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Bookkeeping Qualification

Careers in Accounts and Finance can offer a great deal of stability and prove very rewarding. Our Bookkeeping courses will help to equip you with the required skills and knowledge.

If you want to work within the accounting team in larger firms, you should be able to collate, check and analyse financial information efficiently. If you choose to work in a smaller business, your bookkeeping qualifications will give you the confidence and knowledge to run a busy accounts department. You may also have aspirations to provide your accountancy service to local firms, in which case you can be sure these courses will give you the knowledge you need.

Bookkeeping is a most in-demand profession that can be very rewarding. A good bookkeeper understands how a business works and tries to point out and provide key numbers that can help increase its efficiency. The system used in bookkeeping is also called the double entry and was invented hundreds of years ago by a monk. The essentials of double-entry have endured to this day, and all businesses practice it. Companies are required by law to keep daily records of every financial transition whether by putting down on paper or keeping it on computers. Bookkeeping provides career opportunities for the young and old, men and women from all backgrounds. However, a summary of qualifications is needed if you want to become a bookkeeper.

A bookkeeping qualification covers many aspects of bookkeeping, through recording sales, purchases, payments, bank reconciliation, maintaining and processing employee payroll records and preparing year-end reports such as the Profit and Loss statement and Balance Sheet. These year-end reports are used to give a real picture of a business and providing the information needed to develop future strategies.

Bookkeeping is an excellent job for anyone who enjoys working with numbers. The bookkeeping qualification is an advantage when applying for bookkeeping roles where you deal with all the financial records and keep an eye on the expenditure and income of an organisation and maintain the accounts to ensure that all the tax paid. Our bookkeeping courses cover all the daily routine tasks and procedures so that our learners develop the required skills which enable them to keep accounting records up to date without having to rush to meet year-end deadlines.

Many bookkeeping vacancies are offering high rates of pay and opportunities to progress your career into bookkeeping, and employers in all types of businesses prefer candidates with the practical experience and recognised bookkeeping qualification.

The bookkeeping qualification is a solid foundation for anyone who wants to make their career in bookkeeping and accounting.

Future Connect Training offers a range of Bookkeeping courses, mainly the widely recognised AAT certificates and their in-house practical sessions designed to give their students the practical experience sought by potential employers. These Bookkeeping courses combine the bookkeeping principles with training in the use of the widely used Accounting software (Sage, Quickbooks, IRIS, TAS & VT), ensuring that our students develop an understanding of and experience of real-life scenarios and volumes of data.