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Xero Certification Course

"We offer a Free Xero certification course whilst getting practical training on software so that you remain well-aware of all processes from Xero login to getting accounts done."

Future Connects offers you a Xero certification course along with practical training. You will learn how to carry out the accounting processes and your client’s work in Xero software. It is a valuable opportunity of gaining practical training by working on original files. Our Xero certification course will help you to perform confidently in any workplace. The practical training will teach you how industry sectors work within Xero; you will also learn how to implement it.

In 2006, Xero was founded in New Zealand as a game-changing cloud accounting platform for small company owners. Since its foundation, the United Kingdom has been an integral part of its incredible global expansion.

Xero is one of the fastest-growing software-as-a-service (SAAS) companies globally. The idea was to deliver software over the internet rather than installed it on everyone’s computers. Thus, keeping data privacy in mind, XERO started operating as cloud-based software. Every business must take a Xero certification course to give a boost to its business.

What is Xero?

Every business is inclined toward automating all the systems to keep pace with technology, save time, and provide quick solutions. One accountancy solution is Xero, an online accounting platform for small and expanding companies. Any device with an internet connection can access Xero.

Xero is an online accounting programme that allows company owners and managers to monitor their finances from any computer at any time. It is no surprise that Xero has quickly become one of the market's most respected and recognised accounting software. This programme streamlines and improves accounting processes. It is simple to learn and use. This is a must-have for every accountant or bookkeeper. A course to learn Xero will offer you an advantage when applying for employment in the United Kingdom. It's been streamlined to help you advance in your profession and focus on your efforts.

The accounting software Xero has proved revolutionary for startups or small businesses. This top-notch cloud-based accounting software will give you precise figures whenever and wherever you need them. By facilitating online cooperation, Xero develops a reliable connection between accountants, bookkeepers, and their small company customers. Xero has over two million happy customers all around the globe and is changing the way businesses run.

Xero's mission is to help small companies succeed by providing them with better data, resources, and communication. To put it another way, small businesses are the engine that drives the global economy. Xero relies heavily on the support of its partners, clients, and other allies to drive innovation and make it possible for Xero to serve as the world's preeminent online platform for doing business.

Xero Certification Course

You must know that the Xero accounting course is a choice of most employers worldwide and especially across the UK. We will provide you with the complete information and high standards to understand Xero accounting functions. You will also understand how to implement it if you want to start a business or work for an employer.

Xero certification course fulfils all the requirements of small and large businesses. It provides you with the knowledge of Xero software commercially available for the production of business accounts. We will offer you a tailored and flexible programme for Xero practical training.

Future Connects is helping students and professionals in the accounting and finance field. You will gain Xero certification under our chartered accountants' supervision. Our Chartered Accountancy firm has ACCA Gold Level status; we will provide you with an opportunity to work on actual files at our accountancy workplace. Apart from Xero, you can also take guidance on other digital accounting software like QuickBooks, IRIS, Sage Payroll, Sage One, Sage 50 Accounts, Sage CIS, and MS Excel.

What You Will Learn in Xero Certification Course

By enrolling in this Xero certification course, which is split into comprehensive modules, you will gain the necessary in-demand skills to perform better in this field.

Throughout this course, you will learn all the features available on the dashboard. Furthermore, you will get an idea of how to set up a company’s system on Xero software from beginning to end, import bank statements, submit VAT returns,edit financial settings, record and modify details of suppliers and customers in the software, manage nominal codes, opening balance adjustment, post customer invoices and credit notes.

You will also get training on how to post dealer bills, pay suppliers, generate chart accounts, settle the banking & the credit card, record the accruals, submit RTI to HMRC, and record prepayment journals.

Additionally, you will gain a better understanding of cash, the management of payroll, dismissal of bad debts, and management of running reports in the middle of things.

We have designed the module so that every job person, student or business owner can start learning by managing their routine on their own.

XERO Certification Course Design

We serve our candidates with high-quality material as mentioned below;

  • Video Lessons
  • Online study materials
  • Mock exams
  • Multiple-choice assessment

Upon the successful completion of this Xero certification course, you can instantly download your e-certificate free of cost.

Xero Certification Course Curriculum

Xero Course has been created with the following units:

  • Getting Prepared
    • Introduction To The qualification And Your Tutor
    • Activating Your Free Trial With Xero
  • Getting started
    • Signing Up For The Free Trial
    • Creating The Organisation
    • The Fictitious Scenario
  • Setting up the system
    • Add Bank Accounts To The System
    • Enter Opening Balances
    • Opening Trial Balance
  • Nominal ledger
    • Amend The Nominal Ledger
    • Chart Of Accounts Report
  • Customers & Suppliers
    • Enter customers
    • Entering suppliers
    • Reporting Customer And Supplier Information
  • Sales ledger
    • Enter Invoices
    • Invoicing tips – adding a logo, repeat billing
    • Entering Invoices 6574 to 6610
    • Post Credit Notes
    • Report Showing Customer Activity
    • Aged Debtors
  • Suppliers
    • Post supplier invoices
    • Enter suppliers invoice 6028 onwards
    • Enter More Supplier Invoices No 4308 Onwards
    • Credit Notes Suppliers
    • Supplier Activity Report
    • Aged Creditors Info
  • Purchases ledger
    • Receipts from Customers
    • Apply Customer Credit Notes
  • Sundry payments
    • Post Supplier Cheques
    • Apply Supplier Credit Notes
    • Print List Of Bank Receipts And Payments
    • Post Sundry details
    • Make a credit card payment
  • Petty Cash
    • Post-Petty money Transactions – Week 1
    • Petty Cash – Week 2
    • Petty Cash – Week 3
    • Petty Cash – Week 4
    • Imprest scheme on petty cash
    • Report On Cash Payments
  • Bad Debt
    • Finishing Off A Bad Debt – Print Customer Receipt
    • Write Off A Bad Debt
  • Credit Card
    • Reconcile The Credit Card Statement
  • Bank Reconciliation
    • Bank Statement As A CSV File
    • Bank Statement Closing Balances
    • Reconcile The Petty Cash
  • Payroll / Wages
    • Wages And Salaries
    • Post the Wages Journal
    • Report Wages Journal
    • Payday
    • Pay The Two Staff
  • VAT - Value Added Tax
  • Reports
    • Month End Reports PnL, BS, TB
  • Payroll unit
    • Using Payroll
    • Setting Up Employees
    • Running Payroll – An Example
Xero Certification Course

Prior Required Skills

To finish the Xero certification course online, you need some primary skills, which are outlined below:

  • Primary numeracy
  • Standard IT literacy
  • Communication Abilities
  • General knowledge of accounting or bookkeeping

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