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"Xero courses are available for students of all skill levels- Xero for beginners to professionals who are already working on the software and are looking to update."

The world is advancing in the field of accountancy, providing you with multiple learning opportunities to boost your career. Thus, now is the perfect time to expand your accountancy skills with our highly rated Xero Courses in London.

What is Xero?

This is the software, designed to ease financial handling and keep the records safe in the cloud so that business professionals can have updated data about their companies' financial positions. This software is secure, as data is stored in the cloud, reducing the risk of data being damaged or captured in any cyber-attack. The software is accessible anytime and anywhere with an internet connection, which means your work can be accessed and shared between colleagues.

Xero has rapidly become one of the most popular accounting software available in the market. The software is designed in a way to make operations easy. It streamlines the processes, eliminates the effort of entering manual data, and manages all calculations effectively. It's most significant for bookkeepers and accountants.

Nowadays, Xero software has gained popularity, and those who know how to use it are in demand. If you want to learn this software, you can join our Xero courses in the UK. These Xero courses will give you multiple advantages when going for jobs. Moreover, the added skill will boost your career.

Xero Courses by Future Connect

The Xero training course will teach you the fundamentals of cloud-based accounting using Xero and how to maximise its benefits for your business. In addition, it provides all the information through the Xero statement. A training or certification in Xero is crucial for a huge variety of jobs in the UK.

Employers now assume that those with accounting or bookkeeping degrees also have a working familiarity with the accounting software, Xero. To sum up, the Xero courses are a massive bonus to your resume.

Anyone interested in becoming Xero certified, or who currently works in accounting or bookkeeping, would benefit greatly from this course. Gaining this certification will provide you with the knowledge and abilities essential to succeed in the accounting field.

Many additional short programmes are also accessible to students and working people. For businesses with existing software’s users, Xero is a great place to start. Those who want to increase their skill and expertise will also find this course useful.

Requirements for using XERO

These are some of the requirements for using Xero:

You may achieve a Certificate in Xero, a Certificate in Xero Payroll, an Advanced Xero Certificate in Accounting, or a Diploma in Xero via distance learning from the comfort of your own home in London or anywhere else in the United Kingdom.

A Xero beginner's course is ideal if you have never used the software before. If you are an employee who wants to improve your abilities or combine them with an official certification, an Advanced Certificate in Xero is a better option.

Xero Accounting And Bookkeeping Courses

This Xero Accounting and Bookkeeping Course is appropriate for everybody aspiring to or already having working experience in the field of accounting. By enrolling in this Xero course, which is divided into different broad modules, you will gain the essential skills to execute efficiently in the accountancy field.

Through the course, you will learn how to set up a system from beginning to end, enter opening balances, post customer invoices and credit notes. You will also learn how to post supplier bills, pay suppliers, prepare a VAT returns, settle the bank and the credit card, and post journals. Lastly, you will increase a more excellent consideration of little cash, the management of payroll function, writing off bad debts, and running reports in the middle of things.

Course Content

Sr #


Detail/Coverage of the Units


Learn the software and course materials to get you prepared

  • Introduction To The qualification And Your Tutor
  • Activating Your Free Trial With Xero


Getting started

  • Signing Up For The Free Trial
  • Create The Organisation
  • The Fictitious Scenario


Setting up the system

  • Add Bank Accounts To the System
  • Enter Opening Balances
  • Opening Trial Balance


Nominal ledger

  • Amend The Nominal Ledger
  • Chart Of Accounts Report


Customers & Suppliers

  • Enter customers
  • Entering suppliers
  • Reporting Customer And Supplier Information


Sales ledger

  • Enter Invoices
  • Tips on invoicing – adding a logo, repeat billing
  • Entering Invoices 6574 to 6610
  • Post Credit Notes
  • Report Showing Customer Activity
  • Aged Debtors



  • Post supplier invoices
  • Enter suppliers invoice 6028 onwards
  • Enter More Supplier Invoices No 4308 Onwards
  • Credit Notes Suppliers
  • Supplier Activity Report
  • Aged Creditors Info


Purchases ledger

  • Receipts from Customers
  • Apply Customer Credit Notes


Sundry payments

  • Post Supplier Cheques
  • Apply Supplier Credit Notes
  • Print List Of Bank Receipts And Payments
  • Post Sundry details
  • Make a credit card payment


Petty Cash

  • Post-Petty money Transactions – Week 1
  • Petty-Cash Week 2
  • Petty-Cash Week 3
  • Petty-Cash Week 4
  • Imprest scheme on petty-cash
  • Report On Cash Payments


Credit Card

  • Reconcile The Credit Card Statement


Bank Reconciliation

  • Bank Statement As A CSV File
  • Bank Statement Closing Balances
  • Reconcile The Petty Cash


Payroll / Wages

  • Wages And Salaries
  • Post the Wages Journal
  • Report Wages Journal
  • Payday
  • Pay The Two Staff


VAT - Value Added Tax

  • Depreciation



  • Month End Reports PnL, BS, TB


Payroll unit

  • Using Payroll
  • Setting Up Employees
  • Running Payroll – An Example



  • Recap And Next Steps
  • What will happens next
Xero Training Petty Cash Accounts

Who Is Eligible for This Course?

This course is suitable for anybody who wants to increase his knowledge and skills in the associated field. This is an excellent chance for all students from any academic background to learn more about this subject.

Future Connect is an accounting training centre; we provide a wide range of accounting courses for various levels of accounting. Our Xero courses will give you a good understanding of how Xero works.

To complete training, you need some fundamental skills, which are outlined below:

  • Basic numeracy
  • Standard computer literacy
  • Communication skills
  • A universal consideration of accounting or bookkeeping

Whether you're an accounting specialist or just a beginner, completing an accounting course in the UK is the best approach to make yourself a good choice for employers.

Xero Training Accounts Receivable

Job Roles You Can Apply At The End Of Our Course:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Junior accountant
  • Purchase ledger clerk
  • Sales ledger clerk

We provide free CV review and CPD Xero certificates, which can boost your employability. We will give free job hunting advice and job interview tips to increase your chances of getting hired for your dream job.

We have three branches located in Finchley, Harrow and Birmingham. Our training centres are open seven days a week. You will be able to book sessions at times that suit your schedule.

If you are interested in enrolling in our Xero courses or want to know more about our courses, you can catch us anytime. You can book a free consultation, where we can discuss how our courses can optimise your skills.

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