Frequently Asked Questions

"Frequently Asked Questions about MAAT Status summerised at one place to give you idea of progression after Passing AAT Level 4 Modules and AAT Synoptic exams."

What is 'the criteria'?

To become an AAT full member, a number of criteria must be met. This includes completion of your level 4 qualification and 52 weeks of work experience.

Why are the criteria changing?

The AAT standards were reviewed in 2010 and a number of changes were made to reflect changes to industry standards and practice

What criteria have changed?

Professional Ethics was not a mandatory part of the NVQ syllabus for the AAT Accounting Qualification. The current AAT standards have a requirement for Professional Ethics to be covered as part of the qualification for all full members.

What does it mean for me?

If you apply for membership before 1 January 2013, your application will be considered under the former criteria. This means you will not need to supply any additional evidence or carry out any additional assessment in order to meet the Professional Ethics requirement. We are advising all new members who qualified under the NVQ syllabus to consider CPD in Professional Ethics soon after they are elected.

When is the deadline?

You can complete your application and become elected to full membership until 1 January 2013 without needing to complete the additional element.

What happens if I don't get my application in before 1 January 2013?

If you make your application to full membership after 1 January 2013, you'll need to complete an additional element with your application to show that you meet the Professional Ethics standards. This could be through a range of methods including: taking the current AAT assessment, Professional Ethics in Accounting and Finance; carrying out an online diagnostic test or supplying written evidence of how you deem yourself competent in this area.

What are the benefits of full membership?

Well, for starters, you’ll be able to use the letters MAAT after your name. You worked hard for your qualification; make sure employers, clients and colleagues know that you meet the professional standard of the largest professional body for accounting technicians worldwide. You’ll also have access to free technical and ethical advice whenever you need it. You’ll be sure to keep your skills and knowledge up to date with the varied online CPD resources available. And you can save money in your professional and personal life with AAT Additions, our exclusive benefits scheme.

How much does it cost?

Membership with AAT is payable annually. It will cost £82 for your first years’ membership and a oneoff admission fee of £25 if you apply online at or £30 if you complete a paper application form. Once you are elected to full membership, your next fee will be due in 12 months’ time. The 2013 fee for full membership is £131. Take advantage of the 15 months for the price of 12 by setting up a Direct Debit. And get £6 discount for every year you pay your full membership fee by Direct Debit. If you are currently studying towards a chartered or certified accountancy qualification you can get your annual membership for even less while you continue your studies.

What shall I do now?

If you are currently, or have previously worked in an accounting or finance role that equates to 12 months of experience, start your application and log your work experience now at If you almost have enough work experience to get to the full 12 months or you work part time, log what you have now, and then get in touch with the Membership Support Team on 0845 863 0801 (UK) or +44 (0)20 7397 3001 (outside UK), or email

Each application is individually assessed, so it might be that you have what you need for election to full membership sooner than you thought. If you completed your qualification more than three years ago, you will be required to provide evidence of how you have kept your qualification up to date.

If you are not currently working in an accounting and finance role, but eventually do want to become an AAT full member, you should reinstate your membership with AAT as an Affiliate Member and gain access to a vast amount of career support to steer you in the right direction and technical updates to ensure you are keeping your qualification fresh and relevant. If full membership isn’t for you right now, let us know what you’re up to and what has changed since you qualified at – we’d really appreciate your feedback!