Sage Payroll Courses and Training Overview

"Free Sage 50 Payroll Courses London aims to give learners an introduction to payroll practices including Fundamentals of Sage 50 Payroll login training course and training london."

Table of Contents
  1. Sage Payroll Courses: Introduction
  2. Entry Requirement
  3. Syllabus
  4. Career Path

Sage Payroll Course

Payroll courses are ideal for those that already work within bookkeeping and accounts, have a basic understanding of guide payroll systems and are looking to expand their career prospects. This route will educate you with computerized payroll up to a level 3 standard. If you’re wishing to work inside money owed or payroll workplace or an HR department, this direction might be the exceptional pick out for you.

  • Level 1- Sage Payroll Training
  • Level 2-Sage Payroll Training
  • Level 3- Sage Payroll Training
  • Fast Track Sage Payroll Training
  • Total Sage Training -Sage 50 Accounts + Payroll

Of all our finance courses, our sage payroll course is the most popular and the most in-demand. This online payroll training route will help you benefit the knowledge and practical skills you want to use this famous payroll software. This course will put together you to gain an IAB level 2 award in computerised payroll.By the give up of this course, you will have a thorough understanding of treasured computerised payroll talents the usage of the renowned Sage software. This course will help you get the confidence needed to work with computerised payroll systems undoubtedly. By the end, you’ll have a skill so that it will stand you in precise stead with employers, supplying you with a route closer to career progression.

Sage Payroll Courses: Introduction

Sage is exceptionally famous software; this is used across the globe, in businesses large and small. To maintain up with cutting-edge technology and be employable to most companies, you want to have an expertise of free sage training. This course will make you a precious asset to any company. Gain the known sage qualifications in payroll – payroll is the recording and processing of employees’ salaries and plays a crucial function in businesses.These sage online courses get you through best-practice methods of carrying out Payroll processes and reporting and payments, plus much a lot more.

Starting our sage online courses will beautify your career potentials and give you the talents and information you want to get started in payroll. Payroll is a key function within any organisation. A career path in payroll means specialising in a payroll field with excellent progression opportunities.

Entry Requirement

Ideally, you should know how to work the manual payroll process. If you’re new to payroll, take a look at our basic payroll course as a starting point. Sage 50 payroll training has no prerequisites; however, the candidate has to be a keen and quick learner.


To advantage this sage qualification, you will need to sit three online exams. Upon successful completion of this, you will get the sage training payroll completion certificate with sage payroll login access. Successful completion of this course will put together you to go on and advantage an IAB Level 2 award in computerised payroll. Sage training comprises the following modules that you can work through at your very own pace:

Level 1- Sage 50 Payroll

Setting up your Payroll

  • Know how to configure the software to suit business requirements.
  • Know how to check the legislation settings in your software.
  • Study how to use password protection and how to limit user access.
  • Be able to generate basic pension schemes.
  • Understand the methods of making, editing and modifying employee records.
  • Be able to generate pay elements for payments, deductions and net payments and form the pay element reports.
  • Study how to set up the nominal link to post income journals to your accounts software.

Level 2 - Sage 50 Payroll

Processing Payroll

  • Be able to run an elementary weekly/monthly payroll run comprising emailing payslips to your employees.
  • Know how to make changes using the rollback function.
  • Be able to submit or perform RTI routines, comprising submitting the Full Payment Submission -FPS, and National Insurance Number Verification -NVR.
  • Practice electronic payments to your employees and HMRC and submit electronic documents directly from sage 50 payroll.
  • Completes period end routines, which contains producing and analysing the P32.
  • Process the nominal link postings to your accounts soft.
  • Be able to set up automatic enrolment pensions, with and without the pensions module.

Level 3 - Sage 50 Payroll

Statutory Payments, Holiday Schemes and Editing Payslips

  • Be able to process legislative payments and calculate employee entitlement.
  • Be able to generate holiday schemes and record holidays.
  • Know how to allocate and process attachments of earnings.
  • Perform a pay review to control the impact of changes to employees’ pay.
  • Understand how to create historical reports, including payslips.
  • Comprehend when and how to submit the Employer Payment Summary -EPS.
  • Know how to edit existing payslips to show in a different order and add email settings.

Career Path

From now, the availability of accounting related roles in the UK is expected to increase, resulting in a 3.9% growth in average wages across the accountancy profession. The salary range for accountants is £20,000 – £39,000 per year. After finishing sage line 50 training, you can apply for jobs such as payroll administrator and payroll assistant.

If you’re intense to work as a payroll administrator or payroll clerk, this sage training will help you gain valuable skills to show your abilities to potential employers. With additional training, other roles where payroll skills are useful include:

  • HR administrator or HR manager
  • Assistant payroll manager
  • Payroll manager
  • Payroll adviser
  • Senior payroll administrator
  • Payroll executives