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Xero Qualification

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that enables small-business owners to manage their accounts from anywhere. This program has a cloud backup system and saves all transactions automatically in the software. It is inexpensive compared to other softwares, such as QuickBooks Online. Moreover, it does not charge more for additional users. Thus it is a cost-effective solution for expanding enterprises.

Our XERO training courses are perfect for small business owners as these qualifications will help them grow their business and manage the finances. Xero is a quick and efficient software; you can directly submit your VAT return via Xero.

Our Xero Training course will give you the practical experience, which is required for using Xero software effectively. Moreover, the trainers will share the written instructions that will provide support. You will be carrying out all the essential procedures of bookkeeping utilising the software. You will have a company’s data and the trainer will give you all invoices and transactions carried out by the company. You will be required to carry out bookkeeping procedures to generate a VAT return.

What is Xero?

Xero is cloud-based accounting software for small businesses that includes invoice handling, bank reconciliation, inventory, purchasing, expenses, and more. Xero is a substitute for QuickBooks. It is cloud-based, contemporary accounting software for small businesses. Accessible from any computer or mobile device, it makes accounting smarter and simpler, with functions such as cash flow monitoring, payment processing, cost tracking, inventory management, and financial reporting.

The Xero dashboard provides users with a summary of their financial state. It helps small company owners understand their cash flow by graphically showing bank balances, pending invoices, upcoming bills, and expenditure claims. Xero automatically imports and matches daily bank and credit card transactions with their related accounting transactions. Ensure that the match is accurate and click "OK" to complete bank reconciliation.

Xero connects with popular third-party applications used by small companies, such as Stripe, PayPal, Capsule, Hubspot, and more, to optimise processes and sync data such as sales invoices, client data, and cash flow reports, payroll data, and more. It eliminates the time and effort necessary for manual data input, and the data flows immediately into the Xero ledger. Every Xero subscription includes an unlimited number of users, so there is no need to purchase additional licences. Collaborate with coworkers or invite financial advisors to access data and get invaluable real-time advice remotely.

If you want to become an expert you must join our Xero Training Courses.

What You Will Learn in Xero Training Course?

  • Setting up a company on Xero
  • Adding customer and supplier contacts and details on the website
  • Recording supplier bill
Recording Supplier Bill

  • Recording customer invoices
  • Posting credit notes
  • Setting VAT rates
  • Determining nominal code for invoices
  • Producing a bank transaction table in Excel
  • Creating bank accounts and petty cash accounts
  • Uploading bank transactions made in Excel as a CSV file into Xero
Producing Excel Table
  • Carrying out bank reconciliations
  • Generate VAT returns
  • Submitting RTI to HMRC

Join this Xero Training Course to understand how to use essential features of Xero software and boost your business. Our Xero training course will help you understand various features available in Xero. You will learn how to record petty cash, understand when to match transactions during reconciliation, determine bank payments and receipts, and customer/supplier payments & receipts. You can manage appropriate nominal codes for each sale. By the end of this course, you will be able to use Xero effectively.

Is Xero Training Course Beneficial In The Growth Of A Business?

Every business deals in cash and requires a lot of effort to maintain financial records. Thus, to save time and minimise the effort, you must add XERO software to your company. Our Xero training course will teach you how to take the fullest advantage of this software. This software truly grows the business in several ways, as mentioned below.

1. Smart banking way

It can automate all your banks’ transactions, PayPal transactions and credit card notes, so you don't need to enter information manually. Just enter the data once in Xero, and then it will automatically do bank reconciliation. Then you only need to double-check and click OK.

2. Create invoices

In Xero, you have an option to send and create your invoices. You can use layouts to create customised invoices. There is also an option to see when the invoice opens. If you want to know how to use this feature, join our Xero training course.

3. Check your bills

Xero can tell what you owe and what is due on you. Company’s spendings must be calculated and planned before time so that you can control your Cash Flow.

Adding bills to Xero software is very simple, you can add a batch payment of multiple bills through online banking, which will save you from paying each one individually.

Recurring bills can also be set up in the system, so the future doesn't hold any shock for your bank balance.

4. Claim Expenses

Expense management software allows you to keep track of your spending, submit and be reimbursed for your expenses, and see your expenditure.

5. All reports on one finger touch

You can get reliable accounting reports which will help you stay updated on your finances. It will be easy for you to make the reports and budgets using your real-time business data.You can generate these reports with one finger-touch. Xero can perform all the difficult tasks of preparing your GST by calculating your returns officially. Moreover, you can work together in real time with your adviser while working from anywhere in the world.

6. The task can be done from any place

Make use of Xero as your online accounting software. Access the system from anywhere to secure document management, contract administration, bill and receipt filing, and receipt and expense reporting.

There will be no need to update or install, and Xero can automatically backs-up everything for you.

7. A globe of the Add-ons

Xero also gives an excellent option to other software developers of other agencies to integrate their products on it. So this will help to save your time and the duplication risk by communicating with each other.

There are many other options which you need, from payroll to stock control to the point of sale theXero handles everything on a click. These features of Xero make the processes efficient and accurate, which maximise the possibilities for your business growth.

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Get in contact with us to know if the Xero is right for you or not. We have helped many businesses from multiple industries in making a move to Xero and can advise you on the conversion process, like terms from your current system.

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