Xero Qualification

XERO is a popular software used by many businesses'. The advantage is that is it online software which has cloud back up, which saves all transactions inputted in the site; this means you can access anywhere and anytime. XERO Qualification London is perfect for small businesses, is it quick and easy to use, as you can directly submit your VAT return via Xero.

Our Xero Training course will give you the practical experience required for using Xero effectively; written instructions will provide for support. You will be carrying out all the essential procedures of bookkeeping utilizing the software. You will present with a company, and given all invoices and transactions carried out by the company. You will be required to carry out bookkeeping procedures to generate VAT return.

Xero Qualification

What is Xero?

It is an online accounting software that makes for small to medium-sized businesses. It makes easy handling the financial health of your business more transparent, fun and straightforward.

It can run in the cloud, so it's easy to collaborate with us because we're both looking at the same real-time data from your own business.

What you will learn

  • Setting up a company on Xero
  • Adding customer and supplier contacts and details on the website
  • Recording supplier bill
Recording Supplier Bill
  • Recording customer invoices
  • Posting credit notes
  • Setting VAT rates
  • Determining nominal code for invoices
  • Producing a bank transaction table into Excel
  • Creating bank accounts and petty cash accounts
  • Uploading bank transaction made in Excel as a CVS file into Xero
Producing Excel Table
  • Carrying out bank reconciliations
  • Generate VAT returns
  • Submitting to HMRC

Our course will help you understand a variety of features available in Xero. You will learn how to record petty cash, understand when to match transactions during reconciliation and be able to determine banks payments and receipts and customer/supplier payments and receipts. You can decide on appropriate nominal codes for each sale. By the end of this course, you will be able to use Xero effectively, be confident and understand how to use essential features of Xero.

Is Xero beneficial in the growth of a business?

1. Smart banking way

It can automate all your bank, Paypal transactions and credit card mean that there is no need to enter information manually. If the data is entered one time in Xero, it can do bank reconciliation similarize to your transactions for you, and then you only need to do is double-check and click OK.

2. Create invoices

In Xero, you have a chance to send and create your invoices. You will feel proud that The layouts are fully customizable if you make professional invoices. It is effortless to create beautiful voices and then send them to your client, and then you can get payment also online. There is also an option which will tell you that when the invoice open and "no invoice lost" dramas will create.

Repeating invoices can also be automated and also save you from having to send them out manually each time because that is very difficult.

3. Check your bills

Xero also has this ability to tell that what you owe and what dues. Payments should strategize and planned before of time so you will able to control your Cash Flow.

Bill adding to Xero is very simplified, and you have a chance of batch payments of multiple bills through online banking, which will save you from having to pay each one individually.

Recurring bills also able to set up so then the future doesn't hold any shocking for your bank balance.

4. All reports on one finger touch

It should be easy for you to make the reports and budgets of your real-time business data with one finger touch. Stories should also be interactive.

Xero can perform all the arduous task out of preparing your GST by the function of the "automatically" to calculate your return. There are almost 40 reports in which profit & loss, many more and balance sheet.

5. The task can do from any place

You can approach Xero from anyplace, at any time – all of you have an approach to the internet on your PC, Tablet, Laptop, or Mac. There will be no need to update or install and Xero can automatically backs-up everything for you.

You also have a very worth quality option that you can approach this by your smartphones. The further feature of this as Xero Touch will help you to handle your business from your pocket.

6. A globe of the Add-ons

Xero also gives an excellent option to other software developers of other agencies to integrate their products on it. So this will help to save your time and the duplication risk by communicating with each other.

There are add-ons for all your needs from payroll to stock control to the point of sale. So then, new add-ons are added that will increase the possibilities for your business growth.

What we plan to do?

At our Chartered Accountants agency, we promise to give you with a consultant when your business wants it, not only just when you ask for it to us.

What we are

At our Chartered Accountants agency, we are committed to our policies to form a close partnership with our clients engaging us to understand your unique situation and customize the assistance we provide to perfect your needs.


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Can the Xero course be helpful in business?

We can work with you to decide that Xero is right for you or not. We also helped businesses from a range of different industries make a move to Xero and also can advise you on the conversion process, like terms from your current system.

We also identify with add-ons available for Xero like Stock Control and Payroll, which can assist your business to the next door.

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