AAT Earning Potential with Integrated Practical Accountancy Training

"AAT Qualification integrated with practical Accountancy training can give a real boast to your earning potential in the job market. Learn AAT and get trained."

AAT Practical Accountancy Training

AAT is the most popular Accounting qualification with a high rate of employability and earnings. AAT qualified accountants are posted in several accounting positions of every company with a better salary package. Association of Accounting Technician is a globally recognized authority which has ability to provide Membership benefits all around the world. The AAT qualified person can easily find career and posted at a decent salary without much experience in the field. Finally, AAT is the best career option for those who are considering forward to start earnings from their career.

What is AAT?

AAT is one of the foremost well-known accounting qualifications. It made up of three levels: Foundation, Advanced, and Professional, each of which takes around a year to complete. There’s also Bookkeeping, which could be a special ‘short’ qualification which takes certain subjects from Foundation and Advanced to make a Bookkeeping qualification.

You don’t require any past qualifications or accountancy experience to start studying AAT. And anyone who is school leavers to career changers, can begin the qualification. We offer training for all levels, and we provide four study methods to suit your way of life: OnDemand, Classroom, Live Online, and Distance Learning.

How much can you earn with a Career in AAT?

Whether you are considering switching to a profession in finance or are an experienced finance proficient, an AAT qualification can assist you to extend your earning potential. These highly respected qualifications can inspire managers, appear off your finance abilities, and assist you to reach your career objectives.

Each year, AAT distribute the results of their salary overview to demonstrate the value that their qualifications have. We’ve made this helpful infographic so you'll be able to tell how much you may earn with an AAT qualification on your side.

AAT accountancy and bookkeeping qualifications are the perfect way to launch your finance career. Here are some indications about the AAT career status taken from online sources

  • 77% of AAT students increase their earning potential
  • 85% of AAT members feel secure in their job
  • 76 % AAT members are satisfied with their job
  • 92% of self-employed AAT Licensed Accountants are satisfied with their job

Average Salaries by Job Level

The average salary of certain AAT jobs is provided below which has the sources are from online job portals and job sites. These details were shown in figures may occur some changes because these are Average salaries of this Job levels

  • Average salary of a Director /Senior Management is £4300 (Total jobs Average salary checker)
  • Average salary of a Middle Manager is £34000 (Total jobs Average salary checker)
  • Average salary of a Junior Manager is £28560 (Reeds Average salary checker)
  • Average salary of a Accounts/Finance officer £25464 (Reeds Average salary checker)
  • Average salary of an Administrator £1950 (Indeed Average Salary checker)
  • Average salary of an Accounts /Finance Assistant £19500 (Indeed Average Salary checker)

Average Salaries by AAT Membership

AAT qualified person salary will be different depends up on their job level and experience. As per AAT regulations the Job packages includes salary and more benefits itself. During the year 2019 the survey conducted by AAT provides the information about the Average salaries of Accountants depending upon their Membership. Details as follows

  • AAT Student - Average salary of those studying AAT is £19000 - £21000
  • AAT Full Members (MAAT) - Average salary of those who have completed the AAT Professional Diploma and become a Full AAT member is £28000
  • AAT Fellow Members (FMAAT) - Average salary of those who have gained Fellow membership after being a Full member for 5 years is £37200
  • AAT Licensed Accountants (Self-Employed) - Average salary of AAT members who are self-employed or run their own accountancy practice is £54000

Source: AAT Salary Survey 2019

Each of the salaries recorded within the survey has risen from the 2017 version of the overview, with a few normal salaries rising by up to 8%!

It’s clear to know that an AAT qualification can truly influence your finance career! Not as it were do numerous AAT members report earning more, many are also more fulfilled within their role as well.

Satisfaction and Security at Work

The figures shown above are the indications of how the individuals who are categorized as students, full members, self-employed persons are satisfied and feels secure in their job positions. The knowledge conferred through AAT studies might be a contributing factor to this satisfaction and security. With regarded qualifications and up-to-date information on their side, it’s no wonder that these students feel secure in their career and happy at work.

About the Methodology

This survey was convoyed in March of 2019. AAT gained 14,286 reactions from their members through their market inquire about partner, Caledonia Market Research.

AAT qualifications can be tremendously fulfilling for finance professionals, regardless where they are in their career. Studying towards a Diploma Certificate can boost your confidence in job and your salary.

AAT’s New Syllabus 2016

AQ 2016 is an upgraded version of AAT Bookkeeping Qualification. This qualification will be accessible from 1st September 2016, and it'll replace the existing Bookkeeping Qualification 2013. In any case, the deadline for taking assessments on current AQ 2013 is 31 December 2017.

AAT claims, a redevelopment of the AAT AQ 2013 is required to ensure sector pertinence and proceeded compliance with the most recent instructive policy.

Are you an AAT student? or are thinking of learning AAT, you may hear about syllabus change and are wondering what it means for you. We have put together a direct to reply all your questions, and assist you move consistently into the modern AAT courses – we know it can be confusing.

These are the Changes

The courses content is much the same, and you will gain the same skill as before. However, there are four changes being introduced in the new AAT syllabus.

The main thing you might have noticed. The course names and levels have changed. Course Level 2 are now known as Foundation, Level 3 Courses as Advanced, & Level 4 Courses as Professional

Which Are AAT Courses?

AAT offers numerous courses in accounting and bookkeeping across three levels - Foundation, Advanced, and Professional. you can choose your course that you can study will depends up on your current accountancy knowledge and skills.

Here's a quick categorization of AAT's current qualifications:

  • AAT Foundation Award in Accounting Software
  • AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting
  • AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting
  • AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting
  • AAT Foundation Certificate Bookkeeping & Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping

AAT Accounting Fast Track

Gain advantage of bundled AAT Accounts qualification courses in one package which is more Economical with our AAT Fast Track option which combines AAT Level 2 and 3 courses together.

This Accounting Fast Track Course option. You will be able to complete the accounting qualifications much quicker than normal time period of course

What are the AAT exams?

At each level of AAT, you will have a few computer-based exams within the shape of unit and synoptic assessments.

Unit assessments test what you’ve learned in that particular unit. They’re for the most part multiple-choice questions but sometimes require written answers.

Synoptic assessments test what you’ve learned over a few of the units. They permit you to illustrate your unused knowledge and skills by applying them to a real-world accounting scenario.

You must complete all the individual unit assessments before you sit the synoptic exam.

Here is the AAT Exams listed

  • AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting exams
  • AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting exams
  • AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting exams
AAT Practical Accountancy Training

How much do AAT exams cost?

You'll expect to pay between £70 and £80 for each AAT exam depending on which qualification you’re studying.

AAT exam expenses are often an additional cost on top of your course expenses, but a few course providers may include them in your course fees, so be beyond any doubt to check this when you enroll.

AAT Exam Cost bundle includes:

  • Course cost
  • AAT exam fees
  • AAT exam center fees
  • AAT membership for one year
  • Exam booking service