QuickBooks Training for Better Accountancy Career

"QuickBooks Training can help you in getting more employable. Many Companies use QuickBoooks. Integrate IAB with Quickbooks for Better Job Prospects."

QuickBooks Training for Better Accountancy Career

Are you aspiring to flourish in the Finance and Accountancy Industry and keen to achieve proficiency in the world’s most popular bookkeeping software? If yes, we are happy to provide you with more information on about the course. In detail, we will discuss the QuickBooks Training Course, which gives you credited qualification.

What is QuickBooks?

An excellent economic tool for all organizational demands is QuickBooks. Commercial Well-being of any business firm can be kept recorded, likely managing income and expenses using a Small business accounting software program called QuickBooks. This can be done by invoicing clients, paying bills, developing abstract and preparing for taxes.

One’s capabilities can be enhanced in the areas of skills and knowledge in the Financial and Accountancy Firm learning QuickBooks courses. Every QuickBooks computerized Accounting training courses are based on IAB Approved Syllabus.

Eligibility criteria to Enrol in QuickBooks Training

The course is suitable for the people who want to study QuickBooks and improve their career opportunities. We will guide you to the software from start to end no matter what you are already signed up for or to discover QuickBooks.Eventually, all they want to use the program independently. Management groups and small business owners are needed to learn this course to run a successful bookkeeping system.

There is no specific entry requirement for this QuickBooks course. However, Before starting the study in this field, the applicant must acquire skills in both literacy and numeracy. If you are not proficient in the English language, you may need to go through initial screening for suitability.

What is the Course Syllabus?

This course is accorded into 3 Levels discussed as follows.

Level 1:

  • Working with QuickBooks Accounts Program Basics.
  • Creating Account names, Numbers & Bank Payments
  • Financials and Bank Reconciliations
  • Developing client Invoices
  • Products and Stock Control
  • Monitoring Customer Activity
  • Generating Product Invoices & Credit Notes
  • Compiling & Sending Customer Statements
  • Creating Customer Receipts & Purchase Invoices
  • Supplier Payments
  • Managing Recurring Entries
  • Generating Reports & Information
  • The Active Set-Up Wizard
  • VAT Changes.

Level 2:

  • Synopsis of the QuickBooks program
  • Generating customer records and Supplier records
  • Installing opening assets, liabilities and capital balances,
  • Process daily reports and Examining data
  • Taking up trader invoices
  • Affixing error rectification, revising records
  • dealing with invoicing and services records
  • Banking and payments, generating statements, petty cash
  • Audit trails, fixing up basic errors, reconciling debtors and creditors
  • Generating sales credit notes
  • Managing purchase credit notes
  • Processing journals
  • Checking up Audit Trail
  • Purchase orders, preparing sales orders
  • Preparing Trial Balance
  • Creating Reinforcement and Restoring data
  • Minimizing bad debts

Level 3:

  • QuickBooks Training :Creating a Chart of Accounts
  • QuickBooks Training : preparation of Sole Trader Accounts
  • QuickBooks Training : preparation of Trial Balance
  • QuickBooks Training : Correction of Trial balance errors
  • Use of the Journal
  • Prepare and Process Month End Routine
  • Contra Entries
  • The Government Gateway and VAT Returns
  • Bad Debts and Provision for Doubtful Debts
  • Stock Valuation, Stock Control, Work in Progress and Finished Goods
  • Prepare and Produce Final Accounts
  • Extended Trial Balance
  • Exporting Data including Linking to Other Systems
  • Management Information Reports
  • Making Decisions with Reports Using QuickBooks
  • Prepare and Process Year End Accounts and Archive Data
  • Final Accounts for Partnerships including Appropriation Accounts
  • The Fixed Asset Register and Depreciation
  • Accruals and Prepayments
  • Cash Flow and Forecast Reports
  • Advanced Credit Control

Benefits of QuickBooks Training

  • You will be provided FREE Course Materials and also a Personal Computer all the Training period where you can learn and practice in the time slots given.
  • This membership brings some additional benefits, including allowing you access to past exam papers and further information regarding professional association with the IAB.
  • After the completion of the necessary IAB qualifications and being able to view a webinar providing CV and interview advice to help you to maximize your career potential.
  • Advancing to a requirement in the same subject area still at a higher level, through expanding their experience and skills base in the subject area.
  • Training is given by the Professional and Certified Tutors
  • You will have am immense after-training support and advice from the trainers if you have any queries and question

By completing the QuickBook course you can gain the following IAB qualifications provided that you book and register for IAB exams and pass the exams successfully:

  • IAB Level 1 Award in Computerized Bookkeeping (QCF) 500/9405/1
  • IAB Level 2 Award in Computerized Bookkeeping (QCF) 500/9261/3
  • IAB Level 3 Award in Computerized Bookkeeping (QCF) 500/9407/5

Duration of the Course:

Duration of 6 months, which is 75 GLH (Guided Learning Hours) and 165hrs TQT (Total Qualification Time) to complete this qualification and a maximum of 12 weeks based on the learning pace of the candidate. The more enthusiastic and aggressive in building up the pace, the more the learning and outcome it will with frequent trainer support.

Tutor Support:

We provide expert support sessions during evenings and weekends with flexible study medium and course start days. Our approved and skilled tutors provide practical learning methods and ongoing support, even after your exams.


  • A unique scheduled meeting with face to face classes led by an instructor.
  • Classes at set periods of the day.
  • Helps to access our online learning resources.
  • Workbooks for training Activities.

Based on the learners requirement time slots can also be adjusted accordingly with interacting the necessary time schedule to the tutor .Flexibility is the key between the learner and tutor to build up the raport for exploring ina next level of learning.

QuickBooks Training for Better Accountancy Career

How will you be assessed?

QuickBooks training competancy can be assessed as part of IAB computerized bookkeeping qualification.


  • On the completion of QuickBooks course, the learner will receive

IAB Level 1 Award in Computerized Bookkeeping

IAB Level 2 Award in Computerized Bookkeeping

IAB Level 3 Award in Computerized Bookkeeping

  • A certificate will be allotted to the learner confirming that they have demonstrated competence in the training outcomes and assessment criteria in each of the subjects making up the qualification.
  • The certificate will recognize the learner by name and will involve the full title and accreditation number of the requirement.
  • Learners who do not achieve the comprehensive education may request a Unit Certificate of Completion for any of the individual units they complete.

Fee Structure for QuickBooks Training:

Applicants are required to fill out the fee structure and any other queries at the admission office to find out the fees on tel:+441212959988 and tel:+442037908674 We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.All course fees are inclusive of VAT.

Career opportunities after QuickBooks Courses:

Freelancing – work independently as a bookkeeper or an accounts assistant. Give services to companies already using QuickBooks for recording accounting transactions.

You can look for freelancing jobs on www.fcrecruitment.co.uk