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Xero Accounts Course

"Xero Accounting Course can train you to use the Xero system with ease and support. The training course enables you to understand the theoretical concepts and practical use of Xero. The centres are based in London, Midlands - Birmingham, Manchester, and you can learn Online across the UK."

In this course, you'll learn how to set up Xero accounting software from scratch, enter opening balances, post customer invoices and credit notes, post supplier bills and credit notes, petty cash, prepare a VAT return and submit to HMRC, reconcile the bank and credit card and many more!

This Xero accounting course will help you build a strong understanding and practical knowledge of Xero software that is beneficial to advance your business or career.

Content for Xero Accounting Course

  • Introduction to the XERO
  • Setting up a company on Xero
  • Adding customer and supplier contacts and details on the website
  • Recording supplier bill
  • Recording customer invoices
  • Posting credit notes
  • Setting VAT returns rates
  • Depreciation Journal
  • Month End Reports PNL, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance
  • Setting up Employees
  • Running Payroll
  • Determining nominal code for invoices
  • Producing a bank transaction table in Excel
  • Creating bank accounts and petty cash accounts
  • Uploading bank transactions made in Excel as a CSV file into Xero
  • Carrying out bank reconciliations
  • Generate VAT returns
  • Submitting RTI to HMRC
Reporting Customer Information

Join this Xero accounting course to understand how to use essential features of Xero software and boost your business. Our Xero accounting course will help you understand various features available in Xero. You will learn how to record petty cash, understand when to match transactions during reconciliation, determine bank payments and receipts, and customer/supplier payments & receipts. You can manage appropriate nominal codes for each sale. By the end of this course, you will be able to use Xero effectively.

Why Choose this Xero Accounting Course?

The Xero accounting course will teach you the fundamentals of cloud-based accounting using Xero and how to maximise its benefits for your business. In addition, it provides all the information through the Xero statement. A training or certification in Xero is crucial for a huge variety of jobs in the UK.

Employers now assume that those with accounting or bookkeeping degrees also have a working familiarity with the accounting software, Xero. To sum up, the Xero courses are a massive bonus to your resume.

Anyone interested in becoming Xero certified, or who currently works in accounting or bookkeeping, would benefit greatly from this course. Gaining this certification will provide you with the knowledge and abilities essential to succeed in the accounting field.

Many additional short programmes are also accessible to students and working people. For businesses with existing software’s users, Xero is a great place to start. Those who want to increase their skill and expertise will also find this course useful. You can join our following courses.

  • Bookkeeping and VAT
  • Bookkeeping & Payroll
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Management Training
  • Final Accounts

Future Connect Training will help you to take your accounting skills to the next level with our series of accredited courses. We have training courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels, including Payroll, Management accounts, Corporation Tax (CT600) and Self-assessment (SA 100). With our practical Xero accounting course, you will update your skills and spend less time on the books!

Key Benefits

The Xero software has numerous benefits for any business; the most important are mentioned below;

  • It provides reliable data
  • It is a smart online software
  • It has secure data protection
  • The task can be done from any place
  • Xero can tell what you owe and what is due to you
  • You can use layouts to create customised invoices
  • It can automate all your banks' transactions
  • It has MTD for Vat
Real Client Paperwork

Who Is Eligible for This Course?

This course is suitable for anybody who wants to increase his knowledge and skills in the associated field. This is an excellent chance for all students from any academic background to learn more about this subject.

Future Connect is an accounting training centre; we provide a wide range of accounting courses for various levels of accounting. Our Xero courses will give you a good understanding of how Xero works.

To complete training, you need some fundamental skills, which are outlined below:

  • Basic numeracy
  • Standard computer literacy
  • Communication skills
  • A universal consideration of accounting or bookkeeping

Whether you're an accounting specialist or just a beginner, completing an accounting course in the UK is the best approach to make yourself a good choice for employers.

Xero Accounting Course And Bookkeeping Training

This Xero Accounting and Bookkeeping Course is appropriate for everybody aspiring to or already having working experience in the field of accounting. By enrolling in this Xero course, which is divided into different broad modules, you will gain the essential skills to execute efficiently in the accountancy field.

Through the course, you will learn how to set up a system from beginning to end, enter opening balances, post customer invoices and credit notes. You will also learn how to post supplier bills, pay suppliers, prepare a VAT return, settle the bank and the credit card, and post journals. Lastly, you will increase a more excellent consideration of little cash, the management of payroll function, writing off bad debts, and running reports in the middle of things.

Jobs You Can Apply For

  • Bookkeeper
  • Junior accountant
  • Payroll Manager
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Billing Clerk
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Credit Controller
  • Accountant

Why Choose Future Connects?

We provide free CV review and CPD Xero certificates, which can boost your employability. We will give free job hunting advice and job interview tips to increase your chances of getting hired for your dream job.

We have three branches located in Finchley, Harrow and Birmingham. Our training centres are open seven days a week. You will be able to book sessions at times that suit your schedule.

If you are interested in enrolling in our Xero courses or want to know more about our courses, you can catch us anytime. You can book a free consultation, where we can discuss how our courses can optimise your skills.

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