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Basic Bookkeeping Courses

In basic bookkeeping course, you can learn how to balance your books and develop the skills to manage finances in a business environment. You might wonder why you need to understand the core concepts of bookkeeping and accounting when a bookkeeper.
The Business Owners, Directors and Managers need to know the health of their business, and this show in the financial statements. To understand these reports, you need an understanding of basic bookkeeping, how to obtain accurate information, and what each section means.

At Future Connect Training you can get practical financial skills to help you balance the books. With our basic bookkeeping courses, you can discover how money flows into personal and business environments and develop the skills required to manage your finances with this course introducing you to bookkeeping and accounting.
You’ll master common terms, basic maths and gain the ability to put your knowledge into practice. After this course, you’ll be able to perfectly balance your books and understand how concepts of profit and loss lead to revenue or debt.
Future Connect Training offers basic bookkeeping courses which enable their students to understand the underlying concepts of bookkeeping. Our basic bookkeeping courses cover bookkeeping systems and accounting rules, types of financial activities, cash and accrual basis of accounting, etc.

This Course Suitable for?
The basic bookkeeping course is for anyone who wants an introduction to financial accounting and bookkeeping. It might be of interest to small business owners, people who are self-employed or those wishing to manage their finance better. You don’t need any previous experience.

The basic bookkeeping courses include main topics :
  • Basic bookkeeping language:
    Our basic bookkeeping courses explain the terminology and definitions of accounting terms. It enables our students to understand the language used in the bookkeeping process and accounting statements.
  • Accounting processes:
    Our basic bookkeeping courses cover double-entry bookkeeping, accounting equations, how transactions recorded and how they impact the business.
  • Debits and Credits:
    How each transaction has a debit and credit entry in double-entry bookkeeping is an essential element of all basic bookkeeping courses. Understanding debits and credits will help you understand your financial statements and asses the health of any business.
  • Data recording:
    Our basic bookkeeping courses explain the importance of recording all the business transaction - this facilitates managing, analysing and summarising this information.
  • Ledgers and journals:
    How to record each transaction in double-entry bookkeeping system and widely used bookkeeping software (Sage, Quickbooks, IRIS, TAS & VT) are covered by our basic bookkeeping courses. The debit and credit details of each transaction recorded in ledgers. The different ledgers and when to use journals for unusual transactions also explained.
  • Financial statements:
    The Balance Sheet, profit and loss statement and trial balance are the primary financial statements used to show the health of a business during a year. Our basic bookkeeping courses explain how to prepare these statements and what they say about the company.
  • Reviews:
    Having explained and demonstrated the essential bookkeeping elements, students of our basic bookkeeping courses also have access to online tests to help review their learning, an opportunity to discuss the concepts, definitions and processes with their tutors.