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Bookkeeping Qualifications

In the current competitive job market, a candidate needs more than academic qualifications. Many employers look for vocational skills and practical experience.

Future Connect Training is a leading Institution in Bookkeeping and Finance training in the London. All of our tutors are Chartered Accountants, in the classroom format an Accountant will teach you. Our Training Centre boasts a very high pass rate of students.

No matter where you're starting from, when you take an accounting or bookkeeping course with us, you'll leave with the qualifications and real-world experience you need to get ahead in your career. We cater to all levels of expertise with courses for beginners to professionals who want to boost their skills. With this qualification can progress from Level 1 all the way through to university-level, and we offer accountancy apprenticeships if you're going to earn while you study.

Our Bookkeeping qualifications gained as part of a training scheme which combines lectures with hands-on exercises which use real-life examples, which develop a variety of skills in our learners to make them more employable. All sizes of business who need accurate accounts, and for a smaller company, this is a foundation for their potential success.

If you enroll in one of our bookkeeping courses, you'll benefit from our popular City walk tour where you'll go behind the scenes at the offices and meet working professionals. Our tutors have all worked in the industry so will be able to share their advice and best practice tips ensuring you're as prepared for working in accounting as possible.

Our Bookkeeping courses:
  • Enhance future job prospects for our students.
  • Allow businesses to thrive by keeping their financial records in order.
  • Equip our students with the skills to manage financial records and complete the associated reporting tasks effectively.
  • No matter you are at what stage of your career, improving you bookkeeping skills is always beneficial.
Qualification for individuals in start-up:

It is essential to prepare yourself before applying for a job and develop all the required skills for the competition. Our Bookkeeping Qualifications can improve your chances of securing employment with a higher salary. The CV that shows more skills is more attractive to the recruiter.

Qualification for individuals in mid-career:

Learners who are already employed can also make practical use of our bookkeeping qualifications. This qualification will improve prospects for promotion and open doors to other opportunities. Looking for better opportunities is part of human nature and learning new skills can never be a bad idea.

At this point choosing the right bookkeeping training to develop your knowledge is highly recommended and the good news is that you are on the right track. FC Training offers unique courses which develop a knowledge and understanding of bookkeeping and assure a prosperous future. FC Training is a reputable training provider with extensive experience and alumni who are already part of UK's highly competitive job market.