Accountants Courses

"Live accounting courses online allow you the ability to connect with your teacher and classmates and appreciate a familiar learning environment through AAT Accountant Training Course in Birmingham."

What are some of the well-renowned courses in Accounting?

AAT Accountant Training

AAT Courses: 

What is their significance & who are they best suited for?

AAT accounting level 2 online are best suited for those wishing to enter the job market as a newbie. AAT certification is strongest since it relies extensively on realistic accounting problems. Students who have a previous educational background in accounting are offered AAT exemptions. 

AAT Training: 

Why choose Future Connect training as your training provider?

We are also an AAT accredited training supplier and review centre.  We are happy to claim that for the AAT exam at our centre, who learned AAT with us, the pass rate is over 96 per cent.

The AAT is a globally recognized accounting credential, and presently more than 100,000 individuals benefit from AAT certification and full AAT membership. Achievement of the certificate will assist you in your accounting career.

ACCA Courses:

ACCA courses are ideally designed for those currently employed in the accounting sector that wish to progress to a higher level or plan to be a chartered accountant. You may even read out our AAT or ACCA forum to learn more about their discrepancies.

What does ACCA qualification do?

The ACCA Qualification is intended to deliver the expertise, qualifications and ethical standards of accounting that can enable finance practitioners to develop productive careers in all industries. Either they operate in the public or private sectors, teach in accounting companies or follow a business profession. 

How does the ACCA course prospect the future?

Your path to qualified recognition is ACCA Qualification. Taking a choice to take ACCA courses at Osborne Learning would also be one of the best choices you'd create about your future.

Practical Accounting courses online are short courses focusing on accounting and tax issues in practice. We offer various practical courses in accounting to suit your needs. Moreover, they are appropriate primarily for those who already have certain accounting skills.

Accounting Software Training

Sage Accounting Course: 

What is it & how does it prepare you for the Job industry?

It helps to develop your computerized accounting expertise. Suppose you're trying to learn expertise with the most popular bookkeeping programme in the world. In that case, the Sage 50 Computerized Accounting course will show you everything you need to know while helping you develop a recognized ability. 

Bookkeeping training:

Each corporation is needed by statute to 'keep accounts,' no matter how big or tiny. Bookkeepers also perform a critical function within organizations; maintaining reliable, organized, up-to-date and detailed accounts of individual financial transactions. This course offers comprehensive awareness of bookkeeping and sage 50 practices free to individuals from beginners.  If you're disciplined and organized, enjoy going through records and having fun watching a series of numbers add up properly, then bookkeeping is your profession.

AAT Licensed Accountant:

CPD Courses for Accountants (Continuous Professional Development)

Total Accounting Course:

It is a detailed, realistic accounting educational curriculum intended to close the divide between knowledge and accounting and tax aspects. These finance classes include other tax and payroll topics as well as Computerized Finance & Payroll.  Furthermore, after finishing the modules, you will have the opportunity to gain access to the experience that will open the door to lucrative accounting, tax and payroll.

CPD courses for Accountants:

Completing this training programme will earn you valuable CPD points that are verified. As an accountant, gaining CPD points is vital to retaining your accounting membership and fulfilling the requirements of professional accounting bodies (such as ACCA, AAT, CIMA, ICAEW, etc.)

Total Taxation Course:

It is a detailed realistic taxation training curriculum intended to close the difference between information and accounting and tax functional aspects. In these tax courses, both tax and accounting topics are accessible. After completing the issues, you will have the ability to gain exposure to training that can unlock the path to lucrative tax and accounting.

Personal Tax Training:

Firstly, to file a tax return, you need to be enrolled with HMRC. You will provide a UTR (Unique Tax Reference) no, which is your unique tax identifier no. You can apply directly to HMRC until you have information about your income and expenditures. The deadline for filing an immediate tax return for the previous tax year is January 31.

Why CPD?

Many qualified bodies such as ACCA, CIMA, AAT, CIPP and several other bodies are expected to be a part of their associations. To improve and strengthen their expertise and talents, the word Continuous Professional Development (CPD) describes the learning tasks practitioners carry on. CPD courses for accountants could be achieved through different types of learning, such as training workshops, conference and event attendance, e-learning courses, etc. 

How does CPD enhance professional development?

The acquisition of CPD points is an important condition for many UK qualified bodies. It lets a person enhance their professional development and be successful. Thus encouraging people to continually upgrade their abilities, irrespective of the length of their career, age or formal participation as viewed on Find CPD.


  • How does Future Connect training offer Training for the AAT Courses?

At Fc training, we focus on providing a high-quality training service via our professional team of Tutors who have years of Accounting knowledge and expertise. We offer flexible training remotely via online zoom sessions. Our tutors are readily available to answer your queries and ensure that you are progressing in your understanding of the course content before sitting your exams.

  • How many AAT online classes do we need to attend in a week, and are the classes recorded?

The classes take place once per week, and the sessions are recorded via zoom.

  • How long is the duration of the AAT Level 2?

It takes around three months to complete the AAT Level 2 course.

  • Do the AAT courses help in getting into the job market?

The AAT courses are a great way of getting into the Job market, even for those with no Accounting background or knowledge. It introduces the Accounting system and different accounting concepts that will be used in the real world via a systematically efficient approach.