How long does it take to become proficient in QuickBooks?

How long does it take to become proficient in QuickBooks?

Importance of Quickbooks Training Courses

Bookkeeping is the main section of the accountancy course, and QuickBooks training involves teaching about bookkeeping integrated with market-level software. It is the most important accounting software that offer you basic knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting. It is utilised by businesses to manage their income and expenses, invoicing their clients, generating reports, and recording business transactions.

Even with the various software options, QuickBooks training courses are popular in the UK, where accounting employers and employees prefer it for their work. That is why it is still the number one priority in accounting training in the UK for business owners. Bookkeepers are highly preferred and desired by the large and small companies who hire organised workers to attend to minor details.

How to learn QuickBooks?

Learning QuickBooks is not complex, and various effective and accessible options are available to learn QuickBooks. The possibilities are listed below.

QuickBooks Training courses

The various institutions provide QuickBooks learning and training courses for beginners and advanced candidates using desktop and online software versions. The certified training course in Bookkeeping enables the students to learn VAT return, sales invoicing, record keeping, setting up a company, and organising it effectively through QuickBooks training courses in the UK.

QuickBooks tutorials

Various QuickBooks training institutes offer learning tutorials on their websites that provide learning through videos on important tasks. The tutorial videos are short and comprehensive, ending in 2 to 3 minutes, and accessible to all registered users. Users have access to webinars and tutorial videos that cover a variety of QuickBooks purposes such as sales, invoicing, taxes, accounting, and inventory.

QuickBooks training centres

Future Connect Training Institute offers QuickBooks training in the UK borough of London and Birmingham centres to make competent bookkeepers for the market. More information about their training courses is available on their website.

What skills can decrease the duration of QuickBooks training courses?

Students and individuals seeking to undertake a QuickBooks training course should possess the following skills to understand more.

You must have computer literacy to undertake QuickBooks training courses

As QuickBooks is a software program, previous computer literacy and knowledge can quicken your learning duration. With prior knowledge and understanding of the software and computer operating systems, you can hasten your course.

You must have accounting skills to undertake QuickBooks training courses

The levels of accounting proficiency differ for different accounting positions in the organisation. However, basic knowledge and understanding of accounting are sufficient for quick QuickBooks training to undertake an accounting training course.

How to attain proficiency in QuickBooks?

To attain proficiency in QuickBooks, one needs to get certified in the courses and following mentioned below steps.

Attending live classes

For starting the QuickBooks certification path, two days of Mastering classes are effective and efficient.

Preparing yourself

Acquire the basic skills and start a QuickBooks training course for certification.

Test yourself

Taking an exam will help you to determine your level of understanding and proficiency in the course.

What is the duration of QuickBooks training courses?

The certification in QuickBooks makes you an official bookkeeper. The QuickBooks training takes twelve to thirteen hours, priced upon the individual’s grasping levels and information retaining ability. Even with previous knowledge and experience, some time is required to review the reference material and prepare for an exam.

The exam for QuickBooks desktop certification lasts for four hours, and the exam for QuickBooks online certification takes around two hours.

Which institute is best for QuickBooks training courses in the UK?

Future Connect Training is one of the best and good training institutes for QuickBooks training courses. It understands the variations in qualifications and degrees of the participants and seeks to fill the gap in the theoretical and practical knowledge of the candidate. Future Connect offers practical accountancy training that is equally usable for beginners and experienced candidates.


QuickBooks training courses in the UK are significant for attaining a desirable job in the accounting field. Various opportunities are available for the candidates to pursue their studies, and Future Connect provides reliable services for candidates at affordable rates.


Are our QuickBooks training courses difficult?

The courses are not difficult for the individual having prior skills in accounting and computer literacy. The fundamentals affordable future bookkeepers of techniques such as invoicing, sending and paying invoices, account management, and payrolls are relatively easy than the software’s advanced features.

What is the purpose of QuickBooks training?

QuickBooks is an accounting software package and is available in both desktop and online versions. Its training facilitates the bookkeeper to serve the following purposes in an organisation.

  • Sales and invoice management
  • Tracking cost and bills of a company
  • Reporting the losses and profits of an organisation
  • Managing payrolls
  • Managing inventory

What is the cost of QuickBooks training courses in the UK?

The course is widely available and can be completed at home using free access websites. The cost of the training courses varies for different institutions as some ask for certificate prices only. However, to get a formal certification and advanced learning, you have to spend some money.

What jobs are available after QuickBooks Training courses?

After successful completion of the QuickBooks training, a candidate can apply for different jobs. Some jobs are listed below.

  • Payroll administrator
  • Bookkeeper
  • Senior Bookkeeper
  • Credit controller
  • Accounts receivable
  • Account payable
  • Management accountant
  • Junior accountant
  • Accounts assistant
  • Billing clerk

How much Bookkeepers earn?

The earning is dependent upon your skills and employers’ packages. However, a bookkeeper makes £33,058 per year in the UK.