Free AAT Study Skills Webinar to help you understand AAT Studies

"Free online AAT Webinar to understand how AAT education can help you in building your Accountancy Career. Future Connect can help you with Online AAT classes."

AAT is one of the recent popular accounting qualifications. It is structured as three levels: Foundation, Advanced, and Professional, these levels individually take around a year to complete. There is also Bookkeeping, which is a special and short qualification which provides certain areas from Foundation and Advanced to gain a Bookkeeping qualification.

Free webinar which has a duration of one hour will provide some of the critical areas that focus you to be more efficient during your AAT training period. This webinar focuses on how Future Connect Training and Recruitment LTD deliver a range of award-winning AAT courses and the key functions of learning, such as how online training works and providing the best method to manage your time.

Free AAT Study Skills Webinar

What is AAT?

AAT is the world’s driving professional body for accounting technicians. AAT works over the globe with around 140,000 members in more than 90 nations. The members are represented at each level of the back and accounting world, including students, individuals already working in accountancy and self-employed business proprietors. AAT grants around 80% of all professional qualifications in accounting. AT supports and creates its members through more than 580 AAT endorsed training providers around the world. It moreover has a broad department arrange where individuals can get to support and training and meet other AAT individuals in their nearby area.

What is Webinar?

A webinar (a combination of the words “web” and “seminar”) is a video workshop, address, or introduction facilitated online utilizing webinar computer program. Regularly business-related, these sessions can be utilized to share information, thoughts, and upgrades with people around the world. Webinars can moreover be leveraged to construct and support relationships, build authority around a brand, or illustrate a product.

What is AAT Webinar?

The webinar is conveyed by our expert AAT Course Advisors, who will be able to direct you through how to urge the most out of your learning whereas seeking after your AAT bookkeeping capabilities. Facilitated by an AAT representative, the substance of the webinar is delivered by Future Connect Training, who will also respond to significant queries posted on the chat window. Utilizing this feature, you'll be able to inquire our Course Advisors questions concerning your AAT studies and chat to other members of the webinar. There is more over the choice to take an interest in a Q&A session at the conclusion of the conversation, with members encouraged to use the chat window to highlight focuses or inquire questions that weren’t tended to during the primary part of the webinar.

The webinar offered in association with AAT is exceptionally well known with those who are sharp on advancing their career in Accountancy. To secure your place and the opportunity to induce all the information you wish to succeed in Accountancy, please make sure you're quick to enroll. Those who endeavor to connect the webinar after it has been completely enrol will not be able to go to or inquire any questions. In any case, the webinar will too be made accessible to those unable to attend.

Benefits of Webinar

Any innovation that makes life simpler without any compromises in quality includes a chance to capture on rather rapidly.

Webinars are the facility to provide online sessions and have the capability to respond as per the queries of the viewers or participants. Webinars has several advantages over the past method as seminars. Some of the benefits of webinars are mentioned below

  1. Since Webinars conducted over the Internet directly on your computer or any other digital gadgets which has internet facility, so it is not necessary leave the offices or other factors in travel time. Considering this, many professionals are using this technology. and also time efficient method of training and provding knowledge to their employee. if you are not available when event is scheduled. there has no problem. Webinar on-demand allows you to view an archive of the sessions when it is convenient for you. Rather than computer Mobile devices are making it easier to attend Webinars. Being able to view a session from your smartphone or tablet gives you the option to view them in any place, at any time.
  2. Relevant Topics: Unlike Seminars Webinar only covers the Relevant area of subject. It means the unwanted or extended versions of a subject or a sessions are mainly regulated in webinars. It only focuses to the key points of the area of subject
  3. Knowledgeable Experts: Webinars are one of the way of communication in an extended meaning. The person who is in charge of conducting the webinars will be the expert in the area of topics which are discussing in webinar sessions. So the audience have the advantage to enquire or clear their doubts or urge matters in the live sessions
  4. Affordability: Webinars are conducted over online as using internet as medium. So there is not occurring the cost of traveling or any other expenses for the participants and also for the administrates who doesn’t need a physical space or room
  5. Career Development: those who are already in their profession. Attending webinar session on your relevant subject will improve your skills and an advantage for your knowledge. Webinars are directly related to the career development. Webinars delivers the ideas of key points which makes the employee to perform more ideally and more productively
  6. Making connections: Attending webinars are the ways to get connected with the expert who are providing coaching or training in their area of expertise. So by attending the webinars frequently can have an opportunity to get connected with these experts. Which aids to your knowledge and development of your career paths.

Free AAT Study Skills Webinar

AAT Program for Businesses

Our mission is to form learning simple, so we’re committed to making training your group as streamlined as conceivable. That’s why it's presently indeed easier to enroll your staff on our online AAT Accountancy training programs. We have put together all-inclusive payment packages, so you don’t ought to worry about organizing payments to an exam center or to AAT. We bundle everything together and handle it for you after you enlist, meaning it couldn’t be easier to induce your group begun.

Our AAT bundles include:

  • Course cost
  • AAT exam fee
  • Exam center fee
  • AAT membership fees

You essentially organize one installment (or installment plan) with us, and we’ll look out of the rest, so merely can focus on bigger things - and your group can focus on learning. Our highly flexible Accounting programs are certified by the Affiliation of Accounting Professionals, meaning they’re the gold standard within the industry. They’ll guarantee your finance team has the foremost up-to-date abilities and competencies and ready to streamline your processes and handle any challenges thrown their way.

All our Accounting training programs come with boundless guide support and live online classrooms. They offer the finest of both universes: flexible online training combined with real-time classrooms and proficient tutors who truly care about creating your team and your business. And with our new inclusive bundles, it couldn’t be easier to require your group to another level.

Benefits of an AAT Membership

Becoming a member of the Affiliation of Accounting Technicians (AAT) comes with a bunch of benefits. Not as it were is membership universally recognised and regarded by employers, there are several other, more inconspicuous rewards that come beside it.

This includes an increment in job satisfaction, with 83% of students claiming that they feel more secure in their occupations having accomplished membership. What's more, nearly a third of AAT individuals received a reward to their wages.

Some other benefits of AAT Membership are pointed below from the user experience.

  • Average salaries of AAT members as they progress through the different stages of their membership journey.
    1. The Average Salary of an Affiliate is £22,500 ( Source : Reeds Average salary checker )
    2. The Average Salary of an MAAT is £27,800 ( Source : Reeds Average salary checker )
    3. The Average Salary of an FMAAT is £37,500 ( Source : Reeds Average salary checker )
    4. The Average Salary of an AAT Licensed Accountant ( Self Employee) is £49,500 ( Source : Reeds Average salary checker )
  • 32% of AAT members received a bonus, Ranging from £600 for Affiliated member to £1400 for FMAATs
  • AAT Members are represented at entry level of finance and accounting world, including students and people already working in accountancy and self-employed business owners
  • 77% of students agreed that studying AAT increased their earning potential
  • 83% members feel secure in their jobs
  • 65% of members says their company provides opportunities for training
  • 78% of FMAAT/MAAT and 73% of students are satisfied with their job