AAT Level Advanced Course in Manchester

"AAT level education is recognized qualification in Manchester accounting firms to excel in accounting or bookkeeping field. It is an achievement not only for any Manchester accounting professional, who wants to excel in the accountancy field also for freshers and students to add in their CVs."

Table of Contents
  1. AAT Level Advanced Course in Manchester
  2. What is AAT?
  3. AAT Levels:
  4. Choosing the Right Level

This education is available for all levels of professionals and students in Manchester city. This course will support you get where you want to be and create opportunities towards more senior level career placements. From here there are more training and career progress options which can come to more senior-level accounting positions such as certified public accountant, business tax professional etc.

What is AAT?

In short “Association of Accounting Technicians” is also abbreviated as “AAT”. It is the UK’s top professional body providing skill-based accounting and finance qualifications. It supports and develops professional members through more than 580 certified training providers around the world. It also has a wide branch network where memberships can access support, training and meet other members internationally or in their local area. When we talk about its numbers, it has around 130,000 members in more than 100+ countries. It provides 80% of all vocational qualification in the accountancy sector. Other than that it has 4000 certified members are only in the UK representing all levels of the finance sector from students up to senior bookkeeping professionals. So, its qualifications are internationally recognised and highly looked-for to employers as they teach the practical skills and knowledge that are essential for a successful career in accountancy and finance.

AAT Levels:

Association of Accounting Technicians courses are widely recognised by companies and are awarded by the UK’s prominent body for accountancy staff. This qualification course is divided into four key areas, each aimed to help you improve your expertise and knowledge of various regions of the finance and accounting environment. Studying for these level courses will demonstrate that you are loyal to continuous professional growth, increase your job prospects, improve your CV and get you noted by potential employers. Three primary levels of courses are offered by the association of accounting technicians in accounting: foundation, advanced, and professional. These courses are based on practical, real-world accountancy knowledge that you can put to use during your professional work from day one.

Level 2 Courses: Level 2 is the elementary and foundation level of certification in accounting. In this introductory course, you will learn most of the ground accounting knowledge and expertise needed to progress either to your profession or to study further. This qualification is appropriate for people who have just left school as well as for professionals returning to work after a long break or for anyone desiring to change career. This level course comprises five basic units that cover a range of foundation accountancy skills. Level 2 course are:

  • 601/8221/0 - Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping
  • 601/6552/2- Foundation Certificate in Accounting
  • 601/8220/9 - Foundation Award in Accounting Software
  • 601/6553/4- Foundation Diploma in Accounting and Business

Level 3 Courses: Level 3 is the advanced level of diploma or certification in the accounting sector. The aim of the advanced diploma certification in accounting is to offer students with the high-quality professional knowledge and skills required to succeed in an accounting role or to enable advancement to further education. This advance course provides practical training in accounting. It is ideal for anyone wishing to follow a career in accounting or finance. Students of this level course will get lifelong proficient accountancy and finance skills. This level course covers six mandatory units with advance learning topics. Level 3 course are:

  • 601/8219/2- Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping
  • 601/6554/6- Advanced Diploma in Accounting

Level 4 Courses: Level 4 is a professional level diploma certification in accounting. The main aim of these level 4 professional diplomas in accounting is to increase the skills developed from the level 3 qualification. It enables students to attain achievements in their current or new employment. By studying for this course, a student will get extraordinary skills and expertise to work in the accounting management sector. Achievement of level 4 means get a senior post in any frim! This course comprises four major, and two dedicated units for specialisation, from a choice of five options. The only advance course in level 4 has:

  • 601/6551/0- Professional Diploma in Accounting

Choosing the Right Level

If you are at a starting point your career, then the level 2 awards in accounting will be perfect for you to make that first move towards a job. At this level, you’ll acquire skills of a finance administrator such as basic costing principles, sales, purchase and general ledgers.

And, if you want to touch up your basic knowledge and skills. Level 3 will give you practical experience of upholding basic business accounts. You can improve your understanding of financial management processes comprising advance costing principles and purchases, sales ledgers and computerised bookkeeping. If you are at an advance level in your career or have achieved levels 2 and 3, level 4 certification will enable you to create management accounts at all levels. It develops your team leader skills, and maintains financial statements for companies as well as enhancing your skills in handling more complex administration-accounting tasks.

Association of accounting technicians level training courses is provided across the UK. For further help and consideration, you can contact me. Future Connect helps you in practical accounting training in Manchester. Good luck with your career and let me know if you need any consultation!