AAT Accounting Level 2 Qualification AQ2022

"Study AQ2022 AT Accounting level 2 course with Future Connect Training, to familiarize with modules/units formation, evaluation, support and further development upon achievement."

Get more details about the basic and advanced levels of AQ2022 AAT courses. We will discuss practical training, learning benefits, and job opportunities for all AAT levels, especially focusing on London's job and qualification market.

Future Connect Training can help you to achieve the AAT AQ2022 qualifications at levels 2, 3 and 4. We will enlighten how the modules are structured and how exams are administered face to face and online classes with tutor support available. We merge the practical training with the AAT modules to make you more employable. To know further details about the curriculum and practice, you can contact our institute's service centre.

Key Takeaways


The AAT Level 2 courses aim to establish a strong understanding of accounting principles and equip learners with skills that will enable them to advance in their careers in accounting and finance.

Course Overview:

The course covers bookkeeping transactions, double-entry bookkeeping, basic costing principles, computerized accounting, and working effectively in accounting and finance. The system is suitable for beginners or those with some accounting experience.

Course Duration and Delivery:

Students of the AAT Level 2 courses can study through classroom-based learning, online learning, or a combination of both. The system provides flexible part-time or full-time study options, with the duration ranging from 12 to 18 weeks, depending on the chosen mode of study.

Career Prospects:

Completing the AAT Level 2 qualification can establish a strong foundation for individuals pursuing a career in accounting and finance. Graduates may seek employment as bookkeepers and accounts assistants or further their education with additional AAT qualifications or higher education in accounting and finance.

Benefits of the AAT Level 2 Qualification:

The AAT Level 2 qualification is recognized by employers in the accounting and finance industry, providing graduates with valuable career opportunities. The course also offers practical training in accounting software, enhancing employability.

Eligibility Criteria:

The AAT Level 2 courses are open to anyone over 16, requiring no prior qualifications. However, basic numeracy and literacy skills are necessary to undertake the study.


The AAT Level 2 courses provide a solid foundation in accounting principles, preparing learners for a successful career in accounting and finance. The qualification is recognized by employers, offering valuable career opportunities and practical training in accounting software.

What Is AAT Accounting Level 2 Course?

AQ2022 AAT Accounting Level 2 course consists of foundational areas suitable for people without or without account knowledge.

What Qualifications Do We Need To Join The AAT Level 2 Course?

Well, students can begin this course if they have basic math and numeracy skills. At this stage, you will learn and practice accounting software like Sage and worksheet software such as Excel. It is the first step for applicants who aim to build their career success in the field of accounting.

This program provides large-scale coverage of the traditional double-entry bookkeeping practice, which underpins accounting processes worldwide. After completing the AQ2022 AAT Accounting level 2 course in accounting, you will be capable of processing daily business transactions in a manual and computerized bookkeeping system with confidence. However, to complete the full AAT Accounting courses and to gain full membership of the AAT, you have to qualify for Level 3 and Level 4.

AAT Level 2 Course Content and Details:

AAT Level 2, Foundation Certificate in Accounting:

The qualifications are essential for accounting skills and principles. Are- double entry systems, trial balances, and credit controls. The students need to understand how to record financial transactions of sales, purchases, receipts, dealing with bank reconciliations, payment methods, and cash.

AQ2022 AAT Accounting level 2 qualification course will get you prepared for basic and entry-level accounting roles. It will uplift your confidence, skills and gives a significant acquaintance to accounting and finance.

The AAT Level 2 Course Qualification Consists Of 4 Units:

  • Introduction to Bookkeeping (ITBK)
  • Principles of Bookkeeping Control (POBC)
  • Principle of Costing (PCTN)
  • Business Environment (BESY) - Synoptic Assessment

Introduction to Bookkeeping (ITBK)

You will learn the basics of the double-entry bookkeeping system and ledger accounts. You will also be able to process daily financial and bank transactions for suppliers and customers.

Principles of Bookkeeping Control (POBC)

It is based on the knowledge and expertise of ITBK. You will learn about control accounts, bank reconciliation, payroll, error handling, and the purpose of using the journal.

AAT Level 2 Course

Principle of Costing (PCTN)

You'll learn about cost recording systems within an organization, use cost recording techniques, provide information on actual and budgeted expenditures and revenues, and spread to support cost calculations. Learn basic sheet skills.

