Top 10 Tips with Sage Courses

"Want to inspire your employees, manage the run-up to payday and enhance your payroll processes? Sage payroll training, Sage qualification course London."

Table of Contents
  1. Using To-Do Lists to Save Time
  2. Make the Bank Feeds in Sage 50
  3. Use Daily Business Manager
  4. Hide Inactive Records
  5. Schedule Your Backups in Advance
  6. Don’t Forget the Shortcut Keys
  7. Use “Quick Search Option”
  8. Duplicate Option and Batch Changes Features
  9. Use the Check Data Feature
  10. Support and Sage 50 Training

Top 10 Tips with Sage Courses

Want to inspire your employees, manage the run-up to payday and enhance your payroll processes? Get you free tips tricks and use it to get your people and payroll procedures working effectively. Sage 50 is an effective accounting tool. The following tips are suggestions that will help you get the maximum out of your Sage 50 Accounting software. For more information on sage 50, or if you would like to share one in all your tips and tricks for a destiny, please visit us at

Sage 50 accounts is a very common package used by a lot of small businesses, in this article we’re going to take a stare at some time-saving shortcuts that could make your accountancy life easier!! Sage 50 Accounts can save precious time and increase your productivity with these simple Sage 50 tips. And remember that if you’re fresh to sage payroll courses, the latest version of this award-winning software is recognized as Sage 50c. So with that, let’s have a look into our top 10 Tips.

Using To-Do Lists to Save Time

To-Do Lists can assist you complete routine accounting tasks more efficiently. If you select to display the to-do lists whenever you start this sage courses program, you can complete many dealings in sage 50 accountancy from a single point.

The To-Do Lists can recall you to:

  • Follow up on memos regarding vendors, employees, or customers.
  • Create payments on recurring transactions.
  • Record payment of customer invoices.
  • Pay invoices, taking advantage of early payment rapports that are available to you.
  • Handle your cash flow more effectively by identifying overdue customer accounts.

Make the Bank Feeds in Sage 50

Did you know that sage 50 is the best software to manage bank feeds? You can then relate them to your transactions, matching transactions and confirming that nothing is missed.

Use Daily Business Manager

This module is to be designed to provide a centralized location for recording several types of tasks:

  • You can assign notes to the business calendar
  • Process numerous transactions, such as payments cheque, all at once using the batch-processing feature
  • Make “to do” lists. See which payments are due on any given day
  • Showing totals and graphs of current corporate performance measurements

Hide Inactive Records

If you don’t need to see customers, vendors inactive records, go to the options menu > global and check the box to Inactive records.

Schedule Your Backups in Advance

When using your accountancy software, leaving backups is very important. So, avail of the feature to schedule backups to run automatically in sage qualification.

Don’t Forget the Shortcut Keys

When you are using the entry windows on your accountancy software, there are many shortcut keys used for efficient and time-saving workflow. These are some shortcuts that can save you a whole heap of time. Here are some more shortcut keys:

F1: This key is used to brings up the sage help screen

F2: This is used to brings up the calculator as already mentioned

F3: While creating invoices, sales or purchase orders, this key will open the edit Item line window. It shows the information about an order. So, you can add, delete or modify any order.

F4: This will open a quick reference list holding all reference numbers for a particular box.

F5: When you press F5, the currency calculator comes on-screen, and if pressed in a text box, the spell checker will appear.

F6: F6 copies information from the field above.

F7: This key inserts a blank line in the row above.

F8: This key deletes the complete row of information.

F9: It activates the option to calculate the total amount.

F10: This key is not used in sage!

F11: Windows control panel is opened through this key.

F12: This key calls up sage report designer.

Use "Quick Search Option"

Use the “quick search” feature to discover records without the need to create a full search or filter.

Duplicate Option and Batch Changes Features

The “duplicate option” can save your time and energy when you are making a lot of records or invoices that are same in format. “Batch Changes” is the best tool for when you want to modify the same field on a mass of records in your accountancy software.

Use the Check Data Feature

Using the “Check Data option” in sage training London lets you spot any problems and nip them in the bud on the spot. Run it frequently for extra peace of mind.

Support and Sage 50 Training

Remember that Future Connect offers extensive support and sage training on this accounting software, so don’t be afraid to use it! Sage 50 has strong reporting and recording options. It is another suggestion to use these features to record business writings. You can print your reports and invoices from this accounting software with a single click by using the print invoices feature.” Sage Pay”, integrates with sage software is a brilliant way to make sure you’re paid on time – every time.

In the end, we suggest you get sage courses London from a certified institute. You will learn many more tips and trick during sage training. It will provide you with a handy way to create a prosperous view of your business performance.