AAT LEVEL 2 IN SIX WEEKS- Success Story of one of our trainee

"AAT L2 in shortest time delivered by Future Connect ,has advantages of blended learning and integrated practical training with guaranteed job placement."

AAT L2 Accountancy qualification by Future Connect Training

"Future Connect Training was an excellent provider to study for the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accountancy. I finished the course from beginning to end in six weeks, and that was mostly because of their help. The learning materials came within 24 hours once I had joined and were clear/informative. The online evaluations are incredible at informing you as to whether you are set up for the exams, crucial on the off chance that you pass the papers the first time. I was on the road to success with Alan Dawson who denoted my assignments immediately.

The establishment-level which familiarizes us with accounting skills and principles, for example, the double-entry system, credit control and trial balances. We don't need to complete Level 1 preceding beginning this course.

AAT Level 2 is the initial move towards our full AAT bookkeeping qualification and successful career in accounting and finance. The course gives us a thorough understanding of various sort of financial transactions within a bookkeeping job role.

AAT Level 2 gives a full-on understanding of significant financial activities like dealing with customers and supplier records, entering invoices, discount calculations and taking the figures to the trial balance level

This AAT level additionally covers payment methods, recording journals, dealing with bank reconciliations.

Why AAT Level 2 at Future Connect Training

Course Tutors

Their AAT bookkeeping course tutors are their pride; they are exceptionally qualified and motivated. They like to go the additional mile and assist you in accomplishing our qualification. They will direct us with each progression of our training program and help us to achieve our training goals.

Classroom Based

AAT level 2 should be possible on weekends, evening or weekdays sessions in their Finchley, Harrow, Mile-end and Birmingham office.

Blended Live and Classroom

Future Connect broadcast their lectures, so if we are not in the class, we are still with them, they can enable us to realize where we are and assist us with accomplishing their learning targets. Their online AAT courses will help us with achieving our AAT qualification anyplace at our own pace.

AAT accounting qualifications open ways to mind-blowing career opportunities. They're exceptionally attractive to managers as they give us practical, industry-focused knowledge that we can use from the very beginning.

Proficient qualifications can be groundbreaking for students; be that as it may, they balancing our personal life, work and studies can be troublesome. That is the reason they show courses at different times to offer flexibility. Their tutors similarly have heaps of experience teaching students with a scope of conditions and an assortment of foundations.

They'll assist us with propelling our accounting career with no experience or take our current job to the following level. As for why we should study with the Future Connect Training institution, they think their students say it best. They are focused on helping everybody assemble a vocation that they're pleased with, so their courses are intended for individuals who do some full-time job, kids, and irregular working pattern, a busy schedule, or who want to be in control of their learning. Regardless of where we are at throughout everyday life, we'll assist us with accomplishing our career goals.

AAT L2 Accountancy qualification by Future Connect Training

With Future Connect, it is easy to fit our AAT course into our bustling life. We are in complete control of when and where we realize, regardless of whether it's during our lunch break, our commute, or after the kids are in bed. What's more, if we need assistance, their AAT guide is just a message or call away.

It is a legitimate need in the UK for a business to stay up with the latest records paying little mind to estimate. Besides, the inability to do so can bring about fines and even detainment for genuine wrongdoers. Along these lines, it is fundamentally significant for all organizations to have somebody appropriately proficient or qualified to manage the accounting and bookkeeping, regardless of whether it is the proprietor of the business when it is moderately new or a certified Bookkeeper or Accountant.

Qualifying from an AAT accountancy course can permit us to look over a scope of accounting jobs in the money related segment. The Level of AAT participation we have can affect the sort of firm that we will be procured by and our standard pay. The higher the standards of our AAT capability, the more unusual our expert advancement and profession movement will be. If we have to start our excursion by turning into a certified bookkeeper, at that point, acquiring an AAT declaration can assist us with accomplishing this objective!

The course is an incredible establishing in accountancy, and I presently have interviews at 2 of the 'Big Four' bookkeeping firms, only three weeks after completing the course. It is an incredible way to check whether you will enjoy accountancy and a sign of enthusiasm and quality to potential employers. Thank you Future Connect Training."

Adam Joan
(AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting)