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Find all the information about AAT exam fees and AAT level courses available in Birmingham from Future Connect Training. The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) regulates accounting qualifications from levels 2, 3 and 4

We are pleased to partner with AAT, which is the UK's largest professional accounting body. AAT is a business favourite that most employers seek out when hiring for financial positions. Future connect training provides students with the information they need to take an AAT exam.

You may not only impress prospective employers with an AAT Qualification, but it may also open the door for your dream career in finance if you are seeking work in accounting or finance. You will be trained in the necessary skills and information to enter an operating environment and begin producing accounts statements and spreadsheets.

AAT Exam Birmingham

What is the AAT Qualification?

If you want a successful career in finance and accountancy, you should be an AAT qualified first.

AAT Accounting Qualification:

Qualification is based on four innovative steps:

  • Level 1 – Basic (optional)
  • Level 2 – Foundation (5 exams)
  • Level 3 – Advanced (5 reviews)
  • Level 4 - Professional (6 reviews)

Accounting stages include Financial Accounting, Report Writing, Taxation, Audit, and Management Accounting.

AAT Accounting Qualification

AAT Bookkeeping Qualification

The qualification consists of two levels:

  • Level 1: Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping – (2 exams)
  • Level 2: Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping – (3reviews)

Four tiers consist of Advanced Bookkeeping, Indirect Tax Bookkeeping Transaction, Bookkeeping Controls, and Final Account Preparation. These exams represent the possibility of becoming AAT Qualified and receiving reputable qualification certification.

AAT certification empowers you to emerge as credible, distinguishing, and recognizable. In addition, it becomes a lot more comfortable should you wish to make a widespread growth to your career. Today, businesses choose AAT certified experts to manage their finances and accounts.

Eventually, once you complete the four levels of AAT Accounting Qualification, you will become a professional & qualified AAT Accountant and be able to use the letters "MAAT" after your name. The designation letters' AATQB' can also be used with your first name if you qualify for tiers 2 and 3 of the AAT Bookkeeping Qualification. After passing the exam, you'll receive the AAT Bookkeeping Membership.

I hope you have enjoyed your course and are looking forward to taking your AAT exam. If you need a detailed guide on booking the Birmingham exam, you are in the right place. Furthermore, if you are just getting started and plan to pursue a career in accounting or finance, this manual will be equally valuable.

How to Book AAT Exam in Birmingham?

It is an AAT requirement to sign up for a course provider before sitting any qualification exam, as you get to pick out your course provider. Future Connect Training specializes in Accounting and Bookkeeping courses. Future Connect Training provides comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping training courses.

You can book your exam in three simple steps:

Enrol with a training provider

Taking the AAT Qualification Exam before joining a training provider is a rule of AAT, as you choose your training provider during Step 2 (Register with AAT). Uniting for a class here is quite simple

  • Just go to 'fc' and select your desired AAT course.
  • Next, fill the "course information kit" form in the right sidebar.
  • The Admin Team then gives you the course brochure and other information you need to know and helps you complete the enrolment.

Register with AAT (within four weeks of registering with a training provider)

AAT will issue you a unique registration number to use in Step 3 (Book an exam). Here is the specific process for registering with AAT.

  • First, go to the official AAT website.
  • Then click on number '3', which says 'Register with AAT'
  • Fill in your details and select the correct training provider and category of qualification (Accounting or Bookkeeping qualification).

Book AAT exam in Birmingham Online

Last but not least, press the button below to reserve an AAT qualification exam. Using the Exam Booking form, you can select the exam date, centre, time, qualification, and issue you wish to book and complete the payment. Upon completing the registration process, you will receive a confirmation email of your booking for the exam with instructions on attending.

AAT Exam Booking for External Students in Birmingham

If you are an external student studying in Birmingham, we also offer AAT Exam Booking for students outside the UK.

You can select the examination date, location, time, qualification, and subject you prefer during the exam booking process. Payment can also be made online in the exam booking form. After booking your exam, you will be sent a confirmation email with guidelines about attending the exam.

Future Connect Training Ensures High Success Rates in AAT Exams

This specialized training has been highly rated by accounting students and boasts a success rate of 96%. Here are a few reasons why you should not forget about it when preparing for the AAT assessment:

  • Highly experienced & professional tutors
  • Latest and High-exceptional have a look at the material
  • Free examination education kit
  • Expert show support
  • Free Sage 50 / Excel accounting software path for AAT Accounting Qualification
  • Modern classrooms for in-centre courses
  • Helps in boosting your CV
  • Provides flexible payment option

As you know now why AAT guides are in high demand and how you can book the exam in Birmingham, it is time for you to take the next step. We wish you the best of luck as you prepare for the AAT assessment, which will put you on the path to your dream job within the accounting or finance field.

In addition, an increasing number of professions require employees to broaden their skill set, and some employees are required to recognize and assist a company's finances. A growing number of Executive Assistants or Personal Assistants are being asked to help businesses manage their finances, so Accounting Training Courses that provide AAT Qualifications have become increasingly popular.

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