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PQ Magazine Awards 2023

We Have Got Chance To Share Our Achievement Again With You That....

PQ Magazine Awards 2022

We Are Delighted To Announce That Future Connect Training And Recruitment Has Won....

Future Connect Training (FCT) is a UK-based training provider that offers a wide range of courses to help individuals and businesses enhance their skills and knowledge. Recently, FCT has been making waves in the education and training sector by winning the prestigious PQ Awards, launching two new branches in Brixton and Croydon, supporting students through funded learning, and helping over 672 people find jobs in less than six months.

The PQ Awards, organized by PQ Magazine, celebrate excellence in the accountancy profession. Future Connect Training was named the winner of the Training Provider of the Year award in recognition of its outstanding contribution to the education and training of accountancy professionals. This is a great achievement for FCT and demonstrates their commitment to providing high-quality training and support to their students.

In addition to this, Future Connect Training has recently launched two new branches in Brixton and Croydon. These new branches will provide easy access to their services for individuals and businesses in these areas, and will enable FCT to expand their reach and impact in the education and training sector.

One of the key strengths of Future Connect Training is their commitment to supporting students through funded learning. FCT offers various funding options to help individuals pursue their education and training goals, including government-funded apprenticeships and loans. This enables individuals who may not have otherwise been able to afford training to access the support they need to enhance their skills and advance their careers.

Another impressive achievement of Future Connect Training is their track record of helping over 672 people find job roles in less than six months. This is a testament to the high-quality training and support that FCT provides to their students, which helps them develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen careers.

If you are interested in learning more about Future Connect Training and their success stories, we invite you to keep an eye on their news page. Here, you will find the latest updates on FCT's achievements, events, and activities, as well as information on their courses and services

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