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"AAT qualification leads you to be an AATQB. You can open your Bookkeeping practice after completing training from Future Connect."

Are you looking for a professional AAT Bookkeeping course in London? Great, you got one. Let's have a look at some detailed information about the system and the AAT Bookkeeping course provider.

Key Takeaways

AAT Bookkeeping Qualifications

  1. Introduction: The AAT qualification provides an introduction to the field of accounting and finance, including AAT bookkeeping, and it is ideal for those starting their career in the industry.
  2. Course levels: The AAT qualification consists of three levels, Foundation, Advanced, and Professional, allowing students to choose the class that best suits their skills and experience.
  3. Flexibility: The AAT qualification is flexible and can be studied full-time, part-time, or via distance learning, providing students with the freedom to choose the mode of study that works best for them.
  4. Recognition: The AAT qualification has gained high praise in the UK and across the globe, making it an excellent option for individuals aspiring to build a career in accounting and finance, no matter where they are in the world.
  5. Career prospects: AAT qualification opens doors to various roles, such as an accountant, bookkeeper, finance officer, and finance analyst, among others.

AATQB Qualifications:

  1. Introduction: The AATQB qualification provides specialized training in bookkeeping and is ideal for individuals who wish to specialize in this area.
  2. Course levels: The AATQB qualification comprises Foundation and Advanced, allowing students to choose the class that best suits their skills and experience.
  3. Flexibility: Like the AAT qualification, the AATQB qualification is flexible and can be studied full-time, part-time, or via distance learning.
  4. Recognition: AATQB qualification is highly recognized in the UK and worldwide, making it an excellent choice for individuals who wish to specialize in bookkeeping.
  5. Career prospects: AATQB qualification prepares students for various bookkeeping roles, such as bookkeeper, accounts clerk, payroll administrator, and finance assistant, among others.

By completing either the AAT or AATQB qualification, students will have the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a rewarding career in accounting and finance.

What Is AAT Bookkeeping Course AQ 2022?

AAT bookkeeping AQ 2022 is an integral part of accounting. It is in high demand in all sectors. Bookkeepers may work as an employee of an organization or may be self-employed. Self-employment allows you to work at your convenience and pace. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality training that motivates you to achieve your goals and ideal job.

If you want to grow as a certified bookkeeper with AAT QB (AAT Qualified Bookkeeper) qualifications, you must finish the AAT bookkeeping studies successfully. This bookkeeping AQ 2022 course split into two levels

  • Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping
  • Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping

Once you clear all these two AAT Qualifications successfully, you can achieve the AATQB status, which leads you to build a successful career in bookkeeping.

What Is AATQB AQ 2022? (AAT Qualified Bookkeeper)

After completing the two levels of AAT Qualification, you can become AATQB.

This course will empower you to do the following:

  • Getting the cost recording systems based on income and expenditures, including understanding variations in the actual amount and the expected figures.
  • Understand the functioning of spreadsheets / advanced excel
  • You will learn how to practice accounting software. With reliable login and passwords integration and backup methods.
  • An essential part of the AAT bookkeeping program focuses on ethical concerns and sustainability.
  • The crucial element is the understanding of the double-entry bookkeeping system and associated processes.
  • Follow the banking receipts and payable policy.
  • A fundamental level of complexity, including the journal, control accounts, and reconciliations, is also attached to the course.

What Are The Subjects Covered In AAT Bookkeeping AQ 2022?

AAT bookkeeping membership offers you the opportunity to demonstrate your bookkeeping skills and expertise to employers, colleagues and clients. You'll gain professional recognition using the designation AATQB after your name and can even apply to become self-employed and offer bookkeeping services.

The subjects are

  • Bookkeeping Transactions
  • Bookkeeping Controls
  • Elements of Costing
  • Using Accounting Software
  • Work Effectively in Finance

The Course content

A student studying this qualification will get:

  • Experiences in double-entry bookkeeping
  • How to use journals, control accounts, and a trial balance.
  • How to use an accounting software unit.
  • Process financial data per company procedures and schedules.
  • Capable of providing information to colleagues, suppliers and clients as required.

Assessment of AAT Bookkeeping Exams

To qualify, the AAT scholars must finish:

  1. Four-unit assessments
  2. One complete synoptic assessment

The study is 100% externally assessed. All assessments In AAT Bookkeeping are set and printed by AAT. The classes are Computer-based and it is time-limited. The assessments are scheduled by training tutors or assessment venues.

The assessment is taking place at recommended centres and venues under controlled provisions. To complete the qualification and be awarded a grade, a learner must pass all the necessary assessments and the synoptic assessment also. After completing this, you will become a qualified AAT Bookkeeper.

Necessary unit and synoptic assessments are not awarded, but the results achieved in all the examinations affect the student's overall rank for the qualification.

How is AAT Bookkeeping Qualification leading to AATQB?

What Jobs are available after AAT Bookkeeping AQ 2022 course?

  • Accounts Senior
  • Self-employed Bookkeeper
  • Employed Bookkeeper in a company
  • Credit Controller as in AP / AR role
  • Sales/Purchase Ledger Clerk and VAT administrator

In these positions, you could be supposed to earn, on average, more than £25,000 a year. (Source: National Career Service)

AAT Bookkeeping AQ 2022 Training

Future Connect training provides a unique way of giving AAT Bookkeeping qualification. We will be combining the theoretical aspects of AAT with Practical Training. The AAT Bookkeeping AQ 2022 training is between 40 to 80 hours, and it provides you with the combination to know all the things you study in books. We will provide you with real customers and link the gap between theory and practice. You will get practical knowledge in learning software like Sage, Xero, QuickBooks, and Advanced Excel Skills.

Course Duration

The AAT Bookkeeping course may take six months for almost all students.

Course Tutors

Our Professional teachers are highly skilled with thorough knowledge of bookkeeping. Our Instructors helped thousands of learners to achieve over 96% exam pass rate.

Bookkeeping Courses Study Options

We are providing you with Flexible Study options which will not affect your other commitments.


We allow evening, Weekend and Daytime classes for AAT Bookkeeping programs from London and other centres. We provide enough training so you can sit the entire exam confidently. You'll be assisted by our certified and experienced teachers with efficient learning techniques, and ongoing acknowledgement, even after your exams. We are providing expert support during the weekends and evenings: also, make sure about the flexible study mechanism and program start dates.

  • Experts will lead listed programs face to face sittings in classrooms.
  • Sessions at set times of the day.
  • We allow the digital path to our online learning resources.
  • We provide workbooks for exercise Activities.

Why Future Connect Training Centre?

Future Connect Training is an Award-winning training center with ACCA, CIMA, and AAT qualified tutors who provide the best training and knowledge. Our courses in Accountancy will build your confidence by serving in a real-life context.

Besides, there are many more advantages to joining Future Connect Training: -

  • AAT Approved training provider center
  • Our CPD Certified specialists give practical hands-on training
  • Enrol with BAC
  • Certification and recommendation from FC Chartered Accountants
  • Gaining MAAT Status
  • Proficient advice to open Accountancy Practice
  • Our teachers have many years of practice and will be available during the course with one-to-one support
  • We will support you with globally recognized accounting software like Sage, Xero, QuickBooks, VT, Auto Entry, Forbes, Iris, and many more
  • Gives reading material and videos for a better understanding of the course module
  • One of the best methods to get the desired job is to keep a trail of employers' skills
  • Assured job placement
  • Recruitment assistance, CV preparation, and give you mock trials for the interview
  • We enable multiple payment choices, including Debit cards, Credit cards, and PayPal, Cash, and Bank transfers


Q.1. What is AAT Qualification?

The AAT Accounting Qualification is enormously regarded in the financial industry and is intended to give everyone the useful ability they need to fabricate a profession in accounting & finance. AAT capabilities are universally recognized and also it is considered a prerequisite for many bookkeeping positions.

Q.2. Does AAT make you a qualified Accountant?

There are no legal requirements that limit you from doing accounting tasks in a professional capacity without qualification. So, in fact, anybody can be considered a bookkeeper. The practical and theoretical knowledge provided by AAT Qualifications are well recognized internationally.

Q.3. Is AAT Qualification done by people with accounts background only?

No. You don't need any prior accountancy experience or qualifications to begin with AAT. Anyone, from school leavers to career changers, can start the qualification.

Q.4. Is the AAT Bookkeeping course worth it?

Yes, AAT Qualifications are worth it. By completing this qualification, you can boost your career by getting better opportunities in accounting. AAT capability is exceptionally regarded—and makes you entirely employable.

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