Business Environment (BESY) - Synoptic Assessment

This unit will prepare you for the indoor and outdoor business environment. You will learn about the legal system, the principles of contract law, corporate social responsibility, ethics, and sustainability.

You will also learn how the finance function fits within an organization and how to communicate effectively. This assessment will also gain your understanding of ITBK, POBC and PCTN.

How long does it take to pass/complete?

Most students complete it within six to 12 months; however, it varies depending on your chosen study method. There is no specific deadline for the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting Exams - you can complete your exams throughout the year. Most likely to be completed in six months.

Assessment and procedure:

In the AQ2022 AAT qualification study, computer-based appraisal (CBAs) will test your comprehension and skills. AAT accountancy training providers and assessment centres govern these digital assessments via PCs or laptops.

Computer-based practice, tutors' the experimental project (computerized accounting). An AAT Level 2 Foundation qualification allows you to operate on the study of the AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting qualification, which the AAT Level 4 Advanced Diploma then follows.

Types Of Jobs You Can Get, With AAT Accounting Level 2 Qualification

Employers have acknowledged that AQ2022 AAT Qualifications, such as practical and technical qualifications, are competent in the world of employment and for working independently in accountancy and finance roles respective fields.

Becoming an AQ2022 AAT expert is the best way to improve in an accountancy job, make headway in your current post, expand your career choice or spiral your salary probability. Find out more details about AQ2022 AAT and where it can take you further in your career path.

The AQ2022 Foundation Certificate in AAT can lead to employment, such as:

  • Trainee accounting technician
  • Trainee finance assistant
  • Accounts administrator
  • Accounts assistant
  • Accounts payable clerk
  • Purchase/sales ledger clerk
AAT Level 2 Courses

Why Future Connect Training For AQ2022 AAT Level 2?

Future Connect Training is an Award-winning training institute with the best AAT competent tutors who impart excellent training and knowledge. FCT also offers practical training on software such as SAGE 50 using real business documents and also helps you out with your CV, mock interviews, and Job-hunting Support.

The privilege of affixing with Future Connect Training centre :

  • AAT Recognised Training Centre
  • Elite authenticated Tutors
  • 24/7 Best Students assist in achieving your schooling and career objective
  • Provides detailed study material
  • Offers Exam preparation appliances
  • Demanded Software training that will help to improve your practical prowess
  • 24/7 access to Online Virtual Learning Campus(VLC)
  • Free e-portfolio to trace the current execution and training breakthroughs, combined into academic Units of AAT
  • A dedicated e-portfolio to book your training sessions at East, West and North London and Birmingham offices
  • Provides Exam booking slot services
  • CPD certification is Crucial to becoming an AAT member united with all AAT Levels
  • You can gain three certificates from one course – AAT, CPD, and XERO
  • Sproviding support in getting a work placement will bring you practical experience to work in the industry/field
  • Flexible options for the payment (Debit card, Credit card, PayPal, Cash, and Bank Transfer)

Classroom Based:

Future Connect offers weekdays, Weekends, and flexible sessions for AQ2022 AAT courses in London, Watford, Birmingham, and other locations.

Classroom-based education includes:

  • Allows Digital Access to your books
  • Practice Activity Workbooks
  • IT equipped campus with free tea/coffee
  • The lecture led by Experienced & Qualified Teacher
  • Guaranteed Pass rate
  • Access to Online Training Portal and additional study materials for one year
  • Free access to Sage 50 Software (Desktop Version: valid for six months, Compatible with Windows PC Only)


Future Connect Training is the best training provider offering top accounting qualifications. Accounting not only helps an enterprise to run its day-to-day activities smoothly but also helps in its future growth. Moreover, improving your personal, social and IT skills with Future Connect can earn great opportunities in the marketplace and make you competitive for job positions.


Q.1. What can you accomplish with an AAT Level 2 qualification?

It is a Level 2 certificate covering many accounting topics, including double-entry bookkeeping and costing.

Q.2. Is AAT Accounting Level 2 basic education?

Regarding the AAT level 2, people are now studying it while working as accounts assistants. Level 2 is quite straightforward, and self-studying will save you time and money.

Q.3. Is it worthwhile to study AQ2022 AAT Accounting Level 2?

AAT training is a wise investment. Even if you do not want to go further in a career in accounting, having AAT certifications on your resume will provide you with a significant competitive edge in the workplace. On the other hand, AAT courses are a great place to start before going to university to pursue a finance-related degree.

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