Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting

Would you want your life to follow a different direction? Think Accountancy, the annual wage for Accountants is £50,000 according to estimates. It's the profession where the employability rate is more significant than every other business. AAT courses might be a perfect choice for you if you are a school leaver, already working or just searching for a career shift.

Bookkeeping & Payroll:

In recent years HMRC has undergone several rather essential improvements in the payroll business. It is doubtful that the work of payroll specialists would conclude sometime early. Since the advent of RTI, FPS regulation supplemented by compulsory self-registration and minimum workplace payments has made payroll a bit more professional.

Payroll preparation is about transforming you into a payroll expert. With applications such as Sage Payroll, Xero payroll, QuickBooks training payroll, you will be able to measure and carry out payroll operations and determine complicated NI payments with your good old calculator and technological skills.

Description of the course

The entire course reflects on two crucial aspects of Accounting's first-level work roles:

  1. Bookkeeping, including VAT estimates
  2. Payroll

Bookkeeping focuses on tracking and documenting day-to-day financial statements such as acquisitions, investments, inventory and receivables. It is a record-keeping operation and is the source of all the financial records in Bookkeeping that are made. Maintaining an up-to-date, correct, and truthful database of all transactions received in this training course is quite critical.

Our Payroll course is suitable for those new to it. It provides instruction on the essential elements of payroll management such as setting up workers, managing payslips, holding contractual salaries, applying RTI and estimating pay reductions using payroll accounting tools as SAGE, XERO and QuickBooks. You'll also be talking about Auto Enrolment Pension Plan laws. This course offers solid working awareness of the numerous methodologies for bookkeeping and payroll. Our innovative approach to combining crucial scientific ideas with functional expertise provides you with a substantial competitive edge in your work placement search.

Bookkeeping & VAT:

You have made the first big step in your future accounting and bookkeeping profession! Rest assured, it's a lifetime profession because it's satisfying. Looking optimistic for the future: test the typical business and statistics. Let's start – Our consultants can ensure that you choose the right path. Do they all have one thing in common? Future Connect’s AAT Premier Training programmes are planned and implemented such that you wind up with awareness and expertise in the actual world. We're trying to fill the distance between theory and reality. It is a rare mix that can bring you into the accounting work you love.

Management Accounts:

Management Accountants have a significant part in the overall market development and results. We ought to reflect and look past statistics, anticipate, anticipate and deter organisations from deviating from primary targets.

Many accounting accountants work in the preparation of audits and statements to the financial managers. Management accountants are expected to include a comprehensive analysis and statements on estimates that can provide executives with the financial details they need to make short-term growth, expenditure and investment decisions.

Creating budgets is a big part of this position – you'll be responsible for monitoring operating expenses, improving productivity and value-for-money around the enterprise.

Accounts Assistants Training:

If you're a robust analytical talent, you're coordinated, and you have an excellent sense of contact and numerical intuition, so you're a perfect choice for a job as an account assistant.

As an assistant to accounting, you become a link to the accountants and the accountants. Your contribution is vital in carrying out a variety of activities and includes logistical assistance. You can also collect case balances, manage financial reports, invoice, process tax returns, and locate, archive and calculate papers. Your estimates are critical when it comes to planning company reports, filing and several other activities.

Final Accounts:

Final practical accounting training Education is the primary aim of your life as an Accountant. Through this, you maintain track of the financial activities of a corporation using standard guidelines. The activities are reported, listed, and described in an annual report or financial statements such as a profit declaration or a balance sheet. You will hit the goal with our Bookkeeping & VAT Learning and Bookkeeping & Payroll, providing accounting fundamentals.

CPD: (Continuous Professional Development)

Enter the London CPD Learning Courses. To obtain verifiable CPD units, you may even enter CPD training courses for accountants.

Specific AAT courses and ACCA CPD qualification courses are accessible from separate sets of short courses in CPD.

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Future Connect AAT premier training provides online courses. After your enrolment, we will provide premier training login credentials for the classes of your course. You can learn your course with your premier training login credentials online.

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