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AAT L2 Accountancy qualification by Future Connect Training

"Future Connect Training delivers AQ2022 AAT Accounting Level 2 Qualification in a short period. Their integrated AAT Accounting Level 2 Qualification and practical Training offers guaranteed job placement.

Key Takeaways


The AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting is a course suitable for individuals who wish to start their career in accounting or bookkeeping. This introductory course imparts essential knowledge and practical skills for any entry-level accounting or finance role.

Course Overview:

  • The course covers various topics, including bookkeeping transactions, basic costing principles, computerized accounting, and working effectively in finance.
  • It is a flexible course that can be studied online or through classroom-based learning.
  • The course is assessed through computer-based assessments, which can be taken anytime.

Benefits of the Course:

  • Employers recognize the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting as evidence of basic accounting knowledge and skills.
  • It lays a strong groundwork for individuals interested in pursuing higher education or further training in accounting or finance.
  • It can lead to various career opportunities, including bookkeeper, accounts assistant, or finance administrator roles.
  • The course is accredited by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), a leading professional body for accounting technicians.


The AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting offers a comprehensive understanding of accounting principles and practices, equipping individuals with the essential skills required for entry-level accounting roles. Employers widely recognize it as a benchmark of fundamental accounting knowledge.

Future Connect is an excellent training provider for studying the AQ2022 AAT Accounting Level 2 Qualification. I finished this course within six weeks, and that was mostly because of their help. I got the learning materials within 24 hours once I joined the practice.

It was very clear and informative. The online AQ2022 AAT Accounting Level 2 Qualification assessments help me understand how to pass the assessment on the first attempt. I was making progress with Alan Dawson, who indicated my tasks right away.

The starting level contains accounting skills and principles, for example, the double-entry system, credit control and trial balances etc. We don't need to complete AQ2022 Level 1 to start AQ2022 AAT level 2.

AQ2022 AAT Accounting Qualification Level 2 is the first step towards our full AAT bookkeeping qualification and a successful career in accounting and finance. The course gives us a thorough understanding of the various financial transactions within the bookkeeping job role.

This gives you a full understanding of financial activities like dealing with customers and supplier records, entering invoices, discount calculations and taking the figures to the trial balance level.

This AAT level additionally covers payment methods, recording journals, and dealing with bank reconciliations also.

Why AAT Accounting Qualification Level 2 At Future Connect Training

Course Tutors

Their AAT bookkeeping course tutors are their pride; they are exceptionally qualified and motivated. They like to go the additional mile and assist you in accomplishing our qualification. They will direct us with each training program progression and help us achieve our training goals.

Classroom Based

AQ2022 AAT Accounting Level 2 Qualification should be possible on weekends, evenings or weekdays sessions in their Finchley, Harrow, Mile-end and Birmingham office.

Blended Live and Classroom

Future Connect broadcasts their lectures, so if we are not in the class, we are still with them; they can enable us to realize where we are and assist us with achieving the learning targets. Their online AAT courses will help us with achieving our AAT qualifications any place at our own time.

AQ2022 AAT Accounting Qualification Level 2 opens ways to better career opportunities. They are attractive to managers as Future Connect provides us with practical, industry-focused training.

Professional qualifications can be innovative for students, as it makes trouble balancing our personal life, work and studies. That is the reason they show courses at different times to offer flexibility. Their tutors similarly have lots of experience teaching students with a scope of conditions and an assortment of foundations.

They'll assist us with driving forward our accounting career with no experience or take our current job to a higher level. As for why we should study with the Future Connect Training institution, they think their students say it best. They focus on helping everybody, so their courses are structured for individuals with full-time jobs, kids and irregular work patterns; they can also easily study the AQ2022 AAT Accounting Level 2.

AAT L2 Accountancy qualification by Future Connect Training

With Future connect, it is easy to fit our AAT courses in our busy life. If you need assistance in AAT training, you can leave a message at any time if it is on your lunch break or after the kids are in bed; they will guide you.

In UK, every business needs one accountant to record all the bills and invoices. If it is done in the incorrect method, you need to get fined. All the organizations require proficient and qualified professionals to run the business smoothly.

Once you are qualified with an AAT course, your job scope in accountancy and finance is increasing. The salary and the job role are also changing. You can start your firm once you have turned into a certified bookkeeper.

The course is an incredible establishment in accountancy, and I presently have interviews at 2 of the 'Big Four' bookkeeping firms, only three weeks after completing the course. It is a way to check whether you will enjoy accountancy and a sign of enthusiasm and quality to potential employers. Thank you, Future Connect Training."

Adam Joan
(AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting)


Future Connect Training is the best training provider offering top accounting qualifications. Accounting not only helps an enterprise to run its day-to-day activities smoothly but also helps in its future growth. At the same time, financial statements prepared by different accounting systems are used by various stakeholders to make economic decisions.


Q.1. What is AAT Level 2?

AAT Accounting Level 2 Qualification is the entry-level in the AAT qualifications. It teaches you about the basics of accounting, and it helps you pave a foundation for accountancy.

Q.2. Can I need to complete Level 1 to start Level 2?

No, you do not need to complete Level 1 Accounting qualification, you can start AAT Accounting Level 2 Qualification directly without completing AAT Level 1. But you should have the basic knowledge of English and Math which is very compulsory in this course.

Q.3. How does Future Connect Training help us to complete AAT Level 2 in six weeks?

Future Connect Training helps you to complete AAT Accounting Level 2 Qualification in six weeks. They will provide you with the learning materials within 24 hours of enrolling, and their tutors support you during the course successfully and easily.

Q.4. How does this AQ2022 AAT Accounting Level 2 Qualification help you to get better openings in the accountancy world?

AAT is an internationally recognized organization. By completing the AQ2022 AAT Level 2 qualifications from FC the best training providers, you will get advanced knowledge in bookkeeping which will help you get better job opportunities and progression in your career. Future connected training provides 100% job placement also.

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