Sage 50 Courses: An Overview

"The sage Line 50 courses of accounting or bookkeeping, and you will get assured job placement. Sage 50 Accounting Course London and want to learn How to use the program proficiently."

Table of Contents
  1. Sage 50 Courses: Introduction
  2. Entry Requirement
  3. Syllabus
  4. Career Path

Sage 50 Courses

Many times people ask a question, who are sage? Sage is the marketplace leader of integrated accountancy, payroll and payment structures. It produces the most popular accountancy software used in the UK business market, which serves 23 countries worldwide. It is managing 6.2 million businesses worldwide. Either you’re a start-up, sole trader or small business. Sage software is used in all kinds of administrations as an accounting solution. This accounting software is a reasonable, easy-to-use interface that provides; starting the sage 50 courses of accounting or bookkeeping, and you will get assured job placement. This course will boost your career potentials and give you the skills and understanding you need to start in the finance and accountancy industry. If you want to expand your knowledge in accountancy or maybe you’re considering for a position in the field of accounting. These sage training courses are one of the leading entry-level accounting courses. It provides students with the required knowledge and skills to run a business’s books in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Sage 50 Accounting- Level 1
  • Sage 50 Accounting- Level 2

Our sage training courses certification will provide you with the basic understanding and skills required to manage day-to-day bookkeeping tasks. Get a new direction for your career in accounting, according to statistics, the average salary for bookkeepers is £50,000 (Source: Reed Salary Checker), it is the area where the employability rate is higher than any other sector.

Sage 50 Courses: Introduction

This course is in planning for the Sage 50 certification exam. Sage certification is a staple in the bookkeeping industry and one of the most wanted accounting certifications. This course is the best course for those trying to increase their knowledge in accounting, or those looking for an entrance point to get a position in the field. Sage has earned its reputation in the field of accounting with superior management features and a robust software program to manage company infrastructure. This sage course will give the student abilities ranging from configuration of charts of accounts and billing, all the way through innovative skills such as bank reconciliation, setting up a stock system, and handling ledgers. Our course will provide students with all of the training they need to work in all areas of their accounts. Students will learn complete skills in sales and purchase of things, order processing, along with stock control, project management and foreign tradeoff tools.

This course is all about how to use sage software. You will learn how to use the most popular functions which you, as a sage operator, need to know about to use, to be capable of using the software. You’ll learn how to set up a sage accountancy system from scratch, how to add opening balances, post supplier bills and credit notes, post customer bills and credit notes, petty cash, pay suppliers, prepare a VAT return, reconciliation of bank, post journals, run reports amongst other things. This course is also assessable as free sage accounting courses to deserving and competent learners. So, don’t miss the chance to learn. After finishing the level 1 sage 50 accounting training course, you will proceed onto the level 2 sage 50 accounting course. You will learn advance features and topics of setting up and completing payroll, projects and job costing, inventory dealings and management, company budgets, departmental accounting and business transactions.

Entry Requirement

There are no endorsed prerequisites to study the sage line 50 courses. It’s recommended having a relevant degree or work experience. Your communication skills are beneficial to achieve this training program. IT knowledge is a plus point to learn this course.


The Sage 50 Certificate Course is for those who are newly entering the field of accounting. Sage 50 has earned a strong standing in the accounting field due to its superior inventory management structures and robust software program, which can accomplish almost any organization’s accounting infrastructure. Following topics are considered in this training session:

Level 1- Sage 50 Accounting Topics

  • Directing in sage 50 accounting 
  • Setting a company in sage 50 accounting
  • Recording general journal records and other daily transactions
  • Accounts receivable and financial records payable
  • Understanding the significance of settings and preferences and automating the system
  • Modifying the chart of accounts and understanding the purpose of linked accounts
  • How to un-do or regulate transactions and to easily make corrections
  • Business credit cards charges and maintenance
  • Customer administration and support, sale invoices, and customer payments
  • Vendor controlling and maintenance, bills, expenses and expenditures by cheque, cash and credit cards
  • Sales tax recording and payments, recurring dealings and other time-saving features
  • Report centre and making many reports
  • A financial statement documenting: trail balance, balance sheet, income statement
  • Month-end procedure and procedures
  • Importance of catalogue management and backing up a company
  • Bank dealings such as deposit slips, transfer funds, reconciliation for bank and credit card accounts

Level 2 Sage 50 Accounting Topics:

  • Study how to customize settings
  • Single and multi-user modes
  • CRA payroll payments
  • Quotes and orders
  • Users and security rights
  • Overview to payroll and payroll setup
  • Project management and job costing
  • Company’s database administration
  • Inventory trades and inventory management
  • Company budgets and budget recording
  • Departments and departmental accountancy
  • Paycheque management and employee direct deposit

Career Path

A vast list of career path is available after this vocational training. Our courses come with free sage accounting courses certifications and diplomas that are well known all over the world. Following opportunities for career development are encouraged after this course.

  • Junior Accountant
  • Accountant
  • Senior Accountant
  • Finance Manager
  • Small business owner
  • Project Manager
  • Senior bookkeeper
  • Senior Accountant
  • Senior Purchase ledger clerk
  • Senior Sales ledger clerk