AAT Accounting Courses In Birmingham

"Future Connect Training provides AAT accounting courses in Birmingham. FC’s has industry expert tutors that provide complete support during the whole course."

Future Connect Training presents you the Birmingham campus for accredited AAT courses logically and straightforwardly. The new centre is the development of the agency network of best-in-class study in London, Watford, and Alford.

FC's is happy to deliver worth quality practical accounting training, which will help the students and also us to become the top-rated training giving agency in the UK. The campus is a result of the demand by the potential students residing in and nearby Birmingham as well as the love & support by our massive student community.

As an approved AAT training provider, Future Connect Training greatly helps the students to qualify for a successful accounting career, which is our high pass rates in recent years.

What is AAT in Accounting?

It can define as that AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) is a highly-respected worldly well-known accounting qualification because of highly demand. It gives the students a badge of excellence for practical and real-world accounting skills in the actual field.

Why Should You Choose AAT?

While With the AAT Certificate in accountancy discipline, the students not only boost their employability but also they clear their ways for the best-paying accounting jobs in the world.

But why should you stop at just a job when you can also do a lot of things like:

  • You can become a chartered accountant while enjoying exemptions with the certified UK chartered bodies and accountancy firms while even anywhere in the world.
  • Launch your accounting practice at any place,
Why Choose AAT

Once the student certificated with either the AAT accounting certification or by the AAT bookkeeping qualification, they will get an 'AAT qualified' status that will be best for their future. Talking about the salary point of view, a beginner certificated AAT member will easily earn around £21,600 yearly.

Until this time, over 1000,000 students have gained this title in the businesses and organizations fields.

AAT Accounting Courses We Offered

AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate Courses

Accounting Level 2 Training Timings will be:

  • 6 am to 9 pm
  • Weekends classes will be on Saturdays, daytime

Services Provided:

  • Latest tutorials, workbooks, books, and additional study material to prepare the students for all the five AAT accounting level 2 exams that will be helpful.
  • This course contains the Bookkeeping controls basic costing, and the transactions, also the in-depth knowledge and information of training and finance on the latest Sage 50 accounting software will be more effective.

AAT Level 3 Accounting Courses

Training Timings Will Be

  • 6 am to 9 pm
  • Weekends classes will be on Saturdays, daytime

Services Provided:

  • Latest tutorials, workbooks, additional study material, and books to get the students to prepare for all the five AAT level 3 accounting exams to ensure that they will pass them in turn.

AAT Level 4 Accounting Courses for Professional Diploma

Training Timings Will Be:

  • 6 am to 9 pm
  • Weekends classes will be on Saturdays, daytime

Services Provided:

  • Latest tutorials, workbooks, additional study material, and books to get the students to prepare for all the six AAT level 4 Accounting Exams to ensure that they will pass them in turn.

What We Offer in AAT Accounting Courses?

Our AAT courses should follow the advanced industry policies to assure significant progress in the exams. But the classes also grow your career options in the accountancy world with practical and functional training.

As one of the biggest AAT Accountancy Training Agency, we don't compromise on the quality of the education that will provide by our students a trust that rates us as 4.9 out of the 5.

Facilities Available at The Campus

  • Updated the study material for the students
  • Expert tutors are also available.
  • Free exam preparation kit also is given to students
  • Free Sage or the excel course for AAT Accounting Qualification also give to many students
  • We provide the excellent Study Environment
  • Reasonable and flexible Payment choices
AAT Campus Facilities

  • Advanced IT Lab provide
  • The cafeteria is also on campus
  • Disabled Friendly environment
  • Wi-Fi also available
  • Lift is also for students
  • Exam Service has given
  • Parking Service Nearby the campus

Is This Course is Suitable for You?

Do you want to improve your skills and essential knowledge or information to handle books efficiently? This accounting course covers the associated documents, and manual double-entry bookkeeping, and also the processes, up to Trial Balance standard are in this course. The units of accounting covered in this course are bookkeeping transactions and bookkeeping controls.

How Can You Apply For This Course?

You should need to click on the adjacent Apply icon or either on complete the online application form on the site or download a copy from our website and send it to us at the address that is on the application form. If you want to receive a copy of the prospectus and form by post, then you will click on 'Prospectus & Forms' on the website and send us a request.

Study Overview

These courses will infill into the current accounting course offerings for those looking to acquire a more specific qualification.

Progress onto AAT Advanced Diploma, AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping, Apprenticeship or Employment, or convert your qualification to Foundation Certificate in Accounting

Get a well-known certification with the 3- accountancy course bundles!

  • You will study VAT Reporting, double-entry Bookkeeping, financial statements, also the accounts for sole traders!
  • It should be ideal for beginner and experienced bookkeepers looking to acquire further knowledge and skills
  • This also gives the career progression with the chances of promotions onto the AAT Accounting Qualification or to the computerized Accounting qualifications
  • AAT qualifications are also well known by the all UK chartered and certified accountancy bodies.
  • This qualification also gives a thorough Foundation in Bookkeeping, and basic accounting practices, including the double-entry bookkeeping system,
  • Provide all the fundamental skills to handle a business's books efficiently.
  • This should be Ideal for those hoping to start their own business, or work in a company's finance department
  • Completion of the Level 2 qualification in Bookkeeping will give you to gain credit towards the Level 2 Certificate in Accounting.

As well as your AAT tutor support and course materials, so then that combined course includes the examination fees needed to successfully gain your AAT qualifications.

All the accounting course materials will be delivered to you by post, so it cannot be more comfortable as you think. Our experienced and expert tutors will help you every step of the way by email.

People will work at their place. So then the Completed coursework can be delivered by email or via post, so handing in an assignment is simple.

